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Sett Biography

  • Release date: January 8, 2022
  • Class:  Juggernaut
  • Legacy: Fighter | Tank
  • Positions: Top | Jungle | Support
  • Range Type: Melee
  • Difficulty Level: 1

Sett Abilities League of Legends

Born of a mixed race with a Vastayan woman and a human man, Settrigh was born with Kinetic absorption that absorbs energy to enhance his physical skills to defeat his foes in the League of Legends universe. Once absorbing the energy, he can release it when attacking to create a destructive wave of energy through his punches, allowing Sett to destroy his enemies quickly. Set can also use a magical pull technique to immobilize his foes to render them defenseless.

Early Life

Ionia, a region filled with criminals and a striving criminal underworld, has become one of its influential players despite having a humble origin. With the blood of an Ionian Vastaya woman and a Noxian human man, Sett is a half-beast child and is outcasted by his mother’s Vastayan community. At the same time, Sett’s father was infamous for being a local pit fighter, preventing people from showing their disapproval of Setts’ existence.

One day, Sett’s father disappeared, which gave the people the opportunity to express their content which made Sett bewildered as his father was gone and trouble seemed to follow him. The dangerous situation before him allowed him to grow up to become an excellent fighter. The news of the fights reached Setts’ mother, and her reaction was to warn him not to enter the Noxian pits where his father used to fight, but with each fight Sett encounters, the more he thinks of his father.

Sett vaguely remembers his father, but he longs for the man daily. He sneaks away to enter the pit at night while his mother is tucked away and asleep in bed. As he enters, he is stunned by the fights of Noxian soldiers roaring with blood lust around him. Fighters from different regions and forms of martial arts have gathered to participate in gruesome duels with weapons. The pit winners are paid in Noxian coins after struggling to survive in the pit.

After the event, Sett questions the people around to find his father, but the answer he received left a hole in his heart, learning that his father was paid a handsome fee and takes the opportunity to tour different pits around the world. His father left his family to chase the riches that may come his way, deserting them without a word.

The Boy Who Became A Beast

Soon, the empty feeling that he once had began to be filled with rage, which led him to ask the arena’s matchmaker to participate in the pit and fight. Sett’s mind had imagined his father returning from his tour and becoming the opponent he would face. The matchmaker decided to allow him to participate but matched Sett against one of his star fighters, thinking he would be an easy win. Sett proved him wrong. After a single punch, Sett earned the title “The Beast-Boy Bastard,” a name that became well-known in pit-fighting arenas.

With no proper martial arts training, Sett uses only brute force and primal strength. Each punch seems like a battering ram when impacting his enemy’s body. Each fight and every match that has been won crowned Sett as the undisputed “King of the Pit.” Breaking every person who has faced him in the arena. His winnings allowed him to bring in the money and comfort for his mother, lying about how he acquired them. His mother’s pride warms Sett’s heart, and she no longer takes menial jobs. Though Sett was not satisfied with being a fighter, he found a goal he wanted to achieve; being the person who owned the pit was where the real money was.

The Pit is His

One night, during his match, Sett was defending his title, and he presented his new demands to the Noxian matchmaker and his men. Suggesting taking control of the arena and its revenue, but they refused. Knowing this would happen, he decided that if they could not give him the pit, he would take it himself. Turning around, making it look like he was about to leave, he barred the doors, locking in the matchmaker, the goons, and himself.

Sett pummeled them to a pulp before opening the doors to release them from the hell he created for them. All the men were broken, bloody, and bruised. Sending everyone a message that the pit is under new management, “The King of the Pit,” “The Beast-Boy Bastard,” is the new boss.

After taking control, Ionians had recently finished training and, wanted to quench their bloodthirst at the pit, sought to find Sett. Knowing full well that these are worthy candidates to enter the arena, Sett took advantage of their bloodlust to earn more money and power. The pit developed from a fight club to an underground empire filled with gambling and vices.

The half-beast now reigns and runs his empire with an iron fist. Anyone who dares to challenge him would soon regret they ever stood before him. Punishing them to the point that each punch is a step closer to death. The old life he knew, where people mocked and treated him like a monster, now treats him with respect.

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