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Weeelllcome back to my blog! Asa here. We often talk about Fortnite Battle Royale and I’m sure that you might’ve come across other articles on the big wide internet about it (how dare you cheat on my blog? I kid, I kid). But in all seriousness, there are a bajillion things out there. Most of them focus on one of two things—killing or building. That’s important and all, but I have a different Fortnite Tactics to tell you about here: medical supplies and shields.

Why, Though?

I know, I know.

You’re bored already. Don’t be! Shields and medical equipment are your best friends! The whole point of the game is to be the last person alive. I’ve literally seen a guy win that had zero kills because the other dude managed to fall off a mountain and die by himself. I mean, sure, killing people is exciting and fun and all that, but you can be the best in the world and still not survive if you don’t patch yourself up every now and then. And there are very particular times that you should use each type of meds.


Shields are fun. Shields are what make you cocky. Full health? Eh. Full health full shield? Oh, yeahhh! You get in trouble when you don’t have any shield. Three shots from a Scar and you die without a shield. Your game can come to a sudden and tragic halt if you aren’t properly shielded.


First off, the little poppers: Minis. They only give you 25 shield each and a grand total of 50 regardless of how many you have, so they’re often written off as “meh.” Don’t do that. Minis are fantastic in the heat of battle. If you carry Minis, which come in packs of three out of chests or on spawn points, you can get a quick fifty health before the other guy can shoot your wall down. They’re great in emergencies and they’re easy to find, so hold them whenever possible.


These are also good but there’s a little issue with them—they take a while to apply and they’re very dangerous to try to apply in the middle of a fight. Two of them, however, will put you to full shield. If you’re stuck between carrying four Minis or two 50s, drop those Minis and keep the 50’s. It’s worth the risk. Just build a couple walls or hide for a little while. A brief note—you can keep up to 10 Minis and 2 50’s, so keep that in mind.


Slurps are kinda between meds and shields as they give 25 of each, but Imma stick them in the shields category, well, because I can. They’re incredibly handy and I will often recommend carrying them. If you have any other medical supplies, like Bandages or Medpacks, keep more traditional shield over them. They take only a second and a half to apply, but it has a cooldown period before you can use another, so keep that in mind. They’re not like Minis, that you can just keep going until you get 50 shield. I’d recommend using them anytime you need a little health and maybe if you just need some shield. Personally, I think their best use is to grab stuff out of the storm. If you’re running through the storm and getting killed, pop a slurp. It’ll keep your health up while you run. If you have a couple of them, you can stay alive for a while. They’re used well together with Bandages. Bandos will get you to 75 and the Slurp will to you off.

Medical Stuff

Great title, right? Well, these are literally what keeps you alive. You can have all the shield in the world and if you don’t have health, game over.


First off, we have the classic Medpack. They’re dependable, relatively easy to find, and you can stack up to three of them. They’re generally great to have on hand. If you have more than one, it takes a lot to get rid of them for something else. Whenever I have three, there’s only one thing I’ll leave them behind for—a Chug, but I’ll touch on that later. I only use them if I have thirty health or more to gain from it, but I know people that’ll use it for ten health. It’s up to you, but I’d save them if I could.


Ah, yes. Bandages, the especially hated medical equipment. For reasons I can never fully explain, they are hated on by a lot of people. I personally love them because you can put some on and patch yourself up in the middle of a firefight. Medpacks take a hefty 10 seconds to put on. Although they fully replenish your health, if you get killed after nine seconds of trying to apply it, it hasn’t helped whatsoever. Bandages take only a few seconds and take your health up by 15 until you get to 75. You can put one on than fight then put on some more. Also, you can carry 15 of these, so they’re a whole lot better if you get stuck in the storm. If you only have one Medpack, you’ll use it once and slowly die. With Bandages, you can keep yourself alive for a lot longer. They’re also extremely easy to find.

Cozy Campfires

These little suckers are amazing, but they’re not easy to come across. Basically, you plant it on a floor and it’ll slowly heal you. If you have two, put two of them on adjoining floor spaces and stand between them to heal up twice as fast. If you have three… yes, you heal up three times as fast. If you get in the extremely unlikely situation where you have four Cozy Campfires, thank your lucky stars and put them down.

The Golden Champion

There’s only one thing that I will keep over every other thing. Depending on the location of the storm, how many people are left, and a couple other factors, I might keep the 50s over Minis or Minis over Bandages or Bandages over Medpacks or Medpacks over Slurps. Blah blah blah. You get the point. There’s one thing, though, that I’ll keep and drop virtually everything for the ever-legendary Chug Jug.

Chugs fully replenish your health and your shield.


I love them. They take a whopping 15 seconds to put on, though, and you can only keep one in an inventory slot at a time. Why then does nobody ever leave them? Because they are LIFESAVERS. When you’re on your last breath, pop one of these and you’re back on the map better than ever. Keep them above everything else. The only situation I’d say to keep any other medical supply over a Chug is if you have three Medpacks. It’s a tossup, but still, having three Medpacks can be huge. If you’re way the crap away from the safe zone, keep Bandages or Medpacks because the Chug will only give you 99 health at most and dying with a full shield in the storm is less important than surviving without a shield.


I tossed a lot of names and information at you today. That’s okay. Just read it again if you need to, but it’s vitally important to figure out how to manage your health and shield. Like I say, the greatest players in the world die if they don’t have any medical supplies. It all depends on your playstyle. Personally, whether I carry medical stuff or shield is based entirely on what I feel right then. However, there are a few rules to adhere to in order to survive. Don’t, for example, leave behind a Medpack for five Bandages. It’s just not a good idea. Ten Bandages? Okay, that’s a little different. It’s really on you.

As always, get.



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