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Naganohara Yoimiya Backstory & Vision

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By | September 6th, 2021 | Categories: Genshin Impact, Genshin Impact Characters List

Name: Naganohara Yoimiya

Vision: Pyro

Birthday: 21 June

Constellation: Carassius Auratus

Titles: Queen of the Summer Festival, Frolicking Flames, Owner of Naganohara Fireworks

Being a fireworks maker, Yoimiya’s skills have all the flashy and sparkly effects of her craft. Like Ganyu, her charged attack has 2 levels. However, instead of an extra AoE attack, three extra arrows, called Kindling Arrows, will appear. They’re homing to an extent, so even if the original arrow misses, the Kindling Arrows still hit a target (not always the target aimed at).

Her Burst, Ryuukin Saxifrage, damages enemies in an AoE and leaves behind a mark on one enemy. An ally other than Yoimiya’s attack (any kind) triggers the mark and makes it explode, dealing AoE Pyro DMG. This means skill effects such as Oz, Guoba, Xiangling’s Pyronado, Xingqiu’s Rain Swords, or other similar mechanics can activate the mark. These skills let her still be on the field where she can maximize her DPS. If an enemy dies before the mark can expire, it only moves to a nearby one.

Niwabi Fire Dance, her E skill, infuses her normal attacks with Pyro. However, she can’t generate Kindling Arrows while it is active. It ends its duration when Yoimiya leaves the field or after some time. Along with her first Ascension Passive, hitting attacks while the skill is active increases her Pyro Damage bonus by 2%. The buff stacks up to 10 times for a total of 20% increased Pyro Damage Bonus. Combine that with her second Ascension talent, and she can boost her allies’ attack by the number of stacks when activating her Burst.

Her kit is strong, but it’s very conditional. Isn’t that called balance? The meta may call for maximized DPS output, but somehow, miHoYo is pushing for co-op play in their recent character releases. Well, at least in theory, since there haven’t been too many co-op events or gameplay yet.

That said, Yoimiya’s kit has some ‘problems’ that players found.

To maximize her damage, her full attack combo has to be completed, which can be difficult when you’re an archer. Dodging resets the combo, and that’s the main way of avoiding damage when in a chaotic battle. This can be minimized by using shields, using Baron Bunny or Mona’s E, or playing with other players who can take the heat off of Yoimiya.

The other problem is her Burst is prone to missing. Enemies can move out of range while activating the Burst, similar to Ayaka’s problem with her Burst. However, since Ayaka is a Cryo user, it’s easy to freeze the enemy before activating, making sure that it hits the target. Yoimiya doesn’t have this kind of mechanic, and enemies are free to dodge or move out of range.

While there isn’t any easy way to solve the second, the first ‘problem’, as mentioned above, can be solved with shields. The game doesn’t promote the use of shields (other than when fighting Geovishaps, the Primo Geovishap, and Azdaha), which rates it low on player’s priorities. Take a shift from the ‘kill everything before it kills you’ meta, and enjoy not dodging with the best shields.

At any rate, giving her the Crimson Witch set is the best bet to maximize Pyro and related elemental reaction damage. Some players have also given her the Shimenawa’s Reminiscence set, but it’s up to you. It also depends on how you want to use her, as the Noblesse set will also do if you only care about her Burst. A 2-set Gladiator or 4-set Wanderer’s can also do if you don’t have any of the above on hand.

Yoimiya’s Story

Yoimiya is first and foremost a fireworks maker. Now that her father has stepped down due to his age and deafness, his daughter took the mantle in stride. While on the surface she seems undisciplined because of her unscheduled breaks, she does take her duties seriously. She has earned the title Queen of the Summer Festival for good reason after all.

Sometimes she works through the night due to spending too much time chatting with someone. Afterward, her neighbors will see her asleep in the weirdest locations. Examples of that are up a tree or the roof of a house. She hasn’t been seriously hurt in these situations, though she often got scrapes and cuts. That’s how she learned to deal with her wounds.

