Diablo 2: Resurrected Gambling Guide

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Gambling in Diablo 2: Resurrected

Ever get bored of killing the same demon over and over again in Diablo 2: Resurrected? Maybe you don’t have the right equipment to farm areas like Chaos Sanctuary or takedown Baal? Another way you can gain some rare items to trade for high runes is by gambling in D2:R. Several NPC’s throughout each difficulty and Act will allow you to buy unidentified gear that you may identify as a Magic, Rare or Unique item. Some powerful pieces of equipment may be found through gambling and they are worthy of keeping throughout the end-game. I haven’t found a much better way to dispose of gold that you might be stockpiling throughout all your stashes. At the moment, your character is only allowed to hold 10,000 x Character Level and stashes can hold up to 2,500,000 gold. When you need to replenish a stash you will have to keep moving from a stash to your character, then to your personal stash.

Here are the NPCs that offer Diablo 2: Resurrected gambling from their interaction menu:

What Items to Gamble With and Look Out For

They will all charge the same amount of gold for any of the available items. You’ll be able to refresh the available option of items to find the base item that you want to gamble with. Some of the most common items that yield the best mods, therefore the most valuable, are jewelry and helms. Here are the items you should look out for:

Amulets – You will want to look out for rares with mods such as +2 to All “CLASS” Skills, + Maximum Life, Resistance, Faster Cast Rate, Magic Find, and many other valuable mods. If you can find 3~4 of these mods with high numbers rolled, you may have just found a BIS, which is short for Best In Slot. These are end-game items that can give any unique a run for their money.

Circlets/Coronets – These items can also come with very similar mods as the Amulets.

Rings – Although many casters would choose Stone of Jordan for their Best in Slot, your state of affairs may require some extra resistance or maybe cast rate. Rings with Maximum Life, Dual Resistances (NOTE: Poison is often overlooked and won’t be counted by many as a “dual resistance” if it’s Poison and another Elemental Resistance) and Faster Cast Rate is a very valuable item to trade-off for some decent runes.

Best Build for Gambling

The best character for gambling currently seems to be the Gold Find/Magic Find Barbarian build. When fully geared and optimized there have been reports of some Barbarians finding up to 600,000 gold from a single Travincal run, just killing the council members. There are also some fat returns that can be found using Find Items as well which is a big bonus if you got some good MF (I would recommend somewhere around 200%).

Here is a quick rundown of a very well-optimized Gold Find/Magic Find Barbarian.

Main Skills

  • Battle Orders which is a staple for any Barbarian for maximum Life and Mana.
  • Shout which helps you stay tanky when equipping some lighter gear that may come with Magic Find or Gold Find.
  • War Cry, is your main damage dealing skill while also being a great crowd control skill with stuns.
  • Battle Command is a must but doesn’t require more than 1 point for an extra + to All Skills.
  • Battle Cry can be invested with more than 1 point if you feel that you are dying too easily. This skill lowers monsters’ damage and defense.
  • Taunt is a very useful toolkit for drawing ranged monsters into your war cry damage zone.
  • Find Item is a very fun skill that can surprise you with some great loot, double-dip those monsters all day long!
  • Natural Resistance and Increased Speed can be adjusted to your playstyle and current requirements.


Weapon – This is where that 6 socket crystal sword you didn’t know what to do with comes in handy. Smack on 6 Lem Runes for a whopping 450% increase in Gold Find and grab 2 of them for a full 900% increase!

Body Armor– Rune Word Wealth: The name says it all. This Runeword is very affordable “LEM KO TIR”, and it gives a boost of 250% Gold Find and 100% Magic Find. Perfect for what you’re trying to achieve with your Barbarian.

Helmet: Immortal King’s Will Avenger Guard with some LEMs will get you both Magic Find and Gold find. Also, note that Immortal King’s comes with its own inherent Gold Find.

Gloves: Chanceguards. Another combo wombo with both Gold and Magic Find.

Boots: Infernostride. Great fire resistance, and up to 70% Gold FInd bonus

Belt: Goldwrap. Come on, the name is pretty clear why this is the best option.

Rings: Double whammy 100% Gold Find and a lot of Life and Fire Absorb. This is very useful for Travincal as they pummel you with Hydras so you can suck up all that fire.

Gheed’s Fortune charms are quite easy to find and will give up to 160% Gold Find. This is also a key item in gambling specifically for the fact that it reduces vendor prices, which includes gambling items.

Another key item to grab is a low-cost Rune Word called Edge. This is only viable in a bow, so you may want to equip it when you’re ready to gamble. The reason this is a must-have for gambling builds is that the Rune Word comes with a 15% reduction from vendor prices.

Have Fun Gambling in Diablo 2: Resurrected

I personally find that sometimes when you get sick and tired of seeing very light drops run after run of killing Mephisto, Diablo or Baal, it’s just fun to try your luck somewhere else.

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