Fortnite on Nintendo Switch: Sony Blocks Cross-Play and Progression

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A rumored leak that’s not-so-much a secret at this point in time, the highly-anticipated coming of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch was finally announced during the 2018 E3.

This being marked as one of the first free online competitive games on the system, the upcoming one being Paladin, is a huge step up on inviting players who crave playing online games but don’t seem to have the time to play at home or are always on the go. With the Nintendo Switch having portability as one of its main benefits compared to the rest of the consoles of this generation, it stands above the competition. Although the system doesn’t have the power or graphics that say, the PS4 can bring, the company still manages to bring out the best and entice consumers to get the system nonetheless. Adding to the list of games like Pokemon Quest, Paladins, and Fallout Shelter that are free to play really give an incentive towards new and current owners to grab their switch once more and get sucked back into the action.

No Console is an Island

While things may look great for the battle royale junkies, things have not gone too well in terms of linking accounts. Sony made an announcement that they are blocking Fortnite cross-play and progression between the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, needless to say, that the Fortnite fans are more than miffed about this situation. This means that any progress, skins, and purchases can’t be shared between the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. If you want to play Fortnite on the Switch, might as well say goodbye to your emotes because you’ll have to create a new account in order to play the game. With that being the only option for PS4 players, not only are the fans of the game furious but the majority of the public as well. Sony dealing this move has definitely upset the gaming community, with their decision being regarded as “hostile” and “stupid”.

This isn’t the first time Sony has blocked cross-play and progression either. Back in March, Microsoft revealed that Sony has previously blocked cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One for both Rocket League and Minecraft, despite the fact that Microsoft and Nintendo both support it across Xbox One, PC, and Switch. The company has not yet given any official statement as of the moment though regarding the reasons behind the restriction of cross-play behind the Xbox and Switch. But with the reaction to the latest Nintendo Switch block being particularly fierce, fans will hopefully coax Sony enough to explain to gamers why the company that has a slogan “for the players” isn’t letting people play the way they want.

There is a silver lining to this ending, however. With Fortnite releasing today, players have already downloaded and tried their hands on the game. Since the game is also on PC, adjusting might be a little difficult since the PC gamers have the edge in terms of aiming. But overall, with very minimal reports of fps drops and technical issues, things have been going smoothly in terms of game-play and connection.

A Chatty Gamer is a Happy One

Another thing to be ecstatic about is that Fortnite on Switch will support voice chat through any headphone jack (with a microphone attached)! You heard that right. No need to download a phone app or go through discord if you’re playing with your friends. This is great because competitive games like Fortnite benefit greatly from players being able to talk to each other. It’s not all new though, because Nintendo has previously tried to implement voice chat on Switch, though it required very complicated and weird instructions like using an adapter to hook yourself up into both your Switch and your phone to use an app to chat with other players. It was all too bothersome, basically. Luckily, Fortnite isn’t going to have that problem.

You can just easily plug your headphones into the jack and you’re all set! To bring even more good news, it was also confirmed that you’ll be able to chat with your friends regardless of their platform which is fantastic news for players who want to team up with those using other consoles or their PC. Hopefully, this can be implemented for other games like Paladins and Splatoon (the game uses voice chat, but through the Nintendo app). Perhaps with the launch of this hard-hitting game, we’ll be seeing some gaming peripherals geared towards the Switch soon like something similar towards Splatoon 2’s Splat & Chat headset which is Hori’s official licensed headset but hopefully a much better and high-quality one.

The release of Fortnite on Switch not only marks the initiative that Nintendo is willing to do and come through but also opens the doors of online multiplayer for the system. Since last year, Splatoon 2 has been the only competitive game available on the Switch, but now, since the release of Fortnite and soon Paladins (the free to play version) and Arena of Valor, the Switch’s first MOBA game, it’s definitely an exciting year for Nintendo.

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