Shutdown for PUBG Items Trading

By | May 3rd, 2018 | Categories: PUBG

At around 3 AM Pacific Standard Time on the third of May, BlueHole abruptly suspended all player-to-player trade transactions on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. While it is still possible to trade using the Steam market, this update has understandably caused quite a hubbub in forums, the gaming world in general, and PUBG Items Trading. Many in-game resources have been “lost,” after all, and you can’t even send items as gifts to your friends anymore!

But before you go into the full-blown panic mode, allow us to reassure you that everything is—or at least will be—fine. Here’s a look at three essential facts that you need to know about the latest PUBG update.

3 Facts

(1) PUBG Corporation Enforced the Changes to Make Things Safer—It’s For Your Benefit

While the folks behind the PUBG Corporation have so far been a bit vague about their reasons for the trade restrictions, it’s apparent that they want to crack down on abusive player behavior. This means tightening up on activities such as in-game gambling as well as fraudulent websites. Similar problems have arisen with other titles (most notably CS:GO), and this update can save PUBG from practices that are potentially detrimental to players. The problem is in-game gambling; not trading.

The bottom line: PUBG is simply weeding out the undesirables to make the game better for you. It can help hurt hackers who pose a legitimate threat to the integrity and security of the game.

(2) Your Precious In-Game Resources Aren’t Lost—It’s Only a Temporary Setback

As it is, pending player transactions involving third-party providers are rescinded until further notice. This, unfortunately, leaves your items stuck in a veritable limbo—at least for the time being. Should you be worried? Not at all! They’re not really lost to you, per se. Both BlueHole and third-party trading sites are looking for ways to get this rough patch smoothened out as soon as possible.

The good and the bad: The good news is that this change isn’t here to stay—so hold your horses. The bad news is that, as of now, there is no clear timeline. How long this stays is anyone’s guess at this point.

(3) As Long as the In-Game Activities Aren’t Shady—You’re All Good with Legit Trading Sites

Much of the confusion, and subsequent hysteria, surrounding this PUBG update stems from the fact that players have lost access to precious items that are involved in pending transactions. Here’s the deal: Third party trading sites aren’t holding your items hostage. This update is something that’s out of third party sites’ hands. So long as you’ve enlisted the aid of a reputable third party trade provider—like, say, PlayerAuctions for instance—your PUBG resources are safe as safe can be.

The bottom line: This update is brought to you by PUBG—not the actual third-party trading websites.


Worry is for the pansies. A real winner gets his chicken dinner no matter the circumstance. So be calm and stay sharp. You just have to be patient for now. Your items will be restored to you in due time. This update is but one of many updates that are sure to come—all to make your PUBG experience better.

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