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Palia Dire Circumstances Guide: Where to Find Kenli’s Lost Sandwich

Kenli’s Lost Sandwich
By | August 17th, 2023 | Categories: Others

You can trigger many side quests in Palia, giving you tasks such as gathering materials or talking to certain NPCs. However, some quests require you to complete a task or find a certain item without indicating where you should go.

Food is vital in Palia; it’s what you consume to keep your Focus bar filled while you run around the map to choose trees or mine ores. In the Dire Circumstances quest, the sandwich-loving mayor of Kilima Village—Kenli—has lost his lunch. Luckily for him, you’ll help him find it. But all he remembers is that it’s near some flowers and a waterfall. That doesn’t narrow things down, considering that abundant flowers and waterfalls can be found around the map. Thankfully, I know exactly where you can find the mayor’s lost lunch.

How to Trigger the Dire Circumstances Quest in Palia

To get the Dire Circumstances quest, you must first reach Friendship Level 2 with Kenli. You can increase your Friendship Level with Kenli by talking to him daily (using the in-game clock as the time) and giving him gifts. You can give him ordinary gifts, but when interacting with him, it’s best to see what gift he’s looking for the week by clicking the “Find Out Weekly Gift” button on the lower left of the interface. That way, the amount of Renown and friendship you’ll get increases. Note that you can only give gifts to NPCs in Palia once a day (real time).

Once you’ve reached Friendship Level 2 with Kenli, an exclamation mark will appear above his head to indicate that he has a new quest for you. You can track your Friendship Level with Kenli and the other NPCs via the relationships tab in the menu. Note that not all characters in Palia can be romanced, such as Ashura, Eshe, and Kenli himself.

Where to Find Kenli’s Lost Sandwich in Dire Circumstances

Finding Kenli’s lost sandwich can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. All the game tells players is that it’s somewhere near a bunch of flowers and a waterfall. Thankfully, I know where you should head to to complete the quest.

First, head out of the Kilima Village and go towards the location you originally spawned in Palia when you first booted up the game. That’s right—I’m talking about Phoenix Falls. Once you’re there, you should see a huge waterfall just near the bridge. There’s also a gazebo near the area. If you remember, the waterfall is the “running water” Kenli initially hinted at, and if you look at your surroundings, there are plenty of flowers to find near the gazebo.

Go to the gazebo itself. The sandwich should be sitting on the bench in the gazebo on the left side. It doesn’t look like a sandwich per se, but more like a picnic basket. Once you’ve picked up the item, the quest should automatically instruct you to return Kenli’s lunch to him.

You can pinpoint Kenli’s location by looking at your map since the characters in Palia have particular schedules where they roam around. However, you can simply just use the overhead compass to find him. Since Kenli should have the flag logo on his character picture, you don’t have to set a waypoint on your map to plot where you should go.

Before returning to Kenli to reap your rewards, I advise checking behind the waterfall in Phoenix Falls. It’s not guaranteed, but I found an Ancient Chest that could be looted. I got some Gold and a Pirate Chest for my efforts.

Rewards for Completing the Dire Circumstances Quest in Palia

After speaking with Kenli, who’s relieved to see his sandwich is safe and sound, and completing the Dire Circumstances side quest, you’ll receive a couple of rewards for your efforts. You’ll get the following:

  • 300 Gold
  • 15 Renown
  • + Relations with Kenli

Not bad for a few minutes hunting down a delectable lunch, if I do say so myself! You can use the gold to get some crop seeds for your plot or buy other items available in the shops. As for the Renown, you can use it to increase the Bonus Focus percentage and the current max cap your character has in small increments. Renown can be spent upgrading your Focus, which can be done at the Phoenix and Dragon Shrines, located at Maji’s Hollow and Phoenix Falls.

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