Fortnite LTM III: The Final 7

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Howdy and welcome back to this blog for Fortnite LTM III! I’m not going to waste a lot of time here because I have seven—yes, count ‘em—seven of Fortnite’s Limited Time Modes to cover with you! So sit back, relax, and let’s go!

What are the 7 limited time modes?

1. Solo Showdown

Solo Showdown sounds like something you’d hear in an old spaghetti Western in a Mexican standoff. Entertainingly enough, it isn’t too far off! This mode is when you’re competing for a whopping 50,000 V-Bucks. Over a series of games, someone will win each one until eventually, there is a highest ranked player in the world and that player will receive the prize!

Play for high scores and for the win, and who knows? Maybe you could claim the loot and bragging rights!

2. Showdown

Blitz Showdown is Solo Showdown on steroids. It’s the exact same premise, with the exact same 50,000 V-bucks on the line. The only differences? In this one, the storm moves a lot faster and it hurts a whole lot when it catches you, so don’t sit around and wait! But don’t worry—it isn’t all bad. More materials are farmed, so this is one of those hectic, frenzied fast game modes where thinking or blinking could lose it or win it.

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3. Steady Storm

Steady Storm is one of those modes that camping just won’t work in. The storm doesn’t stop. Ever. Be as angry as you want, be as pressed for time as you want, but that storm won’t quit moving in on you—so heal up and go! There are no breaks, no reprieves. This is a very fast mode because people have to do so much so quickly, meaning that you might run into half the lobby randomly because they’re doing the same thing you are—running for their lives.

Pro tip—carry healing. You don’t get any time, so I have been killed by storm a million times because I didn’t think about carrying enough healing and got stuck in the storm after fighting someone.

4. Infinity Gauntlet?

Ever played Fortnite and thought to yourself, gee, it would be fun to beat the crap out of someone as a giant blue dude? Well, here’s your chance! Players get the chance to play as the Marvel character Thanos by stealing the Infinity Gauntlet. You’ll have higher health, shield, and incredible superpowers. The drawback? Everyone can see you on their maps and they’re coming for glory or brutal death. Oh, and you don’t carry any weapons other than your fists and intimidating glares—so stretch and get ready to pummel someone.

5. Getaway

In one of the most unusual modes for Fortnite, Getaway makes you robbers on the run. The twist is that the cops aren’t after you, but everyone else in the game is. The point is to find and acquire, through force if necessary, a Llama Jewel. Take it, whether you’re in the Solo, Duo, or Squad Mode, and hustle to the nearest Getaway Van, which is shown on your mini-map. If you can do that and board the van, boom! You’ve won! You can win with zero kills and zero stats so long as you can successfully transport the jewel and “escape.” But be warned—you’re being hunted by everyone else that wants the jewel, so keep your guard up.

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5. Score Royale

Score Royale. Ah, yes. The hands-down, easiest way to win and actually have it count towards your stats. I’m not kidding here. It’s unbelievably simple. I played five warm-up games of this with my friend for the first time in a week and won four of them without any problems.

Why is so easy? Because you don’t have to fight like the other modes. The only thing that matters is acquiring points. This can be done in a number of ways, namely opening chests, opening ammo boxes, opening supply drops and Llamas, or killing other players. Obviously, different things warrant different points. Kill someone and get 100 points. Open an ammo box and get a measly 25. When your goal is 3,000 points, get to looting and murdering!

The other thing, a massive source of points, are coins. They’ll spawn all over and come in different varieties with some of them giving you up to 100 points for Gold Coins. If you see one, run through it. It won’t do anything but help.

But maybe you still don’t know why it’s easy. Well, here’s your answer. You can reasonably win this by fighting nobody. Stretch it to the far sides of the mad with lots of loot. If the bus is by Paradise, go to Snobby and get like a gajillion points from all the chests there. Run around. Chill. You can come out with a victory by coming across nobody the entire time.

6. Solid Gold

One of my personal favorite Limited Time Modes, Solid Gold is where the only weapons that drop are Green. Yeah, no. Not really. All drops are Legendary, which means you’ll find only golden weapons. This is one intense mode because everyone is eager to go fight with their great loot. It’s absolutely ridiculous to boot. Finding a Golden Scar in a normal game is something of an occasion. In this mode, expect to easily find three in a house.

It’s heavily criticized and respected at the same time for one reason—winning becomes skill-based. In other modes, the other player could have something way better than you, and how could you be expected to win a firefight when all you had was a Grey AR and they had a Golden Scar? Well, not to worry! Here you have a level playing field. You have great stuff. They have great stuff. Now it’ll boil down to who can use it the best.


Well, we did it. We covered no less than the seven in this short Fortntite LTM article. I knew we could do it. We did good. Anyway, today I covered some of the outliers in the unique Fortnite Limited Time Modes. Play Score Royale for a chill experience. Play most of the others for a normal one, and any of the Showdowns to make you stressed out of your mind.

I’d recommend tooling around and finding what you like by experimentation. I love Solid Gold. You might hate it. In the end, it doesn’t matter what I say. It matters what you enjoy, so use this and go out armed with knowledge!

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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