Fortnite x Batman Comics Summarized Issues #1-#3

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Fortnite recently partnered with DC to create a 6-book comic series featuring some of DC’s most popular superheroes (and villains) venturing into the Fortnite universe. Along with the crossover featuring a great storyline, it also promised to reveal some of the biggest secrets about the mysterious Fortnite universe, including the nature of the Storm, the Zero Point, what the Loop really is, and how the mysterious IO organization has been manipulating the island. And boy, did they deliver. This series has made some pretty important revelations that have changed the way we understand the Fortnite universe.

The comics were sold separately, each with a unique code that allowed players to acquire exclusive cosmetics from them. This included the Batman Zero Point comic outfit as well. However, DC Infinite isn’t available in many regions and the physical comics haven’t been made available worldwide. So, we’ll be taking you through the first three issues of this series today, summarizing the storyline and all hidden secrets from the comics.

Fortnite x Batman Issue #1

The first comic starts with a Rift opening in Gotham city, while Jim Gordon and Batman observe it from a distance. Rifts are portals from the Fortnite universe, created using the Zero Point energy. Batman sees Harley Quinn jumping into the Rift and is forced to follow her in by a mysterious figure, only to find himself in a whole new world: the Fortnite island. He is in the middle of a Battle Royale match – what we refer to as the “Loop” – and observes that artificial and timed nature of the storm that closes in on the island. We’ve previously had this hinted though the Device event, when Midas tried to manipulate the storm and temporarily sent us into the world of the IO, the organization that we’ve been speculating to be the power behind the Storm. The Loop is the unending chain of Battle Royale matches, and plays an important part in the story.

Batman quickly finds out that everyone on this island is out to kill each other. He also is completely muted, along with everyone else he sees, and has no recollection of who he is or how he got there. Yet, when he sees Catwoman on the island, he feels a sense of familiarity and senses that it is reciprocated. When they fight, they fight together and are unusually coordinated, and despite the distortions in their memory, they are able to work as a team. The book ends with the storm closing in, with no way out.

Fortnite x Batman Issue #2

In the second issue, the storm has closed in in the first match and Batman has been immediately dropped into another. However, he has started taking notes, such as coordinates and his affinity towards Catwoman, and realizes that the Loop lasts exactly for 22 minutes (the duration of an average match). He feels that he is being manipulated, just like everyone else in the Loop, and this time fights without hesitation. The shack in which he stores these notes also temporarily appeared in-game near Slurpy Swamp! In the new match, he encounters Catwoman again and finds it easy to convince her to be on his side again. This reveals to us an important aspect of the Loop: while memories don’t carry over between iterations of the Loop, feelings do.

They explore the island together and try escaping it through obvious ways. They fail to simply ride a boat away from the island, and are unable to find any clues underwater. They study the nature of the storm and realize that only the centre of the storm changes. Catwoman tries placing a device at the centre of the final storm, and they find it intact during the next one, meaning the storm never fully covers it. However, this also means that only one of them can make it through the end of the match. In the end of the issue, he lets Catwoman be the last one standing.

Fortnite x Batman Issue #3

The third issue takes a strange turn. It is narrated from the point of view of the IO, via messages they share with each other where they even refer to people as “assets”. We find our speculations about the IO being manipulative to be true, as they have various departments like “PsyOps” (psychological operations) that can alter people’s thoughts while they are in the Loop.

They have been observing Batman all along, and to our surprise, the IO doesn’t feel threatened by it. In fact, they have been expecting him to escape. They have failed to manipulate him multiple times, and can see that he is making steady progress towards figuring out how the storm works and exiting the Loop. We see Snake Eyes (from G.I.Joe) in the Loop as well, fighting Batman and proving to be tough competition. Not being able to talk certainly makes it harder, and the IO is absolutely enjoying the battle as they joke about grabbing popcorn while the two fight for their lives.

One of the IO’s discussions confirms Batman’s supposition about emotions carrying over between iterations of the Loop. One of these emotions is respect, and we see Batman saving Snake Eyes when he is about to slide from a cliff during their fight. This angers the IO but they shake it off, discussing how they are waiting for Batman to come out and fall into their trap. In the end of the issue, we see Batman finally making it through the Storm. He finds himself on an emptier version of the island, where Catwoman (who already made it through in the earlier iteration) is being held hostage by Deathstroke, another DC villain.  


It’s interesting to see that these comics have revealed so much more about the island than Fortnite’s recent live events and seasonal stories. We’re finally getting a clearer idea of Fortnite’s villains and how our transition into Chapter 3 might take place. We’ll be covering the next three issues in our next article, so be sure to check it out for a summary of the final three issues of the Fortnite x Zero Point series!

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