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How to Get Better at Fortnite II

By | June 6th, 2019 | Categories: Fortnite

Fortnite is a great game, but here’s the thing: it’s way more fun if you’re good at it. Success, as any coach will tell you, makes any game far more enjoyable. Don’t worry! I’m here with some of the most successful tips for you to get to be the best you for Fortnite. For those of you who have read some of the articles, you may remember that there was a part one of this. Have a take at How to Get Better at Fortnite, part 2 and learn some more secrets and tips to making your enemy throw their controller or mouse to the ground and start screaming about lag.

What’s my best weapon?

Okay, this is something that is wildly underrated, but it’s crucial to your success. Learn your strongest weapons and use them as much as possible. This, as one might anticipate, varies enormously from person to person. Even with you, it might change with time. Example—I sometimes really love shotgunning. There are sometimes where everything is just going great and I hit every shot as a headshot and I’m invincible, then the next day I’ll fire Fortnite up and I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. I’ll have to switch to Spray and Pray. It’s completely natural, and some of the best shots I’ve ever met are wildly unpredictable in terms of performance.

There are some guns that you will just be plain awful at. Example, Part 2! I could lose to a well-trained lizard if I was using the regular pistol, but the silenced one? I could do some damage. What’s the difference? No idea. It just felt different. And that’s the important flip side: avoid your worst weapons. Sure, there’s some fun to playing with something you’re terrible with just for funzies (yes, I said funzies), but there’s also a lot of fun to winning.

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How am I sabotaging myself?

Okay, I’m going to skip the normal part here and get straight to the facts: I have no idea what this is for you, but I can almost guarantee you that you’re probably holding yourself back. Everyone’s got some ridiculous little thing they do that ends up messing themselves up time and time again. Find that flaw and eliminate it. Here’s a few examples so you know what to keep an eye out for:

  • No materials. This is completely understandable but, fortunately, completely preventable. You’re going to need plenty of materials to build with, so make sure to stock up if a fight arises.
  • Didn’t reload. Hilarious, but frustrating. When you finish a fight, remember to reload everything so you don’t have to in the thick of the moment.
  • Didn’t nail the landing. So many people, me included, have plummeted to our deaths because we messed up building in the air and fall. Practice, practice, practice. Figure out how to save yourself in the air.
  • Firing randomly. This one can be hard to understand, so here’s the thing: some people like to run around and shoot to mess with their friends or just goof around. Fun though it may be, this can attract unwanted attention. If you’re planning for that, good. If you’re like a lot of people and end up inevitably getting ambushed, it’s holding you back.
  • Enjoying the view. Don’t just stand there, motionless, and get sniped. It also doubles for emotes. I’ve lost games where me and my buddy got sniped dancing for too long. Remember, you never know who will be watching. Stay moving.
  • Last second moves. Many people inevitably fail because they wait too long to move to the circle, meaning that they get caught with the storm at their back and enemies in front. It’s a rough place to be. There’s something to be said about waiting but try to give yourself some leeway in case you end up having to hole up for a while.
  • Not checking for traps. Once, I died as the ninth person alive in a tiny circle. Seeing my loot (I was sniped), one of the remaining players jumped into my base and died to my trap. Seeing our collective loot, another player did the same thing. And another. And another. And another. When I died, there were eight people left. My trap killed seven of them. The last guy won by camping. Don’t be like that. Make sure you don’t wander into something without thinking.

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Where we droppin,’ boys?

Another crucial part to perfecting your Fortnite gameplay, you need to have a battle plan. Jumping randomly isn’t going to work. It doesn’t really matter where but pick a spot and go there. Jumping late is something that often trips people up, because by the time you land, everyone’s already looted and you’re the only one without a gun. It doesn’t work great. Trying to be the first one down is a good idea, but realistically it isn’t going to happen every time. Just make sure you go somewhere you can find a weapon, or at least be prepared to start swinging that pickaxe.

Something that often happens is that you may pick a spot and then you go there to find half the lobby with you. It’s kind of amazing how it happens sometimes, where you’ll be just going to some secluded part of the map nobody ever goes and you look back to see eight thousand people, half of Genghis Khan’s army, and three extinct species of frogs behind you. If this happens, have a backup plan or be ready to fight. Many times, people just panic and end up landing in the middle of a field with no idea what to do next.


In this How to Get Better at Fortnite guide, I took you through some of the basics. You need to pick the right weapon, avoid sabotaging yourself through some of the common bad habits, and pick somewhere to land and stick with it.

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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