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Have you ever been at the grocery store when you see a shopping cart when an overwhelming urge to hop aboard and drive around causing mayhem comes over you? Well, maybe. Maybe not. But the good news is that someone at Fortnite did because shopping carts have entered the game in a big (and ridiculous) way. In this Fortnite Shopping Cart Guide, I’ll take you through everything you need to know about them!

What are shopping carts in Fortnite?

Okay, before we get into the thick and heavy of it, I’ll give you a quick brush up on what, exactly, we’re talking about. In the game, they’re similar to their real-world brethren, but with a twist: they’re unpowered vehicles. That’s right. Hop on in and go for a ride, either if someone’s pushing you or if you’re on a hill and can roll on your merry way without needing extra pushing power.

If you get a good run at it, a shopping cart can go much faster than a sprinting player. Because of this, they’re great for speedy getaways and for retreating from the storm frantically when you didn’t realize how far away the circle was and now you have to book it or get caught by the storm of death.

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Can I do stupid stuff with them?

Let’s jump right into what you want to know. What kind of ridiculous things can you pull off with a shopping cart in Fortnite? Here’s your answer: cause pandemonium. Cause total and utter chaos.

The speed and maneuverability of the shopping carts mean that you can pull off complex, interesting maneuvers to improve your chance of winning and so forth. Much more importantly, it also means that you can do some of the dumbest and most fun tricks in the game. Here’s an example.

Hands down, one of the best memories I have in Fortnite was when I was running Duos and we came across a three-team build fight. Now, speaking intelligently, we should avoid this mess because it was a wild, crazy fight with shooting all over the place, rockets flying everywhere, shotguns going off like firecrackers, and otherwise putting off all the signs of being a bad thing to get near. The idea of staying away from it didn’t even occur to us. Fifteen seconds later, in the middle of this battleground, my buddy and I came tearing through the center of the mayhem, me dancing on top of the cart with him wildly holding on for dear life. We were in and out of the scene before anyone could even figure out if they’d just seen two idiots ride in and vanish.

What are the best uses for shopping carts?

Ah, this is a good question. The ridiculous uses for these little beasts are endless, but practically speaking, what should you be using them for?

  • Escape
  • Chasing
  • Doing Tricks
  • Confusing Everyone
  • Running From the Storm
  • Surprise Attacks


Shopping carts are speedy vehicles (and they are relatively silent), so if things go badly during a fight, grab one and perform a hasty retreat. You have a solid chance of getting away unless your opponents also have a vehicle to chase you with but make sure to weave so you aren’t an easy target.


The flip side of the first point, shopping carts make it much easier to track down an enemy, and nothing is more startling than to look behind you and see death steadily approaching on four steel wheels.

Doing Tricks

Although, yes, you will take fall damage and you might die if you attempt too large of a jump, you should be able to pull off all kinds of stunts. Go for some air!

Confusing Literally Everyone

Remember my story earlier. Under dumb enough supervision, shopping carts can bring enormous confusion to build battles.

Running From the Storm

When you can’t find another vehicle, grab yourself a shopping cart and get booking. You generally can go faster than the storm, so you stand a solid chance of making it out. If you die, at least you went out zooming along on a shopping cart, and that’s almost as good as winning.

Surprise Attacks

Okay, this one is harder to pull off than some of the others, but I’ve seen it happen a few times. If you get a shopping cart going fast and then let go, it’ll keep going and, if properly done, it’ll collide with an enemy and knock them to their doom.

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Where can I find one?

None of the wonderful parts of shopping carts will come true for you unless you find one. Tragically, this is where the bad news comes in: there isn’t an easy, 100% proven way to find one. They spawn up somewhat randomly and can be found all over the place, lurking next to convenience stores, near houses, and by the civilization of any sort. You’re going to have to rely on luck, and perhaps the Shopping Cart Gods will shine their blessings upon you, but perhaps not. If you look hard enough, every major location will have one or two somewhere.

What should I never do with one?

Oh, this is just as important of a question as any of the others. They’re fun to use, but if you die because you tried to do something that’s a terrible idea on one, you haven’t gained a whole lot. Here are some of the things that you should never, ever try.

  • Fighting on One
  • Going for Too Much Air
  • Use them for Cover

Fighting on One

For the love of everything, don’t try to have a fight while standing in one. You’ll get killed every time. You can’t move, you can’t really build to defend yourself, and you’re an easy target.

Going for Too Much Air

 Yes, they are great for tricks. No, you should not launch yourself off the top of a sky base and expect to be fine.

Use them for Cover

For every person I’ve seen trying to use them as a shield, they are probably the worst thing you can use in this game as protection. Don’t… just don’t.


In conclusion, in this Fortnite Shopping Cart guide, I went over some of the important things to know and remember about shopping carts: best uses, worst uses, fun uses, and so much more.

As always, get out there and have some fun!

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