Why is Fortnite So Popular?

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You’ve heard it before—Why is Fortnite So Popular? Players ask it. Parents and significant others ask it. Game developers sure as heck ask it. It’s a mystery, but if you look deep enough, there are some pretty apparent reasons why Fortnite made itself into—and then remained—one of the top names in the industry. Yes, it’s meteoric rise has been nothing short of astonishing, but this phenomenon can be explained.

How much does it cost?

Listen, I hate to get cynical here, but let’s face it: part of Fortnite’s success comes from its free price. How much is the part? That’s where it gets a little tricky. If it had been $60 in the store, then who knows how well it would have done. Tons and tons of people tried it out, “try” being the key word, because they had nothing to lose! Everyone who was on the fence about it figured, why not? Worst come to worst, they’ll just uninstall it. No money is on the line, and the importance of that cannot be overlooked. It’s like being over a buddy’s house and playing their games.

The second thing about it being free is that people are a lot less likely to criticize it. It’s like paying $20 for a meal that ends up being “meh” at best. You’re probably not too happy about it and you’re going to look for flaws. However, if you got the same meal for free, you probably aren’t going to be doing a lot of complaining.

Finally… free games are awful. By and large, if you see “free,” you can expect big problems. Because Fortnite was relatively glitch free and didn’t play at all like a free game, it caught a lot of people’s attention. Between the three, you’ve got a lot of downloads and a lot of people being pleasantly surprised.

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When will the game get out of development?

This one is smart. Fortnite wasn’t complete the first day I played it and the last time I played it, it was still not complete. Now, they could have been like every other game and just slapped updates on it periodically, but they purposefully kept it incomplete so people would expect it to get better. Wow, it’s this great and they haven’t even finished is a lot better than yeah, it’s cool but who knows when they’re gonna add anything.

Who can avoid popularity?

They’ve done numerous studies about this. People do popular things. You can get a group of people to all do something unpleasant (actors) and the one real person that has no idea it’s an experiment will do it too. It’s peer pressure, for lack of a better term. Fortnite became popular. Therefore, it becomes more popular and more and more and more. Typically, it reaches a point where it simply can’t get any higher and pops, but so far, Fortnite has retained a remarkable amount of the initial players.

What about those graphics?

Ever tried to argue with a Minecraft lover than the graphics are awful? Chances are that if you have, you’ve lost that. They all use the same argument: the graphics aren’t awful. They’re supposed to look like that! It’s stylized. The same goes for our lovely Fortnite. Graphically speaking, they aren’t shooting to compete with every game that shows up because within a year, it’ll be old news and people will find the new, best graphics. No, Fortnite chose graphics that would never go out of fashion. Just like Minecraft still has its style, Fortnite has its own thing. In five years, it’ll look the same as it does today (probably).

The other side of this is that the images are fun, cartoony, and bright. I’m an avid Battlefield player and let me tell you that there is an enormous difference in terms of realism. Fortnite plays more like a cartoon than it does a game. It’s fresh and new and exciting. If I wanted to see lifelike graphics, I’d just go play one of the competitors. If I want that fun cartoony style, I’ll play Fortnite.

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Don’t I look cool?

I can’t tell you how important that customization is to modern gaming. Every single game today has the most advanced this or the most advanced that. Graphics aren’t everything. Speed isn’t everything. Gameplay isn’t everything. People like to customize their character, and Fortnite delivers everything from skins to sprays to taunts to you name it. It’s a giant part of the allure, and for good reason! If I’m playing something, I want to stand out and be unique, not just one of the millions.        

Though Fortnite does make most of its money off the store, it’s also easy to justify. Spending twenty bucks for a skin might sound ridiculous, but five? Maybe. Also, they use a currency for in-game spending so it doesn’t feel like you’re actually spending money.

Why is Fortnite So Popular?

This is crucial. This question, “why is Fortnite so popular,” has been asked by tons and tons of people, and many of them chose to find out themselves. All the reasons above, combined with the curiosity of wondering why not to give it a shot, made Fortnite’s name become bigger and bigger until anyone who hadn’t played wondered what the buzz was all about. All their friends were playing it. They heard chatter. They heard feedback. They gave it a shot.


In conclusion, in this Why is Fortnite So Popular article, I went through some of the biggest reasons that it has grown to ridiculous proportions: it’s free, it’s exciting, it’s popular, it’s nice to look at, and you get to express your individuality. There are other reasons of course, but these are some of the biggest. If you haven’t already tried it out, download it! It’s free, after all!

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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  1. Rob April 13, 2019 at 10:16 pm - Reply

    Agree with the above, I would also add that they have targeted every age group with the style. Young kids and adults alike. In a way they have created an addiction for the younger generation….. Good or bad….. That’s what they have done.

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