How Did Hu Tao Get Her Vision?

By | November 10th, 2021 | Categories: Genshin Impact

It starts with a funeral for her grandfather. Following his will, his funeral would be a grand affair conducted by his granddaughter, Hu Tao. Despite being only thirteen, she managed to subvert and exceed expectations by arranging everything without a hitch.

After the ceremonies ended, she immediately left for Wuwang Hill with only a bag of rations, supplies, and a method to make a light. She went into the ‘beyond,’ a boundary between the living and the dead. Her family and the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor have secretly managed its location for generations.

She had wanted to see her grandfather one last time before he left this world forever. However, she didn’t find him among all the spirits that lingered there. She waited for days, even as the spirits told her she wouldn’t find him. Her supplies dwindled, and when she had used them all, the ghost of an older woman finally came to her.

The wizened spirit said the words that finally broke Hu Tao’s stubbornness. Not one of the former Wangsheng Directors had ever lingered in the beyond, so why was she still there? The spirit urged her to go home, and Hu Tao finally arrived at a conclusion herself. As he had lived without regrets, why would he have reason to linger in the beyond?

She set for home with a smile on her face. After climbing the wall to her home’s backyard, she went straight to her room to unpack. With her food and water long gone and other stuff unpacked, she reached back in her bag and found a Vision.

While other Pyro Vision users expressed their passion clearly, Hu Tao’s is rather subtle. Since it wasn’t clear which moment she received her Vision, there was no outward catalyst to her receiving one. Was it entering the beyond as a living person or her stubbornness to stay and find her grandfather? For Hu Tao, it’s the former, but she is passionate about furthering her business.

That’s all for Hu Tao, the quirky Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Her banner’s up for about two more weeks, so don’t miss the opportunity to get her. Enjoy Genshin Impact, and watch this space for more character profiles and builds. Have fun!

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