Lost Ark June 2023 Content Update Adds Elgacia Continent

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Welcome to Elgacia!

The June Update for Arkesia is finally here! Players have tons of content to look forward to in Lost Ark, from the continent of Elgacia to a new endgame Abyssal Dungeon. For this month’s update, you must uncover the secrets of Elgacia as you embark on new quests, discover collectibles scattered throughout the continent, and encounter Field Bosses.

If that’s not enough for you, the update also introduces Kayangel, Light’s Sanctuary—the latest endgame Abyssal Dungeon to grace the MMOARPG. Whether you’re itching to slay demons or watch the cinematic storylines for Lost Ark, we’ve got you covered. Read below for the complete list of content, updates, skins, and events for June 2023!

Introducing Elgacia

Thanks to the Chaos Gates that popped up all over the world, the Demon invasion that began in South Vern and the Legion Commanders’ powers are growing. Yep—Kazeros’ resurrection is all but inevitable at this point due to the Dimensional Rift, which means it’s time for the gates of Elgacia to open. Known as the land of Lazeniths, you’ll be led to the new continent by Nineveh and Kadan as you explore your surroundings.

What will happen to the last paradise built by Regulus is still unknown, but in the meantime, you can walk around Ereonnor—the city of light built by the gods. The city houses the blessed Hestera Garden and is towered by the sacred Mount Phylantos.

On Elgacia, you’ll find the following:

  • Field Boss Israfel (Item Level 1540+)
  • New Wandering Merchant
  • Elgacia Knowledge Transfer Option
  • Elgacia Jukebox Songs
  • Elgacia Adventurer’s Tome (consists of the “Gift” emote, the “Song of the Lazeniths” song, and a Wisdom potion)
  • New Collectibles
  • Rapport Quests and NPCs
  • Achievements, Titles, Cards, and Card Sets

If you want to fast travel to Ereonnor, simply play the “Song of the Lazeniths” song once you’ve unlocked it. However, if you want to go to Nia Village, simply use the pillar of light next to Albion at Ereonnor.

As for the quests, there are several ways to access them. For example, in the Paradise of the Dreamless quest, you must have at least Item Level 1460 and speak with Solar Knight Rahel (located in the Vern Castle).

Kayangel, Light’s Sanctuary: The Last Abyssal Dungeon

Kayangel, Light’s Sanctuary can be accessed once you’ve completed the story for Elgacia and the “Breaking the Cage” world quest. This 4-man Abyssal Dungeon has four gates to save your progress and two difficulties to choose from: Normal and Hard.

Here are the Item Level requirements you’ll need to take note of for each difficulty:

  • Normal – Item Level 1540+
  • Hard – Item Level 1580+

Of course, the harder the difficulty you’ll choose, the more impressive the rewards you’ll get from the Abyssal Dungeon. For example, suppose you do Kayangel, Light’s Sanctuary, in Hard mode. In that case, you can get the Empyrean of Contemplation, which allows users to upgrade their Ancient Legion Raid Gear set bonuses to level 3.

Once you’ve unlocked Kayangel, Light’s Sanctuary, you can face multiple guardians of light at “Eternal Cradle of Light.” If you clear gates 2 and 4 in Hard mode for “Eternal Cradle of Night,” you can obtain two special mounts—Forbidden Wings and Silent Wings. Besides that, the developers added the Light-Reflecting Mirror NPC in the game for you to exchange your Light’s Trial—a clear reward from the Abyssal Dungeon—for various goodies such as Stones of Chaos, Gems, and many more. You can also get materials that can upgrade your Ability Stones to Ancient.

The Balthorr Raid Event is All About Beer and Getting Drunk

Oh no, Balthorr is now hopelessly drunk after drinking too much beer! In this new raid event, you’re tasked with calming him down. To start the Balthorr Raid Event, you must first receive an event quest from the Legendary Secret Tavern Master NPC located in all major cities. Then, simply progress through the quests to get a ticket to the Balthorr Raid Event, which can be completed once a day via the Great Castle’s Tavern.

The event is fun; you transform into this life-sized beer mascot with other people to try calming the man down. Here are the opening times for the Balthorr Raid Event every day:

  • 3:00
  • 1:00
  • 23:00
  • 20:00
  • 17:00
  • 14:00
  • 11:00

If you participate, you can earn Event Tokens, which can be spent on honing materials, Pheons, cosmetics, and Legendary Card Packs. Note that these tokens aren’t exclusive to the raid event; you can also complete Guardian Raids or Chaos Dungeons to get them.

The Final 25 Floors of Fortunespire Are Here

The last 25 floors of Fortunespire are now open, and you can expect special first-time clear rewards like a Great Skill Point Potion, a new Masterpiece collectible, and more. Here are the Item Level requirements for the floors:

  • Floors 26 to 30: Item level 1540+
  • Floors 31 to 35: Item Level 1550+
  • Floors 36 to 40: Item Level 1560+
  • Floors 41 to 45: Item Level 1570+
  • Floors 46 to 50: Item Level 1580+

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