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How Diona Got Her Vision in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Diona
By | October 20th, 2022 | Categories: Genshin Impact

Diona’s hate for alcohol stems from jealousy in Genshin Impact. She can’t help when her father doesn’t spend time with her after getting drunk. Also, his behavior when drunk is so far from his dignified and admirable (in her eyes) sober self. She hates alcohol because she wants to spend time with him, but he’d instead drink into a stupor.

There came a day when a storm raged for three days in Mondstadt. Despite being an experienced hunter, her father did not return during those three days. If she absolutely hated ‘sharing’ her father with drink, losing him (being ‘stolen’) would be even more unacceptable.

Diona was originally a bartender.

The Knights of Favonius couldn’t get a search party through because of the storm, so she had to do it herself. Because of the natural abilities of her clan, she quickly found her father under a broken gorge through the rain. In her haste, she dismissed the frozen paths she took.

With the help of some hunters, Diona brought him home. Once she finally confirmed that her father would be okay, she smiled in relief. She offered him a drink to numb the pain, the only time she did so without her usual (disgusting) ingredients.

It was only then that she realized she had gained a Vision, but she still continues to hate alcohol.

The current theory for characters to receive a Cryo Vision is ‘resolve’: a promise to oneself to do or become something. Some are ironic, such as Qiqi, who wants to remember but always forgets. The game never states it clearly for the rest, but it is implied in their stories.

Diona’s resolve comes from wanting to protect and treasure her father. Part of it is her desire to destroy the wine industry, but it’s not the whole reason for the gift.

This bartender from the Cat’s Tail can be a DPS, but her abilities lean toward support more. She’s an excellent pick for Melt or Freeze teams and can shield and heal. Enjoy Genshin Impact!

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