How Did Shenhe Get Her Vision?

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Shenhe may have been born into an exorcist family, but she was never taught any techniques. After her mother died, her father was in no condition to teach her anything. She was an innocent child, unknowing of the world of combat.

Yet, she was led into a small cave, thrown in alongside a hungry evil spirit. In Cloud Retainer’s retelling of the story, she told the Traveler that she had sensed a lingering god’s energy. That is to say, the spirit or Aeelie Shenhe’s father summoned was a remnant of a god.

Shenhe, at barely six years old, survived several days against it with nothing but tenacity and willpower. Somewhere along the way, her unique fate of a ‘solitary star’ and ‘disastrous evil’ showed itself. It manifested into murderous urges and an unyielding spirit. This gave her just enough to fight back and keep surviving.

The fight seemed locked in a stalemate, and as it slowly tipped toward the spirit’s favor, the gods gave her their favor. A Cryo Vision appeared, shining a light onto a path of survival for her. Granted, she was hanging by a thread at the end, but it’s an impressive feat for a child.

Again, it ties into resolve. Shenhe was desperate to survive this encounter and live. Even though it wasn’t said outright, that’s the only reasonable and logical reaction for anyone. Resolve an inward decision to do or be something. It doesn’t have to be something you’re passionate about, but something like a goal to reach. That’s the common thread among Cryo users.

She’s a strong supporter of Cryo and Physical DPS characters, and both of those have considerable overlap. Anyone who uses Ganyu, Eula, or Ayaka would benefit from her skills and buffs. That’s all for Shenhe Gensin Impact! Check out our other guides and lore about the characters. As usual, keep on enjoying Genshin Impact!

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