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You can’t deny that Genshin Impact is a beautiful game. Well, mobile users might disagree because they’re running on lower settings on mobile phones. Anyway, with the environments and characters crafted to be unique and recognizable, there could be a few small things that you don’t notice while playing the game.

Childe’s Archery Posture

So far, Tartaglia is the only tall male character model who uses archery. In his character stories, he wanted to use bows because it’s his weakest weapon and he loves the challenge. The player would rather use him for his melee stance than using him as an archer, but it’s interesting how the devs stayed true to his character.

If you use Childe to aim as an archer, his posture is all over the place. He’s slouching, there’s no line of sight with the arrow, and the bow is tilted at an awkward angle. His normal combo isn’t any better, as the final hit of his normal combo consist of him literally throwing the arrow instead of firing it with the bow.

Comparing Childe with the archer girls, they have a more proper form (especially Kujou Sara) that’s more in line with archery as we know it. The other male candidates are a trickster god and a general, both of whom use a different style of archery, which takes them out of the comparison.

Normal Combos and Other Animations

There are currently 48 characters in Genshin Impact, and what truly boggles the mind is that each of them has a unique Normal Attack combo. Even when comparing them with other users of the same weapon, you can see and feel that they’re not the same.

The Inazuman characters have an additional uniqueness in ‘sheathing’ animations. They’re the characters who practice their own version of iaido,  a real-life sword style that’s all about quick slashes and movements that end with the practitioner re-sheathing their sword. This is very pronounced in sword users like Ayaka and Kazuha, with the Raiden Shogun also doing it in sword stance.

The iaido is also shown with other weapons. Kujou Sara will hide her bow after every step of her normal combo, same with Arataki Itto with his claymore. Sayu will hide her weapon on the 3rd and last hit of her combo. That’s the same as the sword users who have a sheathing animation on those portions of their own normal combo. This animation is usually accompanied by a ‘mitsudomoe’, the symbol of the country on the sheathing hand of the sword-using character.

The exception to this is the Watatsumi people, Gorou and Sangonomiya Kokomi. They’re more like the other characters of Genshin who ‘sheathe’ their weapons after a moment of idleness.

Even between the Traveler twins, they have slight differences from each other. Aether hits a bit slower than Lumine, but he has the height advantage. Also, due to their contrasting designs, it’s interesting to note the way they use their skills, especially for the Geo skills. One twin uses the opposite hand from the other for the E skill, and Aether uses his hands for the burst while Lumine uses her feet.

A Nation’s Environment is Predominantly Its Archon’s Element’s Color

It’s obvious when pointed out, but sometimes things like this evade the notice of players. You start out in Mondstadt, filled with greenery and a bit of teal from the dandelions scattered around. Anemo is colored a teal green, fitting with their archon’s breezy nature.

When you get to Liyue, the flora starts getting a yellow tinge. There are portions of actual green grass in Liyue, but for the most part, it’s the yellow-tinged grass you’ll encounter. Even the trees have yellow leaves as well, giving more evidence that you’re in the land of Geo.

Once you get to Inazuma, the grass becomes blue-purple, with pinks from cherry blossoms adding to the atmosphere. The purple tinge gets stronger in some areas such as Seirai Island, and there’s a bit of pink for Watatsumi Island. Electro in the game is purple and you can see it in the coloration of the environment.

Enkanomiya is a city with no light, and it shows with the lack of foliage and pale flora. Some spots are somehow green and lively, though it may be the influence of some kind of magic in the water. At any rate, the Whitenight is indicative of its name, and the Ever-night is imbued with purple as a reference to the surface nation it’s at.

The next nation in the works is Sumeru, and though a desert is expected, it can have patches of yellow-green oases, fitting for the Dendro element of the nation.

A Character’s Vision

There was once an event where players had to track down meteorites to solve a sleeping sickness. Their character’s Visions would glow when they neared a meteorite, all except one. Venti, as the Anemo Archon, doesn’t need a Vision to use his power. His character stories say that the ‘Vision’ on his hip is a glass bauble.

The event proves it; where other characters’ Visions glow, Venti’s doesn’t.

Since the release of two other Archon characters, players are curious if their Visions are fake. Well, for one at least, since the Raiden Shogun didn’t quite feel the need for a phoney Vision on her body. Unfortunately, Zhongli was released right after the event ended, meaning players couldn’t see if his Vision was also a dud.

The Traveler was also an exception to the glowing Vision, similar to how they avoid the restriction on Visions when battling the Raiden Shogun. Oddly enough, Zhongli and Venti get hit with the restriction even if they actually don’t need Visions. Then again, it could be a plot device to show that the Traveler is unique, being an outlander.

Raiden Shogun’s Musou no Hitotachi

We all know that Musoujin Gorge was made when the Raiden Shogun slashed the God of the Deep Orobaxi in two. What players may not notice is that the slash didn’t just cut the gorge and the god in two, it reached all the way to Narukami Island. Specifically, it cleaved Mt. Yougou in half.

If you look at the map, it lines up with the Musoujin Gorge, cleaving some other things along the way as well. There are several bisected ships along that path, all matching up with the line from the gorge — a massive testament to the power an Archon wields. That’s even more impressive than Morax’s stone spears making up the entirety of the Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue. Judging by the size of the area’s jagged peaks, Osial is a big god to be sealed under those spears. Though it’s still not as impressive as one slash reaching kilometers away from the source.

Cooking and a Character’s Specialty

Some players might forget the cooking aspect of the game. It is the best source of healing outside of using healers, so it would do to remember to cook in-game!

Anyway, each character has a specialty dish that improves on the effects of the dish their specialty is based on. If it’s healing, the specialty heals for a bit more than the usual food. These specialties have add personal touches that change the look of the dish. The only exception is the Raiden Shogun, who the interface will say, ‘This character cannot cook’.

From Ei’s statements, she didn’t feel the need to program her puppet to know how to cook. That resulted in the player not being able to cook with Raiden. There is, however, a specialty food that fits Raiden’s tastes, and that’s Sara’s fluffy and sweet Egg Rolls.


All these little details make Genshin Impact a joy to play. Something as small as the stride differences between the character models gives the game a bit more flavor than most. It also goes to show the planning and the characterization that’s put into these characters. They didn’t just mash a bunch of design elements together, each detail has a reason and characters have a fleshed-out backstory.

Though not mentioned here, there are other small things such as Fischl flipping her hair if you stop mid-combo. Hu Tao also has a unique animation if you don’t go all the way through her normal combo. These small actions really bring the character to life, and you see the effort the devs go through in creating them.

The game isn’t over yet, not for a long shot. There could be more of these tiny features in the upcoming patches. The Traveler still has four nations to go and more characters to meet. That means more little peculiarities to discover and learn about. Let’s all look forward to meeting them and going to new locations!

Have fun and enjoy Genshin Impact! With everything new in the 2.4 update, there are new mysteries to delve into and quests to do.

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