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Black Ops 4 Weapons
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In this article, we will be taking a look at all of the Black Ops 4 Weapons and comparing them against each other. We will be sharing our very own tier list so that you know which weapons are the most powerful right now and which weapons are worth avoiding.

Keep in mind that this particular tier list is focused on the multiplayer mode for Black Ops 4 and doesn’t reflect each weapon’s potential in either Blackout or Zombies.

How many Black Ops 4 Weapons are there in multiplayer?

  • 25 weapons (5 Assault Rifles, 5 SMGs, 3 Tactical Rifles, 3 LMGS, 4 Sniper Rifles, 3 Handguns, and 2 Shotguns)

With 25 weapons in Black Ops 4 over a total of 7 weapon classes, creating a full tier list is a little challenging. To make our tier list fair, we have two main criteria – time to kill and versatility. The time to kill refers to how many seconds it will take for that weapon to kill an opponent. The versatility refers to how useful the weapon is in different scenarios.

For example, an assault rifle is typically very versatile because it can be used quite effectively at long distances and short distances. A shotgun or a sniper is less versatile because they are not as effective at certain ranges. With these two criteria in mind, we have set out four distinct tiers.

  • God tier – Amazing weapons with huge potential
  • A tier – Still great weapons with few shortcomings
  • B tier – Weapons that have some shortfalls, but they’re still reasonable
  • Trash tier – Weapons that should be avoided in almost all cases

How about the best God Tier weapons?

  • Rampart 17
  • SAUG
  • VKM750

1. Rampart 17

The Rampart 17 is an assault rifle that has the highest damage possible out of all ARs. The default damage on the Rampart 17 is 37, but with the High Caliber 2 perk, you can increase the damage to 59. The time to kill on the Rampart 17 is just 0.34 seconds with High Caliber 2 or 0.45 seconds without it, making it a gun that can kill in 4-5 shots. We’d suggest using fast reload to speed up reload time because the magazine size is just 30 rounds. The Rampart 17 is incredibly versatile because it has a fast enough fire rate to compete with SMGs up close but it still has potential at longer distances too.


The SAUG is a 9MM SMG and it easily falls into the god tier list due to its insane fire rate. With the SAUG, you can achieve a time to kill of just 0.2 seconds when up close and personal and using the dual operator mod. If you go further than 10 meters, damage starts to drop off, however. If you like to run and gun and get as close to your enemies as possible, we’d suggest the SAUG over options due to its fast fire rate and its quick aim down sight time. At distances further than 20 meters, the Rampart 17 may be a better option.

3. VKM750

Next, we have the VKM750 LMG, a surprise appearance on the god tier list. Whilst LMGs aren’t usually such a popular choice in COD, the VKM750 is worth trying. With high caliber 2 and rapid fire, you can achieve a time to kill of just 0.29 seconds. The VKM750 also has great range and its 50 round magazine is a godsend.

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What are the A tier weapons?

  • Maddox RFB
  • Spitfire
  • ABR 223
  • Paladin HB50
  • Mozu

Whilst the weapons in our A-tier weapon list may not have an insane time to kill speeds as the three weapons listed in our god tier section, they are still very powerful. The Spitfire is another excellent SMG perfect for close range encounters, but it falls short when compared to the SAUG.

If you prefer sniping, we’d suggest either the ABR 223 or the Paladin HB50. The Paladin is the most powerful sniper in COD, but of course, you lose some versatility when using such a slow firing weapon. If you miss, you really feel it. However, if you hit, your opponents will feel it even harder. If you want a weapon with a bit more leniency, try the ABR 223 – it is a fast firing tactical rifle that can be very effective at all ranges.

The Maddox RFB is another assault rifle that just falls short slightly in comparison to the Rampart 17, so we don’t see a reason to use it when there’s a better option. The Mozu is a unique heavy hitting pistol that can do a surprising amount of damage, but it takes a lot of skill to master.

How about the B Tier weapons?

  • 12 weapons
  • All of these weapons can be useful, but there are better alternatives worth considering
  • Since there are so many weapons in this list, we’ll split them up into their respective weapon categories.

1. AR (Vapr-XKG, KN-57)

For the Assault rifle category, we don’t see why you’d want to use either of these options as they are easily outperformed by the Rampart and the Maddox RFB. The same can be said in the SMG category.

2. SMG (Cordite, MX9)

The Cordite and MX9 just fall off when compared to the super powerful SAUG.

3. TR (Auger DMR, Swordfish)

In the tactical rifle category, we could see where both the Auger DMR and Swordfish have some potential. Both of these weapons have slower fire rates, but they do more damage per shot so you may prefer either of these over the ABR 223, even if the latter has the fastest time to kill.

4. LMG (Hades, Titan)

The  Hades and Titan stand out as weaker versions of the VKM750. The only benefit these LMGs have is their magazine size – 65, and 75 rounds respectively.

5. SR (Outlaw, SDM, Koshka)

For snipers, we think the Outlaw and SDM fall short due to their low damage, but the Koshka is a decent option if you want something a little more forgiving than the Paladin. The Koshka has good ADS time with Quickdraw 2 and one more round in the magazine, but the damage is slightly less.

6. Handguns  (RK 7 Garrison, Strife)

The RK 7 Garrison and Strife handguns can be fun, but they aren’t quite as useful as the Mozu.

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What are the Trash Tier weapons?

  • Our trash tier list include weapons you should rarely use
  • There are 4 weapons (ICR-7GKS, MOG 12, SG12)

With both the MOG 12 and SG12 shotguns only useful in very certain situations, we cannot recommend them as a primary option when SMGs are so much more versatile.

The GKS is also here because the time to kill is just not good enough for an SMG. Finally, the ICR-7 should be avoided because once again the TTK is far too long.


We hope you enjoyed looking at our Black Ops 4 Weapons tier list. Which weapons do you use the most in Black Ops 4 multiplayer and do you think they are in the right place in this list?

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