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The Astro A40 Headset Winner Shares Some 411

Astro A40 Headset
By | June 27th, 2018 | Categories: Interviews

We recently launched a giveaway for an Astro A40 Headset that we bundled with a nifty MixAmp. Right from the get-go, we can honestly say that it’s one of the most stylish pairs of cans we’ve seen so far, and as a nice bonus, it’s compatible with multiple devices out of the box. The MixAmp provides Dolby Digital Surround Sound processing, and the headset has controls for game-to-voice balance, master volume, along with a feature that allows you to select 1 out of 4 equalizer settings optimized for various audio uses.

Astro AR Headset 3

The lucky winner is none other than Anthony “m0rphyne”! We got a chance to talk this awesome guy from Florida who is not only a Zelda, Path of Exile, and Warcraft gamer, but also an aspiring game developer, currently taking up IT. And on top of all that, he spent time in MLG playing Halo 3 — our kind of geek!

Read on to find out more about Anthony!

(1) Tell us about yourself (i.e., your name/nickname, hometown, age, occupation, favorite games that you play and what platform(s) you play)?

Well to begin, my name is Anthony A.K.A m0rphyne. Growing up in the sticks of Land O’Lakes Florida, I never really had much to do. So just like any other kid that had WAY too much time on their hands, I turned to gaming. I started out just like everyone else playing Zelda, Mario, and all the classic titles of the golden age of games.Astro AR Headset 3

Then one day, my older brother brought in this big bulky box. Attached to it were a keyboard and mouse and my mind was blown. I peeked over his shoulder at every chance I got to witness the epicness that was PC gaming and I fell in love. At age 11, I started building my own PCs. My passion for understanding how it all worked brought me to studying IT in college. Although keen for higher education, the gamer within was still alive! During my college years, I participated in tournaments such as MLG and NGL back when Halo 3 was the top dog. Today at age 26, I’ve moved away from the fast life of competitive gaming and am focusing on my future goal; becoming a game developer.

(2) How did you hear about PlayerAuctions? Have you used our services before?

Back in the good ole days of World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King (that I played too much of I can honestly say), I sold accounts and traded gold using third-party websites that were less than trusted at times. That’s when I found PlayerAuctions and I’ve been on the website ever since.

(3) What are your favorite games (both past and current)?

There’s so many to choose from! Haha. If I had to narrow it down, I would have to say the Zelda titles first and foremost. They were the intro into the countless hours of gaming and still considered some of my favorite to play. World of Warcraft is a close second for sure. WoW carried me through my teenage years and will forever hold the title of most hours put into a game.

Currently, however, I’ve been putting a lot of time into Path of Exile (see pic in this article for Anthony’s character). Theory crafting is kind of my life at the moment and I’ve published right around 10 builds so far and am currently working on another for the Hardcore Incursion League.

(4) Are you familiar with the Astro A40 Headset? As a gamer, how do you feel this will fit your lifestyle as an active player?

I know the Astro A40’s all too well. While competing in MLG, my teammates used them while I was stuck with an elementary no name brand. I got to use them while we were in practice so that was cool! Studying game development, we have a portion of our time working with sound design. So finally getting a high-quality headset will help a bunch! In the meantime, hearing those footsteps getting closer behind me will keep me ahead on the scoreboard in the game. 😉

(5) Do you have any favorite gaming gadget(s) (e.g., console, portable device, or accessory)? Why is it your favorite?

My PS4 is my go-to when I’m not messing around on the PC, but my favorite would have to be my Samsung Tablet. It’s what I’ve been spending my time on when I’m either out of the house or messing around with school projects. I’m hoping to create an RTS style game for the app store, so keeping my Tablet close by is a must!

(6) What was the clincher that made you join our giveaway? When joining a giveaway, what prizes are you hoping to win?

When I saw the post on PlayerAuctions’ Facebook page about the Astro A40 GiveAway, I knew I had to throw my hat in the ring! They’re my dream pair and I’ve only been dreaming about owning my own for eight years, haha.

Our Thoughts

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