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Path of Exile on Switch: Is It Possible?

Path of Exile on Switch
By | August 8th, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

Free-to-play games on the Nintendo Switch are thriving. Path of Exile is out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and of course on PC, meaning the game’s on enough platforms as it is. But imagine, just imagine, that you can get your PoE fix while on the go? For many gamers, that would be the stuff of dreams. With the likes of Fortnite, Warframe, Paladins, and more widening their horizons by finding a home on the Switch, who says Path of Exile being ported over isn’t possible?

Games Like Path of Exile on Switch

Just last year, Diablo III: Eternal Collection was released for the Nintendo Switch. Hailed as “almost the perfect port” compared to other consoles, it received rave reviews and has been branded as one of the first MMORPGs to come to the hybrid console. With the option to play offline and work towards your seasonal rewards at the same time, it’s a game worth picking up if you’re on the lookout for an MMO to play on your Switch. It’s not the same as Path of Exile but hey—it’s something!

However, the downfall of this alternative is that Diablo III: Eternal Collection is priced at $59.99. While the collection has some exclusives for the Nintendo Switch like the Cucco companion pet and a Transmogrification Set that’ll let your heroes don Ganondorf’s iconic armor in the Zelda franchise, it’s still a lofty price to pay since the game’s been out for years already. Should Path of Exile be released for the Switch, though, it would most likely be free to download just like it is for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Can Path of Exile on Nintendo Switch Run Well?

With some optimization and downgrades, Path of Exile can indeed run on the Switch. Take Panic Button, for instance, the video game developer that’s responsible for porting Triple A video games to the Switch. With games like Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and Doom Eternal making their way to the home & on-the-go console, running Path of Exile smoothly should be no problem at all—as long as compromises will be made.

Another great example is The Witcher III, which is expected to come to the Switch this year. Nobody thought it would be possible, and yet here we are! Yes, textures and details within the background and characters will be noticeably downgraded, but keeping the game responsive by getting the framerate as high as possible is more important than long loading times and incessant crashes—ultimately making the game unplayable. The Switch’s four-year-old Nvidia Tegra X1 processor is barely enough to churn out some of the games in the Switch’s library, yet developers still find ways to make the seemingly impossible, possible. So, really, who’s to say that Path of Exile is too much for the Switch to handle?

Why People Want Path of Exile on Switch

Path of Exile is one of the many games whose appearance on the Switch that fans have been clamoring for. What’s not to love about Path of Exile? The cult-classic action role-playing game features inherently enjoyable gameplay with frequent content and patch updates to boot. So it’s no surprise that many are waving at Grinding Gear Games. Despite being less powerful in comparison to other consoles, The Switch is actually edging the competition thanks to its portability. With three major platforms already covered and a major expansion pack just released, many fans are hoping that arguably best MMOARPG game will finally come to the Nintendo Switch.

Is it Possible?

Although there haven’t been any announcements regarding a port, GGG may already be cooking up something as far as making the move to the Switch. Over the years, we’ve seen major titles ported over such as Diablo III and Doom Eternal from third-party developers. A port of Path of Exile may not be too far from reality, despite the small library of M-rated games that the Switch has. In terms of hardware, we’re betting that the Nintendo Switch can handle the game, provided that it’s required to have an internet connection. With that said, it’s just a matter of time before GGG releases a statement about it.

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