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Season 5 of the immensely popular F2P Battle Royale mode of Fortnite has once again managed to set the fans on fire. The New Skins in Fortnite are a mixture in style with the theme of this season, where temporal rifts bring different civilizations from varying time eras into conflict. There are quite some additions to the game, from specific new sub-areas to a 4-man all-terrain cart, and it must be said that the publisher did an incredible job of creating a buzz for the season (in-game objects appearing in the real world, indicating to what might happen in Fortnite season 5) and pushed the game back on the front pages on the Internet everywhere.

How good are the New Skins in Fortnite?

Once again Fortnite has produced some incredible skins and wardrobe for the latest season in their production. Dubbed “Worlds Collide” the 5th season is prominently featuring things like a part of a Viking village and a ship on a cliff, a day on the beach theme (fitting, since it is, after all, summer!) as well as some military influence thrown in for a good measure.

One of the most popular features in Fortnite is the skins, of course, and the new skins in Fortnite are definitely a worthy addition to the game. Even though they have no impact on the actual gameplay (except to strike either fear or jealousy into the hearts of your opponents!) and are no pay-to-win items, they are still a sign of status and skill for this game. Once again, the new skins are the created in the spirit of the theme of the season and there are some very attractive options among them.

Which skins are new for Season 5?

Let us start with the skins you receive right off the bat, as you purchase the Season 5 ticket. This pre-paid package gives the players the possibility to complete a list of various challenges as well as the access to the exclusive skins and other cosmetic items as you progress through the season’s levels.

Huntress and Drift

The first two skins that are immediately unlocked with the season’s pass are the Huntress and the Drift. Huntress is a fierce lady from the Nordic parts, sporting a blue tattoo and Viking-like appearance. Drift is somewhat different; “Journey into the unknown and find your way to Victory!” says in the description of the set that has some six versions of the same suit, each one of them only slightly than the predecessor. If you recall the game called “Infamous”, and the main protagonist who was able to channel lightning, then you will have an exact image of whom this fella reminds me personally. Again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that Fortnite (sub)consciously copied or imitated that character.

Also, which is worth noting, on a couple of those drifters they carry a mask of a fox, Kitsune. Kitsune is the Japanese word for the “fox” and usually denotes the mythical demon fox who is almost immortal and possesses a number of deadly skills, including the power of shapeshifting. This could get very interesting!

Next, to the skins, there is also a huge number of emotes, sprays and other cosmetic stuff, up to the point of toys which will add a bit of that recreation feel to the squad games in Fortnite BR. Thank summer for it!


Is a skin of a very attractive and dangerous looking girl with a black biker helmet. Along with the tribal tattoos that cover her arms the overall impression is that this is nobody you want to mess with! She is the part of the so-called RMP set. Past her, there is a series of levels that reward the player’s advancement with a multitude of unique resource gathering tools, emotes, specific loading screens and other fancy items, but the Viking-ship styled glider is definitely one of the highlights.

Sun Strider

On the level 47 we find the Sun Strider, an attractive young lady perfectly fitted out for Baywatch rescue party… And indeed, she does belong to the Rescue Patrol set. What this costume lacks in the department of “scare your opponent into a mindless run!” it makes up in the “cuteness department.” Later on, there will be an epic “shield” which can be used as an adornment on the player’s back.

Sledgehammer and Rock

Sledgehammer and the Rook are the following two skins that are obtainable in the 5th season of Fortnite. Sledgehammer is the archetype special forces guy in desert camo uniform, with shades and beard, like as if he just emerged from some US marine movie like Black Hawk Down or Tears of the Sun. He belongs to the advanced forces set. Rook is a lady nerd gone berserk, a typical secretary outfit girl that got upgraded with field agent equipment, making her a badass rooky both sweet and deadly at once


The final new skin from the Season 5 of Fortnite is the legendary Ragnarok. Ragnarok is the mythological term in Norse mythology for series of the doomsday events that will culminate in the death of a large number of Norse Gods, including such major deities as Odin, Thor, and Loki, among others. This character could easily be the personification of the Ragnarok event itself in which case we must admit that it fits the topic very well. Ragnarok is the skin which is part of the harbinger set and, very much like Drift, consists of no less than six different versions of this skin. The final one, which requires 500.000XP to unlock could be easily the best-looking skin of the game so far. This version is the Ragnarok with an impressive armor, a skull of some defeated beast resting on his head as well as a bone type shoulder protector. Finally, he seems to store some of that deadly, bluish energy within him, ready to unleash it at unsuspecting victims. Tread with care.


New Skins in the Fortnite season 5 are definitely a valid and interesting addition to the game, even if perhaps not as numerous as in some other seasons. The 5th season will demand a great investment from the players, but so far they seem satisfied to have a go at it and actually came to a conclusion that these new skins are very well worth the effort invested!

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