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League of Legends Ahri Build and Guide

The League of Legends champion Ahri can be considered as a jack of all trades as a mid-lane champion. She has a mixture of crowd control, mobility, and damage that most mid champions do not have. Her kit allows her to burst and run down any other champions who do not build any decent magic resist to put off her damage.

Based on, in patch 11.22, Ahri has around a 51% win rate in platinum+ rank tiers showing how viable she is as a mid-lane champion. The Nine-Tailed Fox may be a hard character to master, but once players get used to her, they will find how fun and lethal playing this champion is. As such, it is important to have a general idea of what her build should look like to maximize the success of playing her.

Summoner Spells

Flash – Flash has always been a must-have summoner spell for the majority of the champions in League of Legends. The spell has multiple uses in the game, especially with Ahri’s Charm that allows her to land it more effectively.

Ignite – This spell is somewhat important to Ahri’s kit as she does not have enough damage to finish off her opponents early in the game. Having ignite will allow her to secure kills after duels if she is not able to land enough damage.

Cleanse – This spell is situational for Ahri as it should only be taken depending on the matchup. Like any champion, Ahri is still susceptible to hard crowd-controls especially from champions such as Twisted Fate, Le Blanc, and Syndra. Therefore, having this defensive spell helps players get out of a stun lock before more damage is dealt.


Domination Tree

Electrocute – This keystone is arguably the best rune for Ahri. Contrary to people who use Arcane Comet from the Sorcery runes, Ahri does not have enough crowd control to ensure that the comet will hit most of the time unlike champions such as Lux and Xerath. This keystone allows her to provide additional unavoidable damage to top off her combo. Due to the range of her normal attacks and skill shot, players are more likely to proc electrocute every 25 seconds. This applies damage and pressure to the enemy mid-laner to help Ahri dominate through the laning phase.

Taste of Blood – Ahri’s passive (Essence Theft) already provides her healing from using her abilities after 9 stacks. However, adding Taste of Blood into her kit gives her extra sustainability especially in the laning phase. This gives her an edge over her opponents as she can recover from trades faster and remain longer in the lane to farm minions.

Eyeball Collection – Compared to other mid laners such as Le Blanc and Zed, Ahri does not scale hard as they do. Therefore, getting Eyeball Collection will help her bridge the gap a little bit. The rune gives a bonus adaptive force that will help her snowball into the game. Otherwise, this rune can be replaced with Ghost Poro as it allows players to gain longer vision control, and it also provides decent scaling for every enemy the Ghost poro spots.

Ultimate Hunter – This rune is arguably one of the most important and irreplaceable runes in the Domination tree. Though some would prefer Ravenous Hunter for the additional omnivamp for sustain, Ultimate Hunter is a must-have rune because it helps her reduce the cooldown on Ahri’s Spirit Rush which is a very important spell in her kit. Spirit Rush allows her to engage, reposition, or escape bad fights and jungle ganks. Thus, players should want her ultimate skill to be available as much as possible.


Minion Dematerializer – Dematerializer allows players to ensure last hits on creeps and helps them farm more effectively. Since this rune gives increased damage against absorbed minions, it allows players to maximize Ahri’s farming capabilities allowing her to safely farm up gold to help her get her items quickly.

Cosmic Insight – This rune is an underrated rune for Ahri. It provides her with additional cooldown reduction for her summoner spells and her activatable items. It is a very useful rune to have as it provides her with more opportunities to use her Flash and to use defensive items such as Zhonya’s Hourglass when in a pinch.

Starting Items

Doran’s Ring – Doran’s ring is probably the best starting item for Ahri. The item provides gives additional 15 ability power ensuring that her skills pack a punch when they hit early in the game. This item also encourages players to land last hits on creeps more accurately as it provides 6 mana for every minion killed. This means the more they successfully land last hits on creeps, the more spells they can use.

Core Items

Everfrost – This mythic item might arguably be the best first item pick for Ahri right now. This item provides her with more survivability and versatility. Everfrost gives Ahri an additional 200 hp that will help her survive more from duels and trade. In addition, Glaciate can serve as an additional crowd control for Ahri to get the upper hand in battle. It can also be used as a lifeline to root enemy junglers during ganks to prevent them from running her over.

Rabadon’s Deathcap – Rabadon has always been a staple for many ability-powered champions in League of Legends. No item can compare to the bonus stats and power spike it gives to AP champions. The bonus 120 ability power and the passive Magical Opus, which increases the total AP by 30%, are just too big to ignore.

Void Staff – This is the final must-have item for Ahri especially against champions who have built magic resist. The 40% magic penetration it provides is a huge help in bypassing magic resist and dealing damage to much tankier opponents. The only time a player should forego choosing this item is when there is literally no magic resist build in the enemy team which is a rare occurrence.


  1. duck life May 7, 2023 at 8:43 pm - Reply

    Electrocute is the best option. Taste of Blood and Biscuit Delivery keeps her health and mana in check, while Eyeball Collection and Ultimate Hunter lets her scale into the late game so she can assassinate enemies. You can swap a couple of things out.

  2. Donkey Kong March 1, 2023 at 10:17 pm - Reply

    It can also be used as a lifeline to root enemy junglers during ganks to prevent them from running her over.

  3. Donkey Kong March 1, 2023 at 10:16 pm - Reply

    This idea is great.

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