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The elusive sibling of Ayaka is finally here! Kamisato Ayato in Ayaka is a strong unit that can fill the support and main DPS roles. Here are some suggestions on how to build him.

His Elemental Skill, Kamisato Art: Kyouka, puts him in a Takimeguri Kanka state. While it’s active, all his attacks are infused with Hydro and become AoE slashes almost too fast to see. You can hold the attack button to continuously attack. He will not do any charged or plunge attacks for its duration.

Upon activation, he also leaves behind a watery clone of himself. If its duration expires or enemies nearby, it explodes, dealing AoE Hydro DMG.

Aside from those, he also gains resistance to interruption and the Namisen effect. The latter increases his attacks while in the Takimeguri Kanka state, based on his current max HP. You can stack it with an initial maximum of 4, with an additional one when you get his second constellation upgrade.

The first ascension passive you get for him will let him gain 2 Namisen stacks upon activation. Also, when the clone explodes, it will give him the maximum number possible.

His Burst, Kamisato Art: Suiyuu, makes it rain Bloomwater Blades in a large AoE around him. Droplets will deal Hydro DMG, and allies within the AoE (including him) will have their Normal Attack DMG boosted. Considering attacks during Takimeguri Kanka state are considered normal attacks, they get buffed by his Burst.

For his artifacts, the usual DPS build (ATK, Hydro DMG Bonus, Crit Rate) would do. Ayato’s ascension stat is Crit DMG, so you’ll need more Crit Rate, but some DMG substats won’t hurt. HP subs are excellent if you want to take advantage of the Namisen stacks, but it’s not a priority. A support/Burst Ayato would need some Energy Recharge (low investment since the second ascension passive helps).

The recommended sets for him are Heart of Depth and Echoes of an Offering 4-sets. HoD and another ATK+18% 2-set (Gladiator, Shimenawa, Echoes) would do but not as effectively as the 4-sets. Millelith 2-set is another option, though not too recommended since the bonus can be negligible. 4 Emblem of Severed Fate is best for a more supportive Ayato.

His most recommended swords are the Haran Geppaku Futsu, the Mistsplitter Reforged, Primordial Jade Cutter, and the Skyward Blade. 4-star options are the Amenoma Kageuchi, The Flute, and the Black Sword. Though a 3-star weapon, the Cool Steel is also an option. Its Refinement 5 ability of 24% more damage when the enemy is affected by Hydro (or Cryo) can make up for its weaker Base ATK. However, it’s the absolute last resort weapon.

Because of his wide-range Hydro application with his Burst, he can fit most freeze team comps but is best partnered with Ganyu for AoE freeze. Diona is the F2P alternative, but you’ll need Venti or Kazuha for easy CC. For more Hydro damage, Xingqiu and Mona are nice. Vaporize is with Bennett, Xiangling, or Thoma. Yun Jin is also a tremendous normal attack booster if you can fit her into the party. It all depends on how you want to play him.

Ayaka’s Story

While Ayaka was the more well-known of the Kamisato Clan siblings, Ayato is the one holding the clan together and aloft. Thrust into the position at a young age, his political ability was honed to a fine point.

His mother impressed upon him the various rituals and ceremonies they safeguard, especially the one about cypress leaves. Even though they are evergreen trees, they do not have needles. Their leaves grow bigger without withering or falling. Because of this, they’re usually related to ‘prosperity’ and used as ritual plating for offering food.

No matter how she got the information, the Kamisato mistress was filled with details about festival rituals and ceremonies. She tried to impart these things to her children, though Ayato soon shifted to studies about being the clan heir. Swordsmanship and other matters of succession were now what occupied his mind.

Throughout all these studies, he used to think the clan existed for itself, not for a higher purpose. Service to the gods was only a matter of circumstance, and the Archon herself was just a symbol. This changed when he realized what it meant that the clan exists through the mercy of the Shogun, and their duty is more important than he thought.

Though he still holds protecting the clan his most important duty, he now understands that the Kamisato Clan cannot under any circumstance betray the Shogun.

Many underestimated him when he was younger. Who would be intimidated by a child? Time proved his mettle, though, and Ayato was able to turn all negatives into advantages. The clan’s position was shaky when his father died, but his political maneuverings built a solid foundation. Now, they’re firmly established in the Yashiro Commission, and he’s praised as a great head of the clan.

Ayaka, who offered to help her hardworking brother, took over communication between the Commission and the people. In a sense, she became the face of the clan, letting Ayato focus on governance and behind-the-scenes work. One example is dealing with lofty Shogunate officials, most of whom have some self-serving plots. Besides that, they have different perspectives and priorities, which doesn’t help cooperation between them.

