OSRS Bandos Guide to Defeat General Graardor

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In our OSRS Bandos Guide, we will offer the best strategy possible for defeating General Graardor. This guide will take you through everything you need to know, which items you need to take, and what the recommended levels are before starting.

Keep in mind that while we will suggest recommended levels, if you have levels higher than that, General Graardor can still be a great way to get profitable drops.

What will I get out of this OSRS Bandos Guide?

  • Suggested skills and items
  • Best solo Bandos strategy
  • Best team Bandos strategy
  • Item drop guide

What do I need for fighting the Bandos Boss (General Graardor)?

  • Some skills are necessary to enter the Bandos Stronghold.
  • Other skills are only recommended, but without them you will struggle.
  • You will also need to bring some items and have some quests completed.

First things first, to be able to enter the God Wars Dungeon, you’ll need to have completed the Death Plateau quest. You must also complete Troll Stronghold or at least fight ‘Dad’ in that quest.

To get into the dungeon, you must take a rope. This is only needed for the first time that you visit it though. Level 70 Strength is also needed to enter Bandos’ room in the dungeon.

Finally, we would suggest at least level 43 prayer because this gives you access to the much-needed protection prayers.

On top of this, we’d recommend a HP level of 80-90, 80+ attack, 70+ defence, 80+ ranged, and 75+ magic. If you are solo, even more stats are recommended. More on that below.

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How do I kill Bandos going the solo route?

  • You need a high combat level
  • Go for ranged defensive gear
  • Use healing between fights

Going against General Graardor, the Bandos boss, can be very difficult if you do it alone. You will need a very high combat level. We’d suggest at least level 100 combat if not higher, and level 99 ranged. You will also need to have good stats in your ranged skill. General Graardor can be a nightmare to deal with on his own, but his bodyguards will use magic attacks that can shred your health down if you are wearing melee armor.

For actual gear, if you do plan to fight him on your own, it’s important you have the best gear possible.


  • Torag’s helm or helm of Neitiznot
  • Amulet of fury
  • Infernal cape
  • Karil’s leathertop
  • Abyssal tentacle
  • unholy blessing
  • Barrows gloves
  • Guardian boots
  • Rind of suffering (i)
  • Bandos godsword
  • Spare dragon warhammer in inventory


  • Carry 16 angler fish
  • 2 saradomin brews
  • 5 super restores
  • 2 super combat potions
  • Teleport tab

You should only drink saradomin brews during pauses in fights. Otherwise, you should stick to using the angler fish.

You can go for lower tier gear, but you really will struggle, so we’d suggest what has been listed above, or find players to team with.

How about fighting General Graardor as a team?

  • Fighting as a team is easier
  • You should assign tank roles and DPS roles amongst the team
  • Each team role will have different items

Work together to fight General Graardor and it will be far easier. To start, we would suggest you picking at least one tank and one DPS player. For the tank, a Helm of Neitiznot is suggested, or even a Verac’s helm if you can afford it.

Pair that with an amulet of fury and a ranging cape, or max cape if you can. Next, take the Armadyl chestplate and pair it with an Armadyl chainskirt. If you’re going for Verac’s, you can use the plateskirt instead. Take the Armadyl crossbow, along with the Elysian spirit shield. This last item is crucial, even if it is very expensive.

Finally, you can take Barrows gloves and Guardian boots, but these aren’t as important. Finally, take a good ring. An Archers ring is a good example, or if you can even a Ring of the gods (i).

We would also suggest that you go for some Saradomin brews. We would suggest bringing about 12, then bring 8 super restores, 5 ranged potions, a teleport tablet, diamond bolts, and the bones to peaches tablet to get food whilst in the middle of battle.

The remaining players can be DPS players.

DPS Equipment

  • Helm of Neitiznot
  • Amulet of fury or torture
  • Infernal cape or fire cape
  • Karil’s leathertop
  • Bandos tassets
  • Abyssal whip or tentacle
  • Dragon or avernic defender
  • Unholy blessing
  • Barrows gloves
  • Primordial boots
  • Berserker ring
  • Bandos godsword

The DPS players should also take 12 saradomin brews, 8 super restores, 3 super combat potions, bones to peaches tabs, and runes to cast the high-level alchemy skill.

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What items do I get for killing Bandos?

  • A variety of medium tier items
  • High value gear that can be sold
  • The General Graardor pet

General Graardor can drop a number of high-level items that can sell for considerably more than most boss drop items. Players will fight General Graardor repeatedly for a chance of these items as well as a chance for the unique general graardor pet.

Common and Uncommon Items

All of these items have an unknown drop chance unless otherwise stated.

  • Bones – Price: 200GP – drop chance 1 in 1
  • Rune 2H sword – Price 37,000
  • Rune pickaxe – price: 18,000
  • Rune longsword – price: 18,000
  • Rune platebody – price: 38,000
  • 15-20 noted adamantite ore – price: up to 27,000
  • 115-120 noted coal – price up to 20,000
  • Coins – up to 21,000
  • 60-70 Nature runes – Price up to 14,000
  • Snapdragon seed – Price: 56,000
  • 15-20 noted Magic logs – Price up to 25,000
  • 3x Super restore (4) – price up to 30,000
  • 3x Grimy snapdragon – price up to 26,000
  • rare drop table item: chance 8 in 127

Rare Items

  • Rune sword – price: 12,000 – drop chance 1/406
  • Bandos chestplate – price: 20Mil – drop chance 1/384
  • Bandos tassets – price: 32Mil – drop chance 1/384
  • Bandos boots – price: 250,000 – drop chance 1/384
  • Bandos hilt – price: 10Mil – drop chance 1/508
  • Godsword shards – price: ~155,000 – drop chance 1/768

Unsellable Items

  • Elite clue scroll – drop chance 1/250
  • long bone – drop chance 1/400
  • curved bone – drop chance 1/5000
  • general graardor pet – drop chance 1/5000

Whilst the drop chances state certain numbers, this just represents the chance you have to get it each time. This means you could get lucky and get a general graardor pet far earlier than 5,000 kills, but it’s more likely it will be closer to that number and can even go higher than that number.


I hope that this information has been useful. Let us know if this OSRS Bandos Guide helped you to learn how to defeat General Graardor.

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