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Fortnite Secret Battle Stars in the Battle Pass

Fortnite Secret Battle Stars
By | October 16th, 2018 | Categories: Fortnite

Hello there. Welcome back! Yes, I’m talking to you directly, mysterious reader. Hi! Today, I’ve got something special for you! I’m going to take you through the topic of Fortnite Secret Battle Stars and how to not just thrive, but flourish in every season’s Battle Pass using them!

What is the Battle Pass, and should I buy it?

First off, just in case you aren’t familiar, the Battle Pass is a key that allows you access to a bunch of quests that give you points and help you level up all the way to Level 100 in each “season.” With each level comes unlocked items that you can use. The things get considerably cooler the more you play, generally speaking, with some of the most wanted items way up in the last levels—fun emotes, cool skins, that kind of thing. It also comes with V-Bucks (in-game currency), which is a cool perk.

But should you buy it? Well, that depends. I love the game and I don’t necessarily buy every single one, but I have friends that, the moment it opens, they’re fired up and ready to go. Personally, if there’s enough in it that I like, yeah, I’ll snag it. If not, meh, I don’t see it as worth it. But, like I say, it’s all about if you want the contents and think it’s worth it. I bought a previous pass almost exclusively for John Wick, and I bought Season 6’s Battle Pass because I want that ridiculous Spanish dance at the end, but I didn’t buy Season 5 because nothing, in particular, called to me. It all boils down to if you want to use any of the things in it, but another important factor cannot be ignored: how much you play.

If you really want that level 100 skin and you buy the pass and play twenty minutes every other week, I have bad news. You will not get to level 100 by the time the season ends and you won’t have your skin. It’s a commitment to a degree, so make sure you want to play a considerable amount to level up.

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What are Fornite Secret Battle Stars?

Normal Battle Stars help you level up in the Battle Pass. Secret Battle Stars…(stay with me here, it’s about to get complicated)…. Are secret versions of the Battle Stars. Boom. Blew your mind, didn’t I? Generally, a normal challenge for the week might be “Get Five Kills at Tilted Towers” and then you do it and you win five battle star points, which is half a level. Secret Battle Stars, on the other hand, are not so simple because they show up as “Follow the Treasure Map found in Dusty Depot,” then you have to go wander out and try to find a floating, invisible star that doesn’t show up until you get very close to it. They’re worth ten points so each one of these little fellas will boost you a full level.

Now, I could try to pinpoint incredibly detailed instructions on how and where to find each one, but let’s be honest: that would be awful for both of us. You’re better off going on YouTube and watching someone do it visually. That being said…. There is a reason I’ve included this here, and you’ll see it on the next point!

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How do I get them?

On a very base level, you find these things either by doing it the hard way and trying to decipher treasure maps and such or by taking the easy road and looking on YouTube or Twitch. Either way, it’s remarkably easy: you just walk up to where the star is supposed to be hiding. It’ll sense you, appear when you get close enough, and just like that, you can capture it and the points are yours. You’ll sneak away, cackling evilly at having jumped a level so easily.

But alas.

It is not so simple.

Because every other person with the Battle Pass also wants that sneaky little star. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched people land, without a gun or anything, on the location in the middle of nowhere, with a small army of other players who also are unarmed and unprepared. Here’s what happens: utter pandemonium. One or two people will successfully get the Battle Star. The others will get beaten to death in a storm of swinging pickaxes, which is hilarious when watched from afar but a terrible idea if you’re participating. I remember one time I was spectating a player who landed right next to the secret location ahead of everyone, grabbed a shotgun, and waited for everyone to land without a gun and claim their secret battle star. The guy walked out with a cool seven kills.

Don’t be that person. Don’t be the person that lands only to boost some else’s stats by immediately dying, because the odds are almost always against you. I mean, go for it if you want, but the higher chance of survival comes from landing, getting what you need, and then going over to the location. Loot and then go for the star, in other words.

Another viable strategy is to wait a week or so. Let the site cool off a bit. There will be the immense popularity of every challenge when the new week initially launches so a kill challenge will make the location a veritable battleground for a week then everything cools off. The same goes for the Secret Battle Stars. Be patient, and after a little while people will go to the locations less and you should be able to land there without any problems.

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Today, I told you a bit about the Battle Pass system in Fortnite, but I also gave you an insider’s view on how to score those Fortnite Secret Battle Stars. My points are, of course, not in stone. If you want to land with half the map at a Secret Battle Star and engage in an insane, pickaxe-swinging fistfight, go ahead! It can be fun. If you prefer to take it slow, there’s no shame there. I love fighting in Fortnite, but I don’t like it when it’s so uncontrollable like it is when everyone is unarmed and without any materials. Again, we’re focusing on personal preference.

As always, get out there and have some fun!

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