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Lies of P is a bonafide top-tier Souls-like game that retells the classic childhood story, Pinocchio. The game is considered a spiritual successor to the popular Bloodborne, employing many standard classical mechanics in this genre. Investing in combat stats is a prominent feature that will dictate how your characters should be played. However, Motivity and Technique are the two attributes that’ll have the most say on your gameplay. So what’s the difference between the two of them?

All Lies of P Stats

There are six combat stats in Lies of P, each of which affects your build. You can invest in these attributes every time you level up. You’ll only have a limited point every time, so you need to know which to prioritize depending on your chosen gameplay. Here are the combat stats in Lies of P:

  • Vitality (body/constitution): Boosting your Vitality increases your maximum HP, allowing you to withstand more damage. It also improves your Guard Regain, which means you’ll recover more health when countering an enemy’s attack. Additionally, it increases your defense against Physical, Fire, Electric Blitz, and Acid damage.
  • Vigor (stamina/energy): Increasing your Vigor grants you a higher maximum Stamina, enabling you to perform more attacks, runs, and dodges before running out of power. It also enhances your defense against Physical, Fire, Electric Blitz, and Acid damage.
  • Capacity (weight limit): Investing in Capacity lets you carry more equipment without slowing down due to excess weight. It also raises the maximum ammo capacity for your special “Legion Arm” and fortifies your defense against Physical, Fire, Electric Blitz, and Acid damage.
  • Motivity (strength): Motivity boosts the damage dealt by weapons and Legion Arms with Motivity Scaling. These weapons are typically larger, heavier, and slower. Furthermore, Motivity increases your defense against Physical, Fire, Electric Blitz, and Acid damage.
  • Technique (dexterity/finesse): Elevating your Technique attribute increases the damage output of weapons and Legion Arms with Technique Scaling. These weapons tend to be smaller and quicker. Additionally, the Technique improves your defense against Physical, Fire, Electric Blitz, and Acid damage.
  • Advance (Magic/unique stats): Enhancing your Advance attribute raises the maximum ammo capacity and augments the damage of weapons and Legion Arms with Advance Scaling. Advanced weapons often possess unique effects, such as Electricity or Fire. Moreover, it increases your resistance to Disruption, Shock, and Break status effects.

While all of them affect your character, Motivity and Technique are the stats that’ll impact your playstyle most. They will dictate your build and gameplay, depending on which is higher. Understanding them further will help players know which ones they should focus on.

Motivity vs Technique

Motivity is another term for strength (STR), and Technique is your classic dexterity (DEX) build. In Lies of P, each is associated with a specific build path. Here is a general differentiation of the two:

  • Motivity – Influences damage dealing, damage resistance, and proficiency with specific weapons and armor, typically favoring heavier, slower equipment.
  • Technique – Influences stamina, concentration, and agility, typically favoring lightweight, swift weapons.

Motivity prefers heavy equipment and relies more on blocking and counterattacks. The Technique emphasizes light weapons, making it easier to dodge and strike.. However, there are balanced weapons that take advantage of both stats with a bit of bias to one or the other. You will understand them better if you know which build paths they go best with. 

Paths for Motivity vs. Technique

When creating a character, you must choose a build path that utilizes your playstyle. There are three types of sets, and all of them have a varying preference between Motivity vs. Technique. Here are all the three build paths in Lies of P:

  • Path of the Cricket (Puppet Saber – Sword)
  • Path of the Bastard (Sword)
  • Path of the Sweeper (Greatsword)

Path of the Cricket is a balanced build that utilizes both Motivity and Technique. It is considered the most beginner-friendly path because of its versatility and flexibility. You are given more room to invest in both combat stats, and it’s regarded as the best option for the majority.

Path of the Bastard is a speed build that relies more on Technique. By investing heavily in Dex to increase your stamina and agility, you can dodge and move a lot more. In exchange for doing less damage, you’ll have more mobility, which is considered to be  more defensive playstyle in Souls games.

Path of the Sweeper is an STR-based build.This setup deals powerful blows in exchange for lower mobility. Motivity is the best stat here because it increases your overall damage and resistance. Since you won’t be dodging that much and will opt for blocking higher damage resistance will ensure your survivability. 

Respecc Is An Option

If you start growing weary of your current build, you can always choose to specialize in another one. Lies of P allows players to change their setup after reaching Chapter VII of the main story, so if you started with the Motivity build but want to switch to Technique, you have  to at least complete that stage in the game.

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