4 Simple Ways to Earn More Madden 18 Coins

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How can you earn more Madden 18 Coins? You may be asking yourself this while playing, or preparing to play Electronic Arts’ (EA) latest entry in the Madden franchise. The Ultimate Team feature is back on the new iteration. Basically, that means you’ll need to stack up on those Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) coins if you want to take your team places and earn more in-game money to buy some useful stuff. For lots of players, that means spending real-life money, but then again, there are a few ways in which you can get more MUT coins without having to part with any real-life cash. Let’s take a look at them.

What are the 4 ways to get Madden 18 Coins?

  1. Play the tutorials
  2. Complete solo challenges
  3. Sell your players via the auction house
  4. The playbook selling trick

Play the Tutorials

Tutorials are hardly exciting, but they serve as the first way in which you can earn more coins in Madden 18. Don’t be tempted to skip them, even if you’re a Madden veteran. Play through each and every one of them and you’ll come away with a decent amount of coins that can help you get started. Again, it may be a bore to play the tutorials, but not only do you get to learn the game, but you also earn some currency.

2. Complete the Solo Challenges

Likewise, you might not see much merit in the Solo Challenges since they are so easy you can virtually complete them with your eyes closed. But here’s the thing with these challenges: they represent easy money, and won’t take much of your time. Better yet, the game has no shortage of Solo Challenges, which means that if you spend enough time on them, you can get “rich” and earn more coins in Madden 18.

Talking about the order in which you can complete the Solo Challenges, there are different ways you can go about this, but many have recommended the following order:

  • Kickoff
  • Gauntlet
  • Longshot
  • MUT Level Solos
  • Gauntlet Unleashed
  • Journey

Completing Longshot mode will unlock Longshot Challenges, which are a great way of grinding for coins, even if there’s no need to actually complete all of the challenges within.

When in Ultimate Team, you’ll see an objective screen, and in there, you can view a list of quests, or tasks which the game will ask you to complete within the day. For example, you may simply be asked to win a game, or you may be asked to perform other in-game tasks that you will normally have to do anyway. Once you’ve completed every task that’s on the list, you will be rewarded with a ton of MUT coins in return. Take note that the lists reset once a day at 5 a.m. EST, and offer you a chance to win a pack that comes with an item that you can sell right away for up to 50,000 coins. The operative words here are “up to,” which means that 50,000 coins sale price may be a long shot, but who knows if one day you’ll get lucky and be able to sell that item for that much?

3. Sell Your Players Off Via Auction

If you’re looking to think out of the box and earn more coins in Madden 18 in a rather innovative way, you can auction your players off. It might not make sense, since your goal, of course, is to have an impressive roster that could smoke the competition, but you may have some solid players (though not necessarily superstar-level players) whom you can sell off in hopes of having other people overpay for them. Why, well, that’s because Madden 18 has just been released, which means you’ll encounter a higher percentage than normal of players who want to build their team as quickly as possible.

Take note of the players whom you’re not planning to use, or no longer use, and take their rarity into account. Typically, you want to auction off Silver or Gold players, but there might be some Elites out there whom you don’t see any need for on your roster. Take advantage of the fact that Madden 18 is still new, but remember that this might not always be a good way to earn some MUT coins. Make sure to weigh the need to improve your team with future acquisitions against the prospect of losing a player or two in the process.

4. The Playbook Selling Trick

Another great, out-of-the-box way of earning more coins in Madden 18 is by getting Silver Team Tokens, then transforming them into playbooks and/or stadiums. At the moment, it’s the playbooks in particular that are fetching a high amount of money, so if you try this simple trick out for yourself, you could end up doubling your MUT coins before you know it.


Know of any other way to earn more Madden 18 Coins? We’d love to hear from you in the comments, so sound off if you’ve got some ideas!

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