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How Did Xiao Get His Vision?

How did Xiao get his vision
By | July 31st, 2022 | Categories: Genshin Impact

Having lived such a long life it’s natural for players to wonder how did Xiao Get His Vision? Xiao had forgotten how he got his Vision. A momentous event for humans is just the beginning of his everlasting fight. Then again, as one of the illuminated adepti, maybe the rules of humans getting a Vision don’t apply to him. At any rate, even as he is bound to his duty to protect Liyue, like Jean, he protects the people’s freedom. That fits the idea of an Anemo Vision wielder in Genshin Impact.

Perhaps that is why the flute he heard once had such an effect on him. One of his trailers confirmed that it was Barbatos/Venti who played the flute at the time. A protector of freedom is also a servant of the Anemo Archon, though Xiao’s being an adepti muddles things.

What he does remember is that most Liyue festivals fall on the days when resentment and hatred spike. The worst happens during the Lantern Rite, which is why he hates the event. He dances his Nuo Dance of Evil Conquering and feels peace as he watches the lanterns float to the sky.

In conclusion, Xiao is the biggest tsundere (gruff, tough outer shell hiding a soft, gentle inner core) in the game. He does care about humans a great deal, but his circumstances won’t let him get close, so he chooses to keep them away. Hope this helped you appreciate the character a little more, and keep enjoying Genshin Impact!

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