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Quests are fun if you’re into them in OSRS. Some are long, some require many items or actions, some stretch your problem-solving skills through their puzzles, but some quests have challenging bosses. While your combat level and good gear could alleviate some of the pressure, some quest bosses are hard regardless because of their mechanics. While the challenge level is very subjective, most players find some quest bosses harder than others, especially when faced for the first time.

A Night at the Theatre

This is by far the quest that feels hard to a wide variety of players who have never done the Theatre of Blood raid before. The quest will take you through the entry-level of the raid. The purpose of it is to get you familiar with the raid’s mechanics; if you have done the raid before, you won’t be required to do it during the quest.

On a positive note, you’ll be able to have a friend or a stranger help you, and luckily there are a few vets who mastered the raid and are willingly helping other players get through it for the quest, either for some GP or for the player’s forever gratitude.

During the raid, you’ll face the Maiden of Sugadinti, the Pestilent Bloat, Nylocas Vasilias, Sotetseg, Xarpus, and Verzik Vitur—the final and most brutal of the five. The hardship also comes from a limited amount of supplies you’ll need to conserve through the raid as you won’t be able to bank during the raid. You will get a few raid supplies to help you out.

Dream Mentor

Dream Mentor is another quest that will challenge you by giving you a series of bosses to face without the ability to bank in between. The main challenge comes from limited supplies rather than complicated mechanics. Even though you might run out of supplies and need to reattempt the fight a few times, it is not challenging mechanically. The Inadequacy, The Everlasting, The Untouchable, and The Illusive are the bosses you’ll need to face.

Secrets of the North

The quest released early this January also has a mechanically complex quest boss like Vorkath – follow this link for an OSRS Vorkath Guide – you’ll also be able to face after the quest. Phantom Muspah will challenge your attention, prayer switches, dodging abilities, and gear swaps. You’ll need to pay attention to the color of the boss, as it will indicate his attack style. Brown is for melee, while green is for ranged.

Song of the Elves

Fragment of Seren is one of the bosses in Song of the Elves. She has a special attack that can one-shot you unless your health is at maximum or above. You won’t be able to hit more than 24 when attacking her, so the fight could last for a while, regardless of your combat level and gear. Besides attacking both with melee and range, she will also use four different special attacks. You will be displaced and stunned, so if you don’t maintain your hit points close or above maximum before her deadly special attack, you could die. Timing and attention are crucial when facing her.

Monkey Madness 2

Glough is the final boss of the Grandmaster level quest Monkey Madness 2. He has three phases, and you will need to follow him through the cave as he goes deeper and deeper with each phase. While the first two phases can be safe-spotted, the last phase is the most challenging one, and Glough will pull you towards him and deal damage up to 66. Resource conservation is of the essence when facing him as well as correct positioning.

Sins of the Father

Vanstrom Klause is one of the most mechanically challenging bosses in OSRS, and you will face him during the master-level quest Sins of the Father. He is the hardest master-level quest boss and can compete with grandmaster quest bosses regarding mechanical difficulty. He has three special attacks and will perform one after every ten basic attacks. This will test your reflexes, as you will have to quickly swap to a ranged weapon to kill a Bloodveld that would otherwise explode on you or turn away from facing Vanstrom. And if this wasn’t already hard enough, once he reaches 0 HP, he will enter his last phase and regenerate some health, and the room will become full of thunderbolts to take your dodging skills to the next level.

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