Fortnite Parental Controls: Setting Boundaries

Fornite Parental Controls
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Fortnite is a social game, rated 12+ due to its mild violence and gunfights, even though there is no real gore per se in the game. With voice communication being a key tool in winning matches as a group and being an online multiplayer shooter with millions of people of all ages playing it, it is natural to have concerns regarding your child’s safety. Lots of parents are also concerned about possible negative effects Fortnite itself may have on their kids and often find themselves contemplating if they should let their kids indulge in it at all. For this, there’s Fortnite Parental Controls. In this Fortnite Parental Control guide, we will be discussing these key issues, the possible causes and solutions, and the complete structure of parental control mechanisms in the game.

Does Fortnite make kids violent?

Since the game skyrocketed to prominence, plenty of fingers have been pointed at it. There are numerous videos of parents expressing concerns regarding their children’s behavior after being introduced to it. Videos of kids smashing their controllers, skipping homework to play Fortnite, and even displaying violent behavior because of Fortnite have also proliferated. But in actuality, Fortnite is pretty light in the violence department compared to most other first-person shooters. There is no display of blood, and “eliminated” players are teleported out of the map in quick animation sequences. Bullets hitting players do not show any form of gore, and damage is only displayed via numbers. And again, there’s still the issue of Fortnite Parental Controls.

Here’s the thing: I grew up playing video games, and those with fighting and shooting always appealed to me. But I’ve never really fought with anyone in real life. I can say the same for my group of friends, who I have countless memories playing Grand Theft Auto with. None of us are violent or confronting people. As long as your child understands the boundary between reality and video games, and respects social conduct, video games themselves will never “make” them violent. Mental health and self-awareness are issues that are completely overlooked in such cases, and it is very easy to pass judgment on video games while shrugging the real issues off. The truth is that every human is different and it is best to supervise and educate your child regarding the more important issues. Of course they’re not going to learn about these things on their own at that age. Your help is what will count in the long run; not banning a video game just because you’re afraid it might make them violent.

We’re a curious species. Every human who has looked at a gun in real life has wondered what it would feel like to shoot it. I’ll even say this: weapons are freaking cool. How you handle these thoughts is what determines how you are as a person. It’s silly to think that just because they play Fortnite at home, they’ll be likelier to pick up that gun and use it.

Can kids get addicted to Fortnite?

Video games can definitely be addictive if you don’t know how to counter its most appealing aspects. Like most online games, Fortnite has its own progression system designed to make players keep playing. There are weekly, and sometimes daily, challenges that hook players in and keep them playing in order to gain cosmetic items. Fortnite also often makes limited-time challenges that make players log in a lot more during a specific period. Fact: Every video game is designed to make you play more. The “just one more match” aspect of Fortnite is strong and can only be solved by self-control and playtime restriction. Self-control and discipline are important aspects when engaging in any activity, and reinforcing this to your child is key. Kids need this kind of guidance from their parents as often as possible. A lot of us find it easy to get addicted to certain things. It is important to cut down on the time your child spends on the game if you find that it is affecting other areas of their lives such as homework or socializing.

How can you set the Fortnite Parental Controls?

Fortnite does offer you control over what your child can do and is exposed to within the game.

  1. In the lobby, access the menu in the top right of the screen.
  2. Select “Parental Controls”. These controls include filtering mature language, concealing username from players, hiding teammates’ names (people may sneak certain words into their names), disabling voice or text chat (since teammates may talk about inappropriate topics on chat), and weekly playtime records (to log just how much and how often your child plays).
  3. Confirm email address and enter the PIN. This 6-digit PIN will act as a password for changing these settings in the future.
  4. Access and modify Parental Controls at your discretion.
  5. “Save” your settings and return to the lobby.

To control purchases in Fortnite, you can also set Parental Controls in the Epic Games Launcher or the website.

  1. In the launcher, log in and select “Manage Account” via your username’s menu in the bottom left. If you’re on the website, select “Account” via your username’s menu.
  2. Go to “Parental Controls”.
  3. Enter or create your 6-digit PIN.
  4. You can now use this PIN to control purchases, as well as restrict access to games on the Epic Store.
  5. “Save” your settings.

With these measures, we’ll hopefully see less of the “KID SPENDS 1000$ ON VBUCKS” videos in the future. (Okay, maybe not. I’m looking at you, clickbait and scripted videos.) In all honesty, it is much easier to spend online compared to paying physical cash. It’s just a matter of a few clicks and you don’t feel like you really gave something away, which is why exercising control is important.

Endnote: Is Fortnite bad for your child?

Anything in excess is bad for a person. If they are easily impressionable or tend to overindulge in activities they like, it might be a good idea to set rules and help them understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Fortnite is to video games what superhero comics are to literature; there’s mild violence, it’s suitable for all ages, and (somehow) Batman features in both. Hopefully, our Fortnite Parental Controls guide helped you understand its issues better along with the in-game control system that you can possibly incorporate.

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