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Genshin Impact Diluc Story
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Here’s everything you need to know about Genshin Impact Diluc!

Name: Diluc Ragnvindr

Vision: Pyro

Birthday: 30 April

Constellation: Noctua

Title(s): The Dark Side of the Dawn, Darknight Hero, The Uncrowned King of Mondstadt, Captain Pyro (as dubbed by Paimon)

Diluc is arguably the most popular character of Genshin Impact. From his looks to his damage output in battle, it’s no wonder everybody wants him in their team. Thankfully, he’s always available from the standard banner, so there’s always a chance to get him.

His Elemental Skill lets him slash an enemy up to three times, dealing Pyro damage each time. His Elemental Burst sends out a flaming phoenix that knocks down and/or deals Pyro damage to enemies in its path before exploding. It also infuses Diluc’s sword with Pyro, making each normal slash deal elemental damage for a short time.

No matter what Genshin Impact in-game content you want to use him for, he’ll excel as your DPS. The domain near Wuwang Hill and others that put Pyro users at a disadvantage are exceptions to this. Some players use him in those domains even then. At any rate, anybody would be glad to add Diluc to their ranks.

Genshin Impact Diluc Story

Diluc received his Vision rather early in life. He has spent his time and dedication fulfilling his father’s dream to become a knight since then. His efforts and natural talent bore fruit as he became the youngest Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius.

With his adopted brother, Kaeya, covering his back, his future had never been brighter. That is until tragedy struck.

While escorting a caravan with Crepus, his father, the convoy met a huge monster they could not hope to defeat. Faced with no other choice, Crepus used a terrible power to defeat the creature at the cost of his own life. The power had backfired on him, leaving him with fatal injuries. Whether he had to ease his father’s suffering or the latter succumbed to his wounds, it was undoubtedly the darkest day of Diluc’s life.

Worse yet, when he had to report to his commanding officer in the Knights of Favonius, all he got in reply was an order to cover it up. Diluc, fed up and disillusioned, quit the order that very day. Soon after, he gets into an argument and fights Kaeya, due to the latter confessing the truth.

After that, he left Mondstadt completely. He left behind his father’s winery to the head housemaid, along with his Vision to journey across the Seven Nations. Diluc had decided to avenge his father and figure out where this terrible power he now wields came from.

He spent three years chasing leads. The Fatui, both the instigator of the incident and the source of the occultic power, observed Diluc’s rampage through their bases and strongholds. It prompted the Eleven, the organization’s strongest members, to act. Only an unnamed, unrelated person saved him from certain death from the Harbingers’ hands.

This unrevealed person is the leader of a vast volunteer spy network. Diluc joined this intelligence network after having reflected that he’d done all that he could alone. Just like with the Knights, he gave his all to his new work. That let him climb the ranks quickly, making him a talented spymaster in his own right.

In the fourth year, Diluc returned to Mondstadt. He took over the Dawn Winery, his father’s only legacy, and got his Vision back. His old commanding officer had been banished from the Order after being found out as a traitor. However, it came about too late, he still won’t have anything to do with the Knights.

It should’ve been a celebration in Mond, as a nation that holds alcohol in high regard. However, the people were distracted by a mysterious guardian roaming about at night. Disruptive monsters were found piled up by morning. Elusive criminals end up hanging by their feet in the statue plaza.

All they know is that the smell of burning follows this ‘guardian’ or that a momentary flash of flames reveals his silhouette before he disappears. Citizens then dubbed the mysterious figure as the ‘Darknight Hero’. Despite his disillusionment and refusal to work with the Knights, he would still protect his country in whatever capacity he can.

Diluc still hates the name, though.

How Did Diluc Get His Vision?

While the exact circumstances of how he got his Vision was never detailed in-game, looking at the stories of fellow Pyro Vision users shows a common thread. They all received a Vision as an answer to their burning passion. Likely, this was the case for Diluc, too.

‘Shine True’ is the motto of the Ragnvindr family. Though its origins were lost, that left Diluc to have his own interpretation of it:

‘Evil cannot go unpunished. Never settle for mediocrity. Never forget that the dawn will one day come.’

His determination and passion to follow that directive led to his gaining a Vision even at a young age. Crepus had two regrets: not becoming a Knight and not having a Vision. Diluc worked hard to fulfill at least one of his father’s unfulfilled dreams, that is, to become a Knight. Nobody has an exact method of gaining a Vision, after all.

The Pyro Archon is also called the God of War or the Lady of Fire. War makes people think of conflict, but you can say that most wars are fought because of unyielding determination or burning passion. Looking at Diluc now, with his general grumpiness and cool attitude, you’d be hard-pressed to see where that passion is. The tragedy might’ve weakened his fire, but it never put it out. It still burns intensely, though hidden under a gruff and stoic facade.

Endnote on Diluc from Genshin Impact

Anyway, with the above knowledge, you can see why Diluc in Genshin Impact is the Uncrowned King of Mondstadt. His feats include raiding Fatui strongholds alone, being part of a huge spy network, having Mond’s whole wine industry in the palm of his hand, and singlehandedly protecting the city every night. If that doesn’t qualify him (or at least, the Darknight Hero) as the Strongest in Mondstadt, what would? (In terms of destructive potential, Klee still trumps him though.)

Watch out for the next Genshin Impact character bio!

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