Fortunately, he has his own strength in negotiations. It’s leverage. He’ll find out what drives and motivates them, then weave his words to align their goals with his. If they prove to be more stubborn than he thought, he calls on his authority as Yashiro Commission head.

Every Inazuman knows that the heads of the Tri-Commission have a direct line to communicate with the Shogun. As the nation’s supreme leader, no one dares disobey or contradict her. Whether Ayato does speak to the Shogun or not is up to his conversation partner. With those cards in hand, negotiations always end up in his favor.

He may have tricks up his sleeve, but he’s not prone to helping people (officials) every time they ask. It depends on whether it’s related to the Yashio Commission or something the Kamisato Clan can be involved with. Sometimes, he just tags along, teacup on hand and a smile. Then he’ll subtly mediate with the officials being none the wiser.

Due to his work, he hardly has any time to appear in public or take leisurely walks. Still, he has his own ways of gathering exciting information. He might see a Yae Publishing House staff milling about, saying they’re there to ‘report for work.’ Without a word to anyone or being noticed, Ayato would hear all kinds of methods to skip work. Later, he’ll let it ‘accidentally’ slip to the Guuji Yae.

Meetings in the Tenshukaku can be tedious, but he loves delaying the end to see red-faced grown men argue with each other over petty issues. On the way back, a particular snack stand would catch his eye. Ayato will ask the shopkeeper how business is doing and if they have anything new in stock. He’ll buy a few to bring back for the household if there’s any interesting drink.

During one such walk, he met Arataki Itto and encouraged the oni through his bug-fighting problems. He discovered that Itto had no idea who he was, which Ayato is okay with and has done nothing to clarify.

After that, he passes by Chinju Forest, where he might see travelers being tricked by bake-danuki. He’ll point out the illusions, sometimes prompting the creatures to hone their abilities even more. And if Thoma has problems thinking of what to cook for dinner, then it’s the perfect time for a hotpot game! Of course, it’s Ayaka who puts the most unpredictable things in the pot, something Ayato is proud of her for.

Through the efforts of the butler and housekeeper extraordinaire Thoma, the Kamisato estate has always been spick and span. There is one spot that always remains messy, though. Ayato’s desk would be filled with piled documents, haphazard half-read books, and even cards and chess pieces scattered around.

The servants take some time to tidy up this desk, and it’s through this cleaning up, that they discover little notes. They’re reminders or messages from other people in the household. Ayato spends most of his time outside the house, leaving early and coming back late. That makes these notes how he communicates with the family. Sure it clutters up his desk even more, but that’s a small price.

How He Got His Vision

One night, Ayato was called by his father. As the sickly head lay in his bed, he offered some words to his successor.

Ayato is the eldest son, older brother of Ayaka, and a successor the clan is proud of no matter what happens.

Ayato accepted these words, and returning a reminder to take care, he excused himself. Upon returning to his room, his Vision was waiting for him. He did not ask for a servant to light a lamp for him that night. By his Vision’s glow, he thought and pondered about his next steps.

With his father ill and his mother unwell, the clan lacked a leader. Those hungry for power are eyeing the position even more. Ayaka was still young and had to be sheltered from the treacherous landscape of the Shogunate courts. The Shuumatsuban was another consideration, as the command over them has been passed from generation to generation. He even spared a thought for Thoma, the foreigner he had befriended.

These thoughts gradually fixed themselves into one idea: he would protect his family and its future, no matter what. As dawn spread its light, the Kamisato Clan heir was ready to face the world.

So far, the criteria for receiving a Hydro Vision still eludes me. Leaving Childe out of the question (his ‘Vision’ story is about his Delusion), Kokomi, Ayato, and arguably Barbara have points in common. They wanted to protect something.

It was Watatsumi for Kokomi, his family for Ayato, and (a bit of a stretch) the future of the sick for Barbara. Xingqiu’s story is vague, but a case can be made for him to want to protect the legacy of the Guhua Clan. Mona cherished the Vision her teacher gave her, protecting it in a way.

My only problem is that it seems a little off. Sure, protection is one of the most common applications of the law. Still, it seems tangential to Justice, what the Hydro Archon embodies. The other Vision holders clearly have themes that are somehow related to their current Archon. It could be that as water covers many things, the Hydro Vision can cover many ambitions. We’ll know when more information is revealed.

That’s all for Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact. He’s a solid DPS unit great for freeze teams, and can support allies with his Burst. Have fun using him in the game!

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