D2 Procsin Build

D2R Procsin Build
By | November 14th, 2021 | Categories: Diablo

What the heck is a Procsin in D2R?

If you haven’t checked out our past article on unique builds in Diablo 2: Resurrected, you’re missing out. But don’t worry, this build that we have for you today is one of the most fun builds to play: the Diablo 2 Procsin. It will cost a bit to make it worth your while on Hell Difficulties, but when it comes to replayability, hands down, this build wins. It’s called Procsin, or a Proc Assassin. Proc in the gaming world means that an event happens with random chance.

Some examples of “proccing” in Diablo 2 Resurrected would be something like “20% Chance to Cast Frozen Orb when Striking.” The event would be casting Frozen Orb, and it’s a 20% chance every time you strike. Basic rule for “proccing” is that the faster you attack the more chances there are to make the event happen. This is what it’s all about for the Procsin.

Procsin triggers several skills by using their Dragon Talon Kick skill at lightning fast speeds. They may also be referred to as Riftsin. The main reason they have been coined with this nickname is the fact that they take advantage of the Rune Word: Rift.

Main Skills of a Procin/Riftsin: Dragon Talon Kick – This is the go to spell to trigger all the other spells. Usually Kick Sins uses a Finishing Move like Dragon Talon Kick to explode all the charges they build using other kicks, but with Rift and other procs happening it’s much smarter to spam Dragon Talon Kick. Also good to note that Dragon Talon Kick is the 3rd fastest attack next to Whirlwind and Strafe.

Tips on Kick Abilities

There are some properties that will work with kicks and certain properties that won’t. It’s good to know which ones are viable so that you can stack the types of procs and damages that work.

  • Crushing Blow, Open Wounds, Slows Target
  • All Elemental Damage (not displayed on the character screen)
  • Life/Mana steal and Life/Mana after kills
  • %Chance to Cast on Attack/Strike
  • +% Damage (except from weapon)
  • +AR (except on your weapon)
  • +% AR (from anywhere)
  • Blind, Freeze, Prevent Monster Heal
  • Magic find and Gold find
  • And good to avoid the stats and mods that don’t work with Kick Skills:
  • Deadly/Critical Strike
  • Enhanced Damage from equipment (if it works it doesn’t display on character screen)
  • +% Damage to Demons/Undead
  • + Min / Max damage (so no 3/20/20 charms for kickers)
  • Claw Mastery bonuses (Boots are not Claws!)
  • Melee mods such as IAS, Crushing Blow, Open Wounds, prevent monster heal, life leech, etc. are not applied from the secondary claw (in a Dual-Claw setup).

The above are the reasons the Rune Word Rift will work perfectly with a Dragon Talon Kick Assassin. It gives a chance to Cast Level 16 Tornado (Physical Damage) and Level 21 Frozen Orb (Cold Damage), while adding Magic Damage and Fire Damage. This means once you get geared enough, there should not be an immunity on any monster that you can not plow through. You will be able to deal more than 3 types of damage which means you’ll always have one or two types that can damage a monster with Immunity.

Dragon Talon Kick also boasts good damage for single target, so killing bosses isn’t an issue.

Death Sentry, Lightning Sentry and Shockweb – You’ll be using Death Sentry as a supplementary damage skill which will add a bonus of Lightning Damage in your arsenal, further helping you overcome any and all Immunity monsters within any difficulty.

You can also boost the trap damage with any leftover skills. Or you may invest in skills such as Fade, if you feel like you are lacking survivability. I like to add Venom to the skillset which grants even FURTHER forms of damage.

Gearing a Procsin/Riftsin

Weapon – Rift. Obviously a very solid item for the 2 great skills provided on chance when striking. If you are rich and have a large amount of high tier Runes, Destruction might be a great option as well. Volcano, Molten Boulder and Nova along with Enhanced Damage (which doesn’t existent in Rift) can also be a fun item for this build. Rift is certainly most realistic and worth the low to mid tier Runes.

Shield Head Hunter’s Glory Shield, the only unique shield that has a chance for 3 sockets. Socket it with 3 5/5 Cold Facet and you get yourself a tanky shield that gives a huge boost to your Frozen Orb damage when you cast them by chance.

Helmet Nightwing is an obvious choice for the added cold damage boost. It also gives straight +2 to All Skills which not only boosts the Dragon Talon Kick damage, but also your traps. Solid winner and I can’t seem to find a better helm for this build.

Belt: Thundergod’s belt is a really great choice as in the end game monsters that have imbued lightning coming out can hit you like a truck. Thundergod’s will definitely help absorb some of those massive damage and greatly increase your survivability.

Gloves: Dracul’s Grasp hits everything you need in a Kick Assassin. Added Strength to help you equip items, chance to cast Life Tap for increased survivability, Life Steal, and chance for Open Wounds which works with your Kick Skills.

Boots: Depends on what you have collected in the rest of your item slots. But usually, Goreriders would be the best bet for the heavy boost in damage it gives with mods that work with your Dragon Talon Kick

Rings: Raven Frost is one that you would definitely want to grab, avoids freezing which help your mobility/kiting/survivability. Additionally Dwarf Star would give you extra life and adds Fire Damage Absorb which can really help when facing monsters like the Council in Travincal which summons an army of Hydras to spit fire at you.

Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope is my recommendation here, solid skill boost, resistance and stat which helps a small amount with Damage, Tanking and Survivability across the board.

Armor: There are a couple choices, depending on your budget. Enigma is always solid so you can have Teleport to flip in and out of fights easily. Chain of Honor if you’re lacking resistance. And for a budget build Treachery is always good to have for any Assassin.

For weapon swap I might recommend Heart of the Oak (or Spirit for budget) along with a Spirit Monarch shield for added skills to Trap for extra damage along with faster cast rate to set traps fast.

Tips: This can be very weak if you don’t set up as much Attack Speed as possible. Try to find jewels that come with increased attack speed to add to your gear like helmet or shield. You need as much attack speed as you can before start stacking other elemental damage or poison damage. You’ll put out many more casts of Frozen Orb and do more damage than trying to grab 5% more with a Cold Facet.

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