A PUBG Map Guide to Increase Your Chances for a Chicken Dinner

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One of the best things you can do to improve your chances for chicken dinner in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds outside the game is to study best strategies for different circumstances. We have prepared this PUBG Map Guide for the Miramar desert map to make a life little easier for you.

Miramar is entirely different visual and gaming experience than Erangel. Instead of green fields and soft hills, you embark on a journey through the scorching desert, shanty towns, and rocky landscape. It is considerably larger and provides more space for individuals and teams at the beginning of the game – but only if they choose their landing spots carefully.


Pecado is a smaller compound near the very middle of the map, dominated by a large building that seems to be a three-story boxing arena. Since the roof is riddled with large holes it is quite easy to land inside, but be assured, whether you are alone or with a squad, there will be other people with you. The reason for it is that this place has a lot of loot to offer, regularly providing level three vests, backpacks, and helmets so that even a full squad would be quickly geared out. However, chances are good that one or two members of your squad will perish here in the initial frantic hunt for weapons. Survival chances of a single player are even slimmer.

Pecado provides instant action, great loot and is often referred to as the new school or the new Pochinki. Personally, I would go for latter, if only because the next landing place seems to qualify even better as the new school.

Hacienda del Patron

There is hardly a more fatal and more attractive place on the PUBG Miramar map than Hacienda del Patron. Situated almost at the very center of the map, and approximately in the same position to Pecado as Pochinki and the school are to each other on Erangel, Hacienda has immense amounts of high-grade weapons and gear. It is also one of the most popular, if not the most popular landing spot in the game.

But this is a hot spot, with a double emphasis on “hot”. I have seen up to thirty people jumping out on the hacienda in squad matches, many of them dying in the very first minute after landing. Chances of survival here are quite low, but the excitement is guaranteed!

Campo Militar

While this is, in fact, a military base, it is not an exact replica of the infamous island Military Base on Erangel. Yes, it is on the very edge of the map, but it isn’t an isolated island, and there is much less competition here. This may change as the game develops, but right now this place is quite far off the beaten path. The best, if not only option to safely get there and out again is to jump and fly as close as possible to northeastern corner of the map and grab a car to get there. Since the camp is so far out from the center, unlike Pecado or Hacienda, the chances are that you will not survive the circle if you get stuck out there without a vehicle.

The loot is excellent (after all, it is a military camp, right!?) and competition relatively small. In fact, it may often happen that you will be the only person there, looting through the barracks. Beware of the campers on your way out in single player games; you don’t want to loot an entire compound just to be gunned down by a guy who was crouching in the bushes next to your vehicle. If you are playing in squads, chances are very good that your entire team will be able to get fully geared out right there.


On Miramar, the starting area is within the prison in the lower left corner of the map, and it is easy to get back to that place. There are almost always a few people there since it contains high-grade loot, comparable to best spots on the map, but it doesn’t feel overcrowded. However, it being on the very edge of the map, it has the same issue as the military camp – if there are no cars around, chances are high that the circle might get you. Also, the prison is situated on a small island, and even though this is not a highly trafficked place, there are always chances of ambushes on the bridges leading towards the mainland, just like in the good, old Military Base island scenario from Erangel!

Water Treatment Facility

Less than a kilometer north of Hacienda del Patron lies the water treatment facility, somewhat of a secret tip for the new Miramar desert map. Not only does this place have a very decent loot, enough to gear up an entire squad with weapons of their choice, but is usually quite calm, with only a few players going there. This is currently one of the best places to land on this map, whether you are playing solo or going with a full squad. It has enough good weapons and is relatively ignored while still quite close to the center of the map, giving you a good position for circle movements.

Strategies for the Miramar Map

Overall, little has changed since Erangel, but there are things to watch out for. Try to avoid hotspots such as Pecado or hacienda, because even if you should survive the initial battle, chances are that one or two of your teammates will bite the dust. Look for secluded, less popular places such as water facility or military camp to gear up and stay out of the harm’s way at the beginning of the game. You can rest assured that most teams you meet will be lacking one or two players that died on the very start.

Driving on Miramar is especially difficult since the mountains are filled with bumps and holes that will harm everyone in the car when hit at full speed. If possible, avoid vehicles, try to run and don’t shoot on every enemy you glimpse on the horizon. The new map is larger and you will be spotted from greater distances since a dark silhouette is easier spotted on the desert background. When in towns, it is recommended that you don’t jump through the closed windows at all if possible since the sound of breaking glass carries extraordinarily far. Yeah, I know, vaulting is fun, but we don’t want it ending in tears now, do we?

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