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Fortnite’s Creative modes offer some of the most unique game modes with lots of replay value. Since Team Rumble has declined in quality over the last few years (with low kill targets, player counts hidden, and no time to loot), these Creative modes offer a similar type of gameplay. These modes are designed to let you easily acquire and use the best weapons in the game and respawn as many times as you want, making them forgiving to casual gameplay. In this guide, I’ll be taking you through some of the best strategies and secrets for two of the most popular Red vs Blue modes: Advanced Red vs Blue and Red vs Blue: Rumble. Both of these modes are a lot of fun to play and have secrets that will help you get a clear advantage over everyone else in the game.

Red vs Blue Rumble Secrets: the Mechanical Part vault

There are two big secrets in this mode of Fortnite Red vs Blue, and they’re the two vaults that are right in the middle of the playing area. Go for the smaller vault first, because it should be your priority in case someone else knows this secret and decides to empty the vault.

To open the smaller (and the more valuable) vault, you need Mechanical Parts. As soon as the match starts, go straight to either of the platforms on the side of the map. This is where you’ll find the entrance to the vent. On the wall across the entrance, you’ll see a poster/image on a wall where you can queue up for matchmaking again. Simply dance before that wall and you’ll be teleported to a secret area. Note that this area can only be opened 5 times in one match. Once you spawn in the secret room, pick up the Prop Gun and aim it at one of the symbols on the wall. You’ll turn into the same symbol, and you can move around and slip into the gap under the wall.

You’ll then fall down a tunnel and appear in front of a machine that will give you 1 Mechanical Part for free and spawn you back in your team’s area. Grab as many Mechanical Parts as you can first, then go for the vault. When in the vault, you can get as many weapons as you can carry. Get the Assault Rifle and Pump Shotguns first and drop them back in your own team area so that your entire team is equipped with Legendary weapons. You only really need 3 rounds of vault weapons. Having too many will lead to your teammates eventually dropping them and enemies picking them up.

Red vs Blue Rumble Secrets: the Damage Vault

On your last visit to the first vault, grab the 300 Health boost to make the most out of it. Once your entire team has great weapons, you can dominate the area near the bigger vault. This one opens when you damage it, but you can do 150 damage per hit if you decide to pickaxe it instead of shooting it. The vault has a lot of HP and will take time to break, but once you go in and get the Quad Launcher or the Light Machine Gun, it’s pretty much an easy win from there. You also have a great angle at your opposing team and can shoot rockets into their area to get easy kills.

By this time, you’ll have plenty of kills with your Pump Shotgun and once you get to 650, get the Rocket Launcher from your vending machine and dominate the game. Enemies will keep trying to get in your vault but with your RPG you can easily clear them every time. The game grants you with Health and Shield on kills, so you will last there for a very long time.

Plus, after seeing you in the vault, your teammates will camp in there with you and it’ll be quite easy to get kills after that. You’ll quickly get to 650 again, after which you can go for the Proximity Grenade Launcher (which is amazing at clearing enemies hiding in vents). It’ll happen yet again, after which you can get the RPG again and drop it for your teammates. Opening these vaults will heavily swing the game in your favor. Make sure to pick up Legendary weapons (especially the Quad Launcher) and drop them in your team’s area so the enemies don’t get to pick them up.

Advanced Red vs Blue Secrets

The Advanced Red vs Blue has two main secrets. The first one is a secret compartment in the wall at the back of the spawn point. You can enter it using Shockwave Grenades. This area will regularly spawn coins for you to use, which you can then utilize to get the most valuable and powerful weapons from vending machines. Note that these weapons do not carry over between matches, so be sure to only grind for them if you’re going to be playing for a while. The second secret is in the side of the map, where you can enter the poster of the arena and drop into a secret compartment that doesn’t do much, but can allow you to get some sneaky shots.

Another useful strategy that not many people know about is that Bounce Pads work in the tiles right outside your gates. This is where enemies will often camp and try to take shots at your team, and Bouncers will make sure they can’t stay in one place and will have to build platforms instead (that you can then break). A great way to really have control over this area is to build platforms and ceiling with cones, then build yourself a compartment in the middle, open the floor, and take shots at people in the main fighting area without worrying about being sniped.


The above tips and secrets will definitely help you get easy wins in the Red vs Blue modes of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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