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Name: Keqing

Vision: Electro

Birthday: 20 November

Constellation: Trulla Cementarii

Titles: Driving Thunder, Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing

Keqing (pronounced ku-ching) is currently the only 5-star Electro character in the game. As befitting her status, she’s a really strong character in dealing damage. Her E skill, Stellar Restoration, makes her throw a Lightning Stiletto in the direction she’s facing. The stiletto deals AoE Electro damage when it lands.

Casting the skill again lets Keqing blink to its location with a slash, dealing more damage. With the first Ascension talent, this also infuses her weapon with the Electro element, making her deal elemental damage for 5 seconds. You can also hold the button to aim the stiletto. Potentially can be used to target Ruin Guards/Hunters/Graders’ weak spot, if you can aim well. It can also be used in traveling to get to some out-of-reach locations.

Her burst, Starward Sword, makes her blend into the shadow of her blade. She then strikes enemies within a certain radius from her in a series of attacks like lightning, dealing Electro DMG. The last hit in the combo deals massive Electro DMG on anything within its range.

With a 40 Energy requirement on her Burst, it’s quite easy to spam Starward Sword. Give her some Energy Recharge, or bring Fischl (or another Electro character) or Venti along. That, combined with a Thundering Fury 2-set effect, can give her all that she needs to cut down anything standing in her way. Of course, other artifact builds can still work, depending on how you want to play her.

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Keqing’s Story

As the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing, she’s in charge of the land, livelihood management, construction, and real estate. Anyone who’s met her would find it difficult to describe her as anything but driven, hardworking, and opinionated.

She’s certainly not gained the sympathy of many others due to her unique perspective. Keqing believes in Rex Lapis and all that he’s done for Liyue, but she doesn’t expect that he’ll do it forever. What then, when the crutch the people had relied on is gone? She believes in the pride of the people, and that they have ideas that can be equal to Morax’s.

Of course, this causes friction especially in those devoted to the Archon. After all, there’s no reason to believe he will stop anytime soon. However, Keqing pays no mind to those who oppose her. Her actions and ideas do give good results. After everything that’s happened after the Traveler came through, the opposition is slowly seeing the wisdom in her perspective.

That said, as one who puts her ideas into practice as soon as she can, almost nobody can keep up with her work. With standards as high as a god’s, she’s pretty much a workaholic. She works harder than anyone else. Inefficiency and laziness are not in her vocabulary. It even is evident in her idle chatter, where she asks the Traveler (player) to stop procrastinating and go.

Now, when she finishes a project, she doesn’t settle for the normal standards of ‘finished’. Every little thing also has to be tied up neatly, every eventuality or possibility accounted for and prepared for. This makes others see her as a perfectionist and highly efficient. It’s even to the point that she has several projects done three to five years in advance!

Due to her dedication to her work, she always does things herself. Looking to better the treatment of laborers? Gain firsthand experience and spend some time as one! She’s also been to the mining camp at the Chasm, waited tables, and even worked the earth at the wharfs. During these experiences, she even caught wind of a corrupt employer and gathered evidence of his misdeeds.

After being caught with no warning whatsoever, he only realized upon seeing her in the Millelith interrogation chamber what happened. Especially after being (re)introduced as the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing.

She was proven right when Morax steps down as Archon and retires into a mortal form. Despite that, she’s swamped with all the work piled onto her due to the absence of the Archon. Although happy with being proven right, no amount of her hard work could make a dent in her new responsibilities. Still, she’s glad that her opposition has been less vocal, and that only pushed her to work even harder.

Despite her different perspective, one of her secret hobbies is to roam the markets alone. Without the prying eyes of the public, she grabs a small figure of Morax and swiftly pays for it. Most of Liyue’s residents wouldn’t be able to imagine that underneath all her skepticism she’s as big a Morax fan as they are. Keqing has a shelf dedicated to all the memorabilia she’s collected.

How Did Keqing Get Her Vision

Due to her skepticism, she never wanted to rely on what a ‘god’ gave her. In her mind, people ascribe her achievements to her Vision and not her hard work. So, when she received her Vision, she first did everything she could to destroy it. She left it burning for three days and nights, ran it over with a full mine cart, and even hurled it off the lofty Jade Chamber. Nothing worked.

Since she can’t get rid of it, she decided to make use of it instead. It also gives her a reason to keep it from the wrong hands. Since then, she realized the Vision is only a tool, and it is the character of the user who decides its use. Afterward, she uses it to great effect.

The Electro Archon values ‘eternity’. It is perhaps Keqing’s unwavering drive to better the conditions of Liyue and leave a legacy for its people that led to the decision to give her an Electro Vision. Nowadays, within the past year the Traveler came to Teyvat, no new Electro Visions have been granted. This coincides with Inazuma’s Vision Hunt Decree, where the citizens of the country have to ‘donate’ their Vision or else face the consequences.

Keqing is actually lucky to have received hers. Any moment later and she might have not gotten one at all. This also proves that the Archons do have some influence in the granting of Visions.

At any rate, that’s everything we know about the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing. A great DPS unit with a spammable Burst, she can destroy enemies with great ease and style. The Midsummer Event’s not quite done yet, so keep enjoying Genshin Impact!

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