The Ultimate Battle Royale: PUBG vs Fortnite

PUBG vs Fortnite
By | October 16th, 2017 | Categories: Fortnite, PUBG

The Unforgiving Gamemode

A single mistake will turn your hard earned items into tools for an enemy player’s arsenal. This is Battle Royale; an intense winner takes all deathmatch that spans vast conflict-torn maps. Combat mechanics vary from game to game creating unique experiences for all participating gamers. There are two titles that have come to stand above all others: PUBG vs Fortnite. Here, I’ll be outlining what the games have to offer.

What makes a Battle Royale game fun?

Arcadish fast-paced combat is just what some gamers need. Fortnite successfully pulls that off with 100 player solo, duo, and four-man team matches. It’s specifically tailored to anyone who is looking for a quick and highly rewarding gaming session. Slow tactical gameplay is also a loved choice by many. PUBG tests your intellect along with your stamina in lengthy and less aggressive matches. Both are tier 1 games that have found their place in the hands of millions of players.

Fortnite’s Edge

Fortnites leading appeal is that it’s free to play. Since anyone can download the game convincing friends to fight alongside you is far easier. Another similar benefit adding to its accessibility is that PS4 players are able to crossplay with PC Fortnite players. Any friends of yours who can’t afford PC gaming hardware won’t be counted out. The gameplay aspect that stands out the most is building. You can form buildings and structures during mid-battle for protection or as pathways to unreachable areas.

What makes PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Tick?

While Fortnite retains a cartoony and arcadish feel PUBG favors realism in its design. Every close encounter you have feels livelier than in other games. Land and water vehicles are also a unique addition to this game. This broadens potential playstyles leaving you with more ways to experience the game. Finishing this list is character customization. After playing for days on end a new look may be the refreshing change you need in a game.

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These games are a serious and necessary part of any game collection. Both are continuously improving in hopes of outshining the other. Whether you choose PUBG because of your slow and stealthy preference or you just decide to grab Fortnite to save yourself money, you’ll be able to enjoy the fierce competition and impactful moments that Battle Royale has to offer.

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