Who is Sayu’s Sensei in Genshin Impact?

Who is Sayu's Sensei
By | September 19th, 2022 | Categories: Genshin Impact

Nothing is known about the man in Genshin Impact. His name wasn’t mentioned anywhere, nor where he went when he disappeared. He was the one who trained Sayu and then left her at one point. He was also the one to make her clothes, which might be why the diminutive ninja insists on being called a Mujina.

Ayaka theorizes that his abrupt departure is why Sayu became a lazy ninja. After relying on him for so long, she became lost and confused, translating to laziness. It’s a good possibility, but Sayu insists it’s for better time management for more important things such as sleeping and growing taller.

The Traveler might discover a hint of this mysterious figure in their journey. For now, this is all we know of him.

That’s all for our sleepy, diminutive Mujina (not a tanuki!) ninja. Whether you prefer to use her as a healer, support, or DPS, she can fit any team easily. It’s also a blast to roll around Teyvat, as it’s faster than running and doesn’t even use up stamina. Of course, there’s a cooldown of 10 seconds for each use, but it’s worth it. Have fun with this tiny ninja, as well as Genshin Impact!

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