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No Mans’s Sky revolves around the beloved genre of classic science fiction; the game explores a galaxy filled with unique planets and lifeforms. They are allowing players to discover each planet in deep space and explore the surface of the planet. The infinite number of universes and creatures being generated is different than the last. There is no limit to what they can find with no loading screens. When going into deep space, your safety is not guaranteed. With combat mechanics on a planet, especially in space, we will look at the best ship available in the game.


No Man’s Sky Outlaws is the latest game update made by Hello Games. It looks incredible, providing new content that changes the game completely, giving the same feel as No Man’s Sky but expanding on the world itself. Hello Games added new features, ship types, Pirate Life, Squadrons, and updated combat for update 3.85.

Solar Ships are the Best Ship in No Man’s Sky

Also referred to as “Solar Sail” ships, these are high-tech starships found through the universe by finding in regular space stations but are more common in Outlaw space stations located in Outlaw systems. With so many places to explore, there is a chance to find a Solar Ship with a max rank. These ships are versatile and efficient for long-range exploration and come with unique technology. A Solar Ship, especially a fully upgraded S-Tier ship, would be the best. Each one varies in different colors and tiers.

Before attempting to find any Solar Ships, pay close attention to the Black Market Economies by having an Economy Scanner installed on the ship to find systems controlled by pirates on the galaxy map. Players much use the scanner and switch to the Economy filter to help them better identify its location. Entering a system such as this can be accessed anytime if players have a suitable hyperdrive module installed on the ship. The Black Market Economy on the scanner is highlighted in a light-purple color; an Outlaw System from the Outlaws update on the scanner. Giving access to the new content, including the new space stations, vendors, and what we are looking for, Solar Star Ships.

As soon as a player logs into this type of system, which usually has a lot of Solar class ships, some may notice that up to five of these ships would spawn simultaneously. Some stations may look abandoned, but do not be misled as the broken exterior is only similar to other abandoned space stations. Docking inside, the interior layout is very much alive.

When inside an Outlaw system, there are no Sentinel Interceptors; merchants would have a different type of technology and a marketplace for contraband items and mission agents.

To upgrade Solar Starships are the same as you would upgrade a C-Rank vessel to an S-Rank vessel using Nanites. What is also available to upgrade is the storage space within the ship; upgrading this would need Storage Augmentation modules or units. The update, however, increases the number of ships a player can own to nine.

Enjoy Playing No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky Outlaw, as mentioned earlier, improved space combat. The risks in engaging in a space fight have been increased in stakes, but with higher stakes come greater rewards while providing a challenge for explorers to have an immersed experience. Destruction effects are improved as well. Ships, asteroids, freighters, and space cargo have been reworked, making explosions feel more satisfying. In-Atmosphere is the latest combat system added to the game. Fight against outlaw ships or Sentinel system authorities within the planetary atmospheres, skimming across the mountain ranges. Starship Combat Auto-Follow feature allows target lock for space combat. It automatically tracks enemy ships while still being able to adjust the players’ aim for precise shots and switch between weapons while shooting without the need to steer the ship.

Aside from space talk, as explorers traverse the planets they have discovered, and look up in the sky, occasionally, there will be fleets of frigates entering the atmosphere. The warp and engine effects of frigates and freighters have been updated to have more impact.

Smuggling is another feature included; by purchasing contraband goods from outlaw stations and transporting them to regulated systems, players would be able to sell for a hefty profit. While traveling with these goods, the system authorities may now scan ships that pass by to inspect the cargo for any illegal goods being smuggled. Sentinel Interceptors would be ready for any smugglers, but explorers can install a countermeasure on their ship called a Cargo Probe Deflector. In terms of cargo space, Star ships can now be fitted to have a high-capacity cargo inventory to haul more goods across the galaxies.

Space travelers can now take their friends or recruit new ones to build their Squadron to accompany them on their long journey into the unknown. Squadrons can also warp to a fellow member during space combat and be summoned to join at any time.

No Man’s Sky is a paid game on platforms such as Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, Android, and Windows.

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