The Big Dogs: Fortnite LTM II

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You know that feeling you get when you and about fifty of your friends wage literal war on 50 other strangers? When ya just grab a gun and get to fightin’? Yeah, me either, but that doesn’t stop Fortnite’s Limited Time Mode of 50V50 from being amazing! Today, I’m going to take you through some of the most special Fortnite LTM (Limited Time Modes), with a special focus on bigger groups!

What’s 50V50?

50V50 would fall into the Fornite Hall of Fame if it existed. If I had to put my finger on one of the LTM’s (yeah, I can say that, ‘cause I’m cool) as the most popular, this would be the one.

First, I’m going to take you through what this actually is. There are two, count ‘em, two battle buses and two different routes! Contain your awe, because it gets better. On each bus is no less than 49 of your teammates, making it by far the biggest team available. When the bus opens, it’s the same basic spleel—you have to jump out at some point, then the circle closes somewhere and you got to get there and claim dominance.

Where this differs most notably from the classic version is that you have a ton of teammates and a ton of enemies. This is going to be either the most rewarding—or most annoying—thing on the planet. Having that many people to have your back is amazing, but the problem arises when sometimes you won’t get revived in time because there are ten other people downed and total strangers might or might not be compassionate. Most of the time, I’m convinced that people simply don’t notice downed players in the chaos, because trust me, chaos reigns supreme when the battles really get going. Also, you better claim loot quickly or everyone will steal it. Many people will give you a gun if they have a spare instead of having you sprinting through a battlefield swinging a pickaxe around like an idiot, but I’ve learned it’s better not to risk it.

Entertainingly enough, these can be close battles or total blowouts. I’ve played games where one team lost barely ten people and the other one got slaughtered. I’ve also played games where it’s ended up being a 1v1, which gets hectic because your entire team is counting on you. I remember once where it was six of us versus one player, and I was feeling confident until they all rushed him and he killed them all, making it a 1v1 that I clutched and let me tell you—that’s a glorious feeling. I’ve also seen a 21V3 go in favor of the three, so the point here is that these can make some thrilling finishes.

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How about Playground?

Playground is the other “biggie” that I think needs to be mentioned in detail because of its popularity. Though the game is still tightening up all the specifics, it’s basically a sandbox mode. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that term, it means you get to play God and do almost anything you want. The environment is already destructible, materials spawn at a huge rate, Llamas pop up everywhere, and you can do whatever you want with up to three pals. Kick back and relax if that’s what you’re feeling. Build a giant structure for no reason. Engage in massive build battles that practically touch the sky. I made a castle one time and it. Was. Awesome.

If I had to sum up Playgrounds in one sentence, it’d be this one: you do you. Find what you like, set up mini-games, obstacle courses, play golf, have races in the golf carts, find all the C4 you can find and level Tilted Towers, and have fun in a relaxed, comfortable environment. The only thing that’s aggravating is that the storm still does come in, even though it takes a full hour to start. Hopefully, future versions will allow you to keep building to your heart’s content without having to worry about the storm of death. The most recent update at this point lets ya pick teams, too!

What are Teams of 20?

Teams of 20 are basically taking 50V50 and making it way more intense.

It follows the same basic premise. Five buses, each holding individual teams of 20, come flying in and crisscross across the map. At any point, five different teams could run into each other. You might see four hostiles and think it’s a 4V1 when, in reality, everyone’s duking it out individually.

It’s because of this that makes this one of the more entertaining modes to play. 50V50 has a lot of upsides, but the major downside is that you might spend the whole time trying to find someone on the other team because the inclination is to group up. In this mode, you could hide in a bush the whole time and run into people anyway. It’s more fast-paced and combat is more of a necessity here. There’s little chance of staying back and getting carried for the win because since there are only 20 of you, you need to count on each other. One person can actually win or lose it for everyone.

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How about 8 Teams of 12?

This one is so overwhelmingly obvious that it hurts to explain so I won’t spend a lot of time on this. There are 8 teams… with 12 people on each team. Boom. Nailed it. It’s similar to the other ones, except it operates in this interesting middle ground between half the map fighting and being a solo.

Yeah, I don’t have a lot else on that one. Sorry, I guess.


Okay, you heard it here! In case ya didn’t pick up the common theme here, it’s unusual group sizes this go around. Yeah, I did that one just for you, mysterious reader, to have it make more sense when trying to figure out why I put certain modes in certain blogs and so forth.

The whole point I’m trying to make here is that there are many ways to play Fortnite LTM! Playing anything for too long will eventually make it boring or frustrating, which is where I think these game modes excel. Some of the best times I can remember having had was with a couple friends playing in these modes, most notably 50V50. Yeah, they don’t count towards your stats, but sometimes I’ll go days doing it because in the end, what matters is enjoying yourself and not taking it too seriously.

I’ve met lots of people who found the normal modes to be stressful. It’s true. You’re out there by yourself or with only a few teammates and everyone’s wanting you dead. In this mode, it’s different. You’ve got a clan. You’ve got a tribe to protect you, and it feels nice. Relaxed, if you will.

Get out there and have some fun!

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