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Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World is an action role-playing game and is the fifth mainline installment within the Monster Hunter series and has been released on Playstation 4, Xbox, and PC in 2018. Players will take the role of a Hunter to slay gigantic monsters in a world with its ecosystem and diverse habitats. Battle alone or work in an online co-op to defeat your foe’s craft gear and weapons to battle against even more terrifying beasts. This MHW Weapon Tier List guide will help players figure out the weapons they need to take their builds to the next level.

The game system revolves around quests that a Hunter must take to hunt monsters in various habitats. Each monster is slain, and the player will receive materials to be used to create and upgrade power and armor. Here we will look at the kind of weapons that is best to use between the two ways you can play the game. As mentioned, there are two modes you can play, co-op or single player.

Co-Op MHW Weapon Tier List

To give a brief overview of the co-op in Monster Hunter: World, you need to complete the starting quest “Jargas of the Ancient Forest,” and head to the Gathering Hub, where you will look for a notice board next to a woman called the Squad Manager. Speaking to her will allow you to invite friends to the session. This step is for Xbox and Playstation. At the same time, the PC player will only need to use the Steam Group Feature instead.

Once the lobby has been filled, the Notice Board or Quest Counter will bring up the quest screen. Before embarking on the quest, remember that there are requirements for a quest. Otherwise, you would not be able to continue. If all requirements are met, other players can join by selecting “Join Quest” to be in the group. On the other hand, expeditions will go through like a regular quest and return to camp instead of Astera.

Now that we know how co-op play works, we can begin going through the different tiers for each weapon used in co-op.

Co-op Play: D-Tier Weapons

  • Sword and Shield: Utilizing a sword and shield is n evil, but when playing with a party, it would be best to use a weapon that can deal more damage. Charge Blades and Longswords are the more preferred weapons of choice for the same role.
  • Switch Axe: Switch Axe is an average weapon, a Hammer or a Greatsword is a better choice as the axe is clunky and affects your agility which can ruin your hunt.

Co-op Play: C-Tier Weapons

  • Insect Glaive: These are great for aerial attacks, as well as they can support heavy weapons.
  • Dual Blades: An excellent alternative to long swords and charge blades, but it wouldn’t deal enough against enemies.

Co-op Play: B-Tier Weapons

  • Light Bow Gun:  Most would prefer using a heavy bow gun compared to the light bow gun, as players may be able to dodge quickly, but the light bow gun will not deal much damage. A ranged weapon should be able to deal heavy damage at a distance to support their team.
  • Longsword: Longswords are better for larger teams especially dealing medium damage and short combo moves, while the rest prepare buffs and charged attacks.

Co-op Play: A-Tier Weapons

  • Bow/ Heavy Bowgun: Tag-team monsters with a hunting party utilizing close-range builds and bows to deal with status debuffs and powerful shots.
  • Gunlance/ Lance: Using this particular weapon makes a hunter act as a tank for a hunting party and best partnered with another player to act as a support.
  • Charge Blade: Dealing medium-high attack damage. Distracting a monster to perform a charged combo will provide a higher range of attack damage. A charge blade is one of the most accessible weapons to master.
  • Greatsword: An excellent weapon for tanks for a party that does not have one. Dealing severe damage when attacking, but timing is everything as it is too heavy; fast opponents will get the better of you.

Co-op Play: S-Tier Weapons

  • Hunting Horn: Provides a lot of buffs with heavy combos, not only being a weapon for a support role but also becoming a valued team member.
  • Hammer: The perfect weapon to deal damage, its charged combos can cripple monsters making it a top choice for a weapon, even more so if partnered with ranged support.

Solo Play MHW Weapon Tier List

Playing alone in Monster Hunter World is a different experience as you will have to face giant monsters alone, which is challenging as you will face one-on-one fights, which forces you to be mindful of the weapons, and skills you will use.

Solo Play: D-Tier

  • Sword and Shield: A great starter weapon for those getting into the game. However, a Charge Blade is a more effective weapon of choice.
  • Hunting Horn: This weapon is best used when in co-op. Although it is still valid, the time needed to play the songs won’t benefit hunters fighting alone.
  • Light/ Heavy Bowgun: Another weapon better used in co-op, the range, buff, and damage is limited, and with it being heavy, hunters are exposed to enemy attacks.

Solo Play: C-Tier

  • Bow: A bow is a great starting weapon, but hunters must distance themselves from a monster to utilize it efficiently.
  • Gunlance/ Lance: Although both are perfect for tank weapons, it wouldn’t be best to use this weapon alone as a hunter’s mobility is severely affected.

Solo Play: B-Tier

  • Switch Axe: Just as good as a greatsword as it provides plenty of combos and damage buffs. On the other hand, it is still better to have a Charge Blade instead.
  • Insect Glaive: Wide range of combos and quick attacks. Although it is not easy to master as you can perform aerial attacks until one can master this weapon, it is hard to pull off.
  • Dual Blade: Swift slashes and allows you to dodge easily before returning to continue combo moves, but this quick weapon sacrifices the damage a hunter can do and would take longer to defeat a monster.

Solo Play: A-Tier

  • Hammer: Ideal choice to deal damage against prominent opponents, but with a short range and the requirement to perfect your timing, it would be difficult to equip in combat.
  • Longsword: A perfect balance of swift but deadly blows, it’s a weapon that can be an alternative to the Greatsword, providing swift yet elegant combos.

Solo Play: S-Tier

  • Charge Blade: The perks of a charge blade in this scenario would be the buffs and powerful attacks this weapon can provide while still being agile.
  • Greatsword: The Greatsword is a classic. When used correctly, defensive and offensive combos are better. Although it may be slower, it does not affect your mobility like other tank-build weapons.

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