Still, she becomes more serious the closer a festival draws near. Everything should go without a hitch during the all-important performance. In the days leading up to a festival, she becomes more focused and restrained. 

She loves making people happy, and, fortunately, she loves chatting with them so much. With the knowledge she gains from chatting sessions with her clients, she makes the best fireworks that make them happy. The people’s satisfaction with their family’s products increased when Yoimiya took over the business.

It was to the point that even the Raiden Shogun acknowledges her skills. The Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Ayaka once asked for the symbol of the Shogun, the Electro Mitsudomoe, to be included in the next Fireworks Show’s repertoire. Yoimiya agreed with confidence, despite being asked the eve before the show.

The next day, the show went off without a hitch. Everybody looked in wonder at the fireworks that adorned the night sky. The finale was also grand, as it traced a picture scroll of the city of Inazuma up in the heavens.

Ayaka went to Yoimiya, as the Mitsudomoe did not appear in any of the fireworks in the show. The Pyro user just explained that there was a trick to the finale. When viewed from the Tenshukaku, the Shogun’s home, the explosions of light would form the crest, with extra decorations to boot. With the people and the Shogun satisfied, this particular festival became deeply ingrained in the people’s memory. It was also the show that gave her the Queen of the Summer Festival title.

More than that, she’s also something like a heroic big sis to the children of Hanamizaka. Her childlike personality and passion for making people happy give her a magnetic charm to kids. Even in a time when fear and doubt rule the streets, the kids could still have happy experiences through her efforts.

A nameless folk song that explains how ‘rainbows’ can be exchanged for fireworks started the trend of kids suddenly giving Yoimiya ‘shiny’ things. She was troubled at first, but after hearing the explanation why they did it, she laid down some rules. The item has to be ‘sufficiently shiny’ such as seashells or colored rock. She would declare precious jewels or gems to be ‘ordinary’ and accompany the child to take them back to the owner. It’s her way of protecting the precious wishes of children, as to her, every experience as a child would become precious treasures.

Other than the transient fireworks, Yoimiya also tinkers with small bits and bobs mostly for children to play with. From marbles that produce small sparks when they’re made to crash into each other to tops that chirp, these knickknacks keep kids from getting into too much trouble. Some of her crafts even helped the adults as well, such as the Katydid Coil, which can be ignited and hung up to repel mosquitos.

This led to various people asking her for trinkets for some purpose or other. Though she jokingly refuses as her shop is a fireworks shop, she still does her best to help. That’s all she tries to do, whether it’s through making the best fireworks, protecting children’s dreams, or creating trinkets for the people’s happiness.

How Yoimiya Got Her Vision

For Yoimiya, even though fireworks only bloom for a moment, if it’s memorable enough, they can bloom forever in people’s hearts. Isn’t that a kind of ‘Eternity’? That’s why the slips of firework formulas are so important.

In this way, the owner of the slip can see the fireworks again and feel the way they did the first time they saw it. By infusing the fireworks with the wishes, dreams, and feelings of the client, these fleeting things are etched into eternity.

One night, after taking over the family business, Yoimiya couldn’t sleep, so she spent the night researching. When dawn came, a tinkling sound came from one of the unused launching tubes. She took out a burning-red gem, her Vision.

Not really knowing what it is, she used it as a glorified lighter. When her father discovered it and explained what it was, she used its power to protect children and drive monsters away. She is, after all, a fireworks-maker. She does not need heroic feats when all she wants to do is enjoy life and pursue happiness.

That said, when she gained proficiency in using her Vision, her fireworks craftsmanship also increased in quality. She then asked herself if gods like fireworks, if she, an ordinary fireworks maker, could earn their favor. With no answer, she went about her merry way.

The Pyro Archon embodies war and passion. It’s a recurring trend in Pyro users to be passionate about something, and Yoimiya is just one more among the crowd. The Lady of War saw her passion and judged it fit, so she was granted the favor. Hope this lets you appreciate Yoimiya more, despite being ignored for the Raiden Shogun whose banner is coming up next. Enjoy Genshin Impact!

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