Fortnite x Batman Comics Summarized Issues #4-#6

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The first three issues of the Fortnite x Batman comic series revealed to us many interesting details about the world of Fortnite. We saw Batman accidentally entering the Fortnite universe through a Rift in Gotham City, along with other DC characters such as Catwoman and Harley Quinn. As he tries to escape the world, he finds out more about it, and the mysterious organization (IO) that controls the “The Loop”, which is nothing but a time loop of Battle Royale iterations.

If you haven’t read the first three comics of this series, be sure to check out our summary of their storyline in our previous article. Today, we’ll be taking you through the final three comics of the Zero Point series, which finally reveals to us the biggest secret of the Fortnite universe: how the Loop works.

Fortnite x Batman Issue #4

The fourth comic begins with Batman encountering Deathstroke as he survives the storm and makes his way out of the Loop. There are other Fortnite characters present in this desolate place, such as Renegade Raider and Fishstick. Raider is one of the earliest people to escape the Loop (coinciding with her early release in the game), and tells Batman how she had witnessed all the events of the island for a while now, including the more artificial ones such as The Device. We see images of various Fortnite events including seasonal events such as the meteor crash. Renegade Raider says that she has tried escaping the Loop for years but has only failed, and as accepted the universe as the only world there is. Another important thing to note is that these characters aren’t just outfits according to lore; they have their own unique biological differences, such as Fishstick being an actual fish-person.

While discussing possible ways to escape, Batman speculates the hatches (the ones we’ve been referring to as “bunkers”) as a possibility, since we don’t know much about what’s under the island either. It seems as though the hatches can only be opened from one side, and the groups begins to gather energy signals to use as a possible key to the underground world. One of these signals (collected from the Spire) works and the hatch opens. We first started theorizing about these hatches back in Chapter 1, Season 2, and we’re finally getting a clear explanation as to how they work.

The group delves into the underground base of the IO, the outer parts of which have been abandoned. As they split up and explore, it turns out that someone has lied and was never in the Loop. One of them is working for the IO. At the end of the issue, this betrayal costs Fishstick his life.

Fortnite x Batman Issue #5

The first half of the fifth issue showcases the group fighting off IO guards. They finally get together and defeat the first wave of guards, and while exploring the place find a room filled with ancient artifacts from the Fortnite universe. Next, they find the room that lets one access portals using the Zero Point, and realize that it is their only way to return to their world. All of these characters are from different worlds, and the Zero Point – the magical blue orb which connects realities – shuffles through multiple realities in one second. Eternal Voyager gets ripped apart in his attempt to enter, and the group realizes that they need a device to regulate the portal.

The important thing to note is that this is the same room that we saw in the Season 5 cinematic, where Agent Jonesy used it to travel to our world from the IO headquarters. This confirms our theories about the IO owning the strange office we were teleported to during The Device event. Batman uses energy signals to access and regulate the portals, and helps others escape. In the end, Deathstroke is revealed to be the trailer. He jumps into the portal, leaving them stranded with no one to regulate the device for them.

Fortnite x Batman Issue #6

Batman and Catwoman return to the Loop to seek out Harley Quinn in the hopes that she can help them escape. Harley is hostile (as usual) and comments that she doesn’t intend to leave the Loop as she enjoys the violence and the lawlessness in it. She gets knocked out in the fight, and as Batman is taking her to the control room, they encounter snapshots of the group. Snapshots are duplicates of each character that are generated within the Loop. Previously, we’ve seen how Jonesy has about a dozen snapshots, each with a different outfit, while Bunker Jonesy is the original character. The trio escape by creating a distraction, and make their way back to the control room.

Here, Batman and Catwoman find themselves in a dilemma as they get ready to leave. They have grown closer to each other and don’t want to risk losing it when their memories are restored. However, they decide to go back when Batman talks about duty, and when they do return to Gotham, Catwoman regains her hatred for him and leaves. The original Rift from Gotham has been sealed, but the story is far from over.

The last part of the issue reveals how Lex Luthor and the IO have been working together, accompanied by the Batman Who Laughs (a new DC villain who is a mix of Batman and Joker). They have successfully planted a tether in the Zero Point chamber and can harness its power whenever they want. Dr. Slone, leader of the IO, has succeeded in her plan, and she rejoices as another Rift opens above Gotham City.


With that cliffhanger ends the final volume of this six-book series. There will be another series in the future based on that ending, with Superman likely playing an important part in it. It’s funny, how Marvel got their own season and exclusive Battle Pass, but DC etched itself into Fortnite’s lore forever.

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