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Inventory and How to Drop Items in Fortnite Guide

How to Drop Items in Fortnite
By | March 15th, 2018 | Categories: Fortnite

Howdy gang! Once more, it’s your ole’ pal Asa, and once more, I’m about to blow your mind while blogging about video games! Well, probably not, but we can hope, right? Today is a very special topic for us. It’s about one of my all time favorite games—Fortnite Battle Royale. More specifically, today I’m going to tell you about How to Drop Items in Fortnite as well as what kind of inventory you should use in this Guide.

First thing’s first. I’m going to assume you have a basic understanding of the game and what you’re supposed to do. For convenience, I’ll jump to the part where you land on the map somewhere. I don’t know where. It could be anywhere. In our imagination, you have either killed every competitor near you or nobody came with you and you have full access to all the weapons, shields, and health stuff at your location.

You stare at the loot. You look at your inventory and notice there are only five—count ‘em, five—spots. You look back at the loot and realize there’s a whole lot more than five things. You have some decisions to make. Priorities and all that jazz.

So the real question becomes this—what set should you try to get in your inventory? I mean, obviously, some sets are clearly a terrible idea. You don’t want to carry five shotguns or five sniper rifles because you’re going to suffer in either long range or short range. That’s sorta the “well, duh” moment for most people. Generally speaking, anyone could piece that together. But past that, you have decisions. Take assault rifles. Do you want to pick an AR? A burst? A submachine gun? A tactical submachine gun? What does that all mean?

Never to fear! I’ll take you through it all.

The Lowdown

First off, here’s the inventory I like and I have found that most people seem to like: on the far left side, have your assault rifle of choice. Next to that, have yourself a shotgun. To the right of that, have either a hand cannon for luck shots or another shotgun of a different kind (I’ll touch on that later). Try to have a sniper rifle, then mini shield potions or something like that to keep you alive. You want to have your weapons in a logical arrangement so that you can switch between them easily. If you have your sniper next to your shotgun, that really doesn’t make much sense. The odds of you having to go from super long-distance to close range like that are small. You will, however, have to switch from medium range to short range in a hurry.

I am now going to get into the meat and potatoes of all each weapon set.

The Meat and Potatoes


Great, obviously, for long range. There are four varieties: bolt-action, semi-auto, crossbows, and hunting rifles. Bolt actions are going to pack more damage (a lot more damage) than semi-autos, but you also have to rescope every time. If you’re a beginner at sniping, take the semi-auto because you have ten shots before you have to reload, and that ought to give you some time to figure out the aiming system and bullet drop.

Another great alternative is hunting rifles. They’re a middle ground between an assault rifle and a sniper. Though they have only one shot and much be reloaded each time, they’re deadly accurate and I haven’t found any bullet drop of significance on them. They’re great because they don’t have a scope so you aren’t easily snuck up on. The inherent danger of using a powerful sniper scope is that all you can see is through the scope when someone could be running up to you at any point.

Crossbows have unlimited ammo and are very quiet, which is cool, but most people hate to play with them because they don’t do any serious damage and have horrendous bullet drop. I switch a Crossbow for a Sniper anytime I find a Sniper, period.

Assault Rifles

You’ll use a lot of your time on these. There are a ton of these: Assault Rifles, Bursts, Submachine Guns, Tactical Submachine Guns, and Scars. Assault Rifles fire in a continuous, automatic fashion and are the classic weapon. Bursts are more deadly, but you also have to be very accurate with them because if you miss a burst, you might be screwed.

Submachine Guns and Tactical Submachine Guns are good, but only at a decently close range. They tend to open up too much in longer range. I wouldn’t keep them over any of the other Assault Rifle class.

Finally, the best gun in the game (in my opinion) is Scars. Scars are hella deadly. They look legit and they put down the most damage per second for anything in the game. They can be as accurate as sniper rifles and pack enough punch to take down a base with a clip or two. They’re extremely coveted for good reason.


For when it gets real when the other player is right in your face and you have to react right now or get killed. The two kinds are Tactical Shotguns and Pump Shotguns. Pump Shotguns are extremely deadly if you are accurate with them. Even if the other player has full health and full shield, if you pop ‘em in the head with a Pump, they’re dead. The drawback is that they are slow to fire. Because of this, some people used to “Double Pump,” which is basically you can fire one Pump then switch weapons to the next Pump and fire that one, alternating so you never have to reload. It was nerfed, so many people carry a “Pump Tach” combination now.

Tactical Shotguns are much faster than Pumps at the expense of damage. After the Pumps were nerfed, a lot of people have switched to Tacticals. I like to carry the Pump Tach combo. I fire one shot with a Pump and then immediately switch to my Tactical. That way, if I get lucky and get a headshot, game over for him. If I don’t, I’ve taken down his health substantially and I can mow ‘em down with the Tactical.


If you have explosives, you have a chance of winning. They come as Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Grenades, Impulse Grenades, and others that keep showing up. Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, but the Impulse Grenades are worth touching on because they have an impulse blast capable of launching players great distances. You can use them to spring into bases or jettison people out of their own bases. They’re fun, but you also have to be careful because other people might do the same thing to you. Use explosives to tear down bases or absolutely obliterate your opponent.


There are other weapons you might stumble across that don’t have a nice, neat category. Those are Miniguns (fun, but inaccurate), Revolvers (highly accurate and deadly, but slow), Hand Cannons (Similar to Revolvers), Pistols (Surprisingly good in combat), and others that are being added all the time.

Health Stuff

Yes, health stuff is absolutely vital in this game. There are a variety of these — Medpacks (fully revive your health, but take a full ten seconds), Bandages (Increase your health by 15 until 75 and are much faster), Chug Jugs (Also called Slug Chugs because of how slow they are, but they fully charge your health and shield), Minis (Make your shield go up by 25 until you hit 50), 50’s (Shield goes up by 50 each time), and Slurps (Increase both health and shield by 25). As you can tell, there are many options. Obviously, the best thing is to carry all of them. Failing that because of limited space, Chug Jugs are always a good idea, as are Medpacks. Some people like Minis more because they are faster but other people pick 50’s because of their potency. It’s all up to you.


Whew! Long post! At least now you know! It’s a good idea to have one of each category (except Randoms, which really aren’t as effective as the others). You can stack shields and medical supplies, so try to snag all of them. Try to think in terms of this: short range, medium range, long range, don’t die. Try to have something for all of that. Short of that, it’s up to you. Take long range. I know very good players who are terrible snipers. They’ll drop a Sniper for a Rocket Launcher any day. I also know players who love sniping and would never give up their Sniper for any reason. Personal preference. Short of that, just mess around and find what you like. The only things I would recommend always having is Chug Jugs, Scars, and Rocket Launchers. They’re unbelievably handy. If you don’t like a weapon or medical supply, just drop ‘em. Let them go! Having the perfect inventory for you is way more important than having what someone else considers the best inventory.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: get out there and have some fun!

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