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OSRS Clue Scroll Guide to Complete the Easy Ones

OSRS Clue Scroll Guide
By | October 9th, 2018 | Categories: RuneScape

In this OSRS Clue Scroll Guide, we’ll be giving you all of the information you need to complete Easy clue scrolls.

Thankfully, Easy clue scrolls usually only require one or two clues to be completed before you get access to the treasure reward. It should be noted that because Easy clues are less challenging, the rewards aren’t as good as other clue scrolls.

How do I use this OSRS Clue Scroll Guide?

  • Click your treasure trail
  • Find out what type of clue it is
  • Follow each section in this guide
  • Repeat until you find the treasure

In this guide, we’ll help you to complete your Easy clue scroll by following a number of steps. To begin with, you will need to look at what type of clue has been given to you. More on this has been explained in the section below.

Once you know what type of clue you have, you can read the section relevant to that type of clue. We’ve given you all of the answers so that you don’t need to work out the clues or riddles by yourself.

What type of clue is on my Scroll?

  • There are three clue types for easy clue scrolls
  • These three types are emote clues, cryptic clues, and maps
  • Follow the dedicated section in this guide for your particular clue type

When you first click to view your clue scroll, you’ll be given one of three clue types. These clue types include emote clues, cryptic clues, and maps.

An emote clue requires you to go to a specific location, equip specific items and then performing a specific emote. Sometimes, the emotes you need to use and the equipment you need to equip require you to complete certain quests.

Thankfully, for easy clue scrolls, this isn’t the case.

Next, we have cryptic clues – with these, you must solve a cryptic riddle to find out what kind of task you need to do. The tasks can be anything from speaking to a specific NPC to searching a certain box.

Finally, we have map clues – these showcase a specific location with a drawing. You must find the location and then dig where the ‘x’ is located on the map.

Typically, easy clue scrolls will only require you to complete one or two different clues before you can find the treasure.

How do I complete Emote Clues on a Clue Scroll?

  • Emote clues require you to equip certain items and perform an emote
  • The solution for each clue has been provided below

Thankfully, the emote clue scrolls are very straightforward. They will ask you to go to a specific location and equip specific gear.

As an example, you may get an emote clue that reads ‘Blow a raspberry at the monkey cage in Ardougne Zoo. Equip a studded leather body, bronze platelegs and a normal staff with no orb.”

The first sentence tells you where to go and what emote to use, whilst the second sentence tells you what to wear.

There are a total of 31 emote clues in the Easy clue scroll list, and thankfully none of them require any special items or emotes.

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How do I complete Cryptic Clues on a Clue Scroll?

  • Cryptic clues are small riddles that require a variety of tasks
  • The solution for each cryptic clue has been provided below

Cryptic clues are more difficult to solve because you have to solve a riddle to find out what action you must complete. Fortunately, you do not specific emotes or items.

Instead, you must search certain things, speak to NPCS, or dig in certain spots. Some areas require progress in some quests. We’ll mention if this is the case.

We will be showing all of the riddles and their solutions below.

Riddles and Solutions

  • A crate found in the tower of a church is your next location: Climb the ladder in the church in East Ardougne. Search the crates on the first floor.
  • Belladonna, my dear. If only I had gloves, then I could hold you at last. In Draynor Manor, visit the Belladonna farming patch and talk to the Tool leprechaun.
  • Dig between some ominous stones in Falador. Go east of the Falador gate. You’ll find three stones in a small triangle. Dig in the middle of them.
  • Dig in the centre of a great city of 5 districts. Go to the centre of Great Kourend and dig in front of the statue there.
  • Dig near some giant mushrooms behind the Grand Tree. Go north-west of the Grand Tree. Dig near the patch of red mushrooms.
  • Dig under Ithoi’s cabin. You must start The Corsair Curse quest to complete this clue. Go to Ithoi the Navigator’s cabin in the Corsair Cobe and dig underneath it.
  • Dig where only the skilled, the wealthy, or the brave can choose not to visit again. Dig at the area you land when teleporting to Lumbridge.
  • I wonder how many bronze swords he has handed out. Go in Edgeville Dungeon and speak to Vannaka.
  • I wouldn’t wear this jean on my legs. Go to the Hosidius church and speak to Father Jean.
  • I would make a chemistry joke, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t get a reaction. Speak to the chemist found in Rimmington.
  • Impossible to make angry. Speak to Abbot Langley at the entrance to the Edgeville Monastery.
  • Look in the ground floor crates of houses in Falador. Go to the east bank in Falador. From there, enter the house east of that bank. Search the crates.
  • Monk’s residence in the far west. See robe storage device. Go directly south of the player-owned house portal in Great Kourend to the Hosidius house. Go upstairs and search the drawers in the chapel.
  • One of the sailors in Port Sarim is your next destination. Go to Port Sarim docks and speak to Captain Tobias.
  • Search a bookcase in Lumbridge Swamp. Go to Lumbridge Swamp and enter Father Urhney’s house to find the bookcase.
  • Search a bookcase in the Wizards Tower. Go to the Wizard’s tower and find the bookcase on the ground floor.
  • Search a crate in the Haymaker’s arms. The Haymaker’s Arms can be found east of the woodcutters guild. You will find the crate in the north-east corner.
  • Search a wardrobe in Draynor. Visit Aggie’s house in Draynor and search the wardrobe.
  • Search chests found in the upstairs of shops in Port Sarim. Go upstairs in Wydin’s Food Store and search the chest on the east side.
  • Search the bookcase in the monastery. You will find the bookcase in the Edgeville Monastery, on the south-east side.
  • Search the boxes in a shop in Taverley. The box you want is in the two-handed shop.
  • Search the boxes in one of the tents in Al Kharid. Look for the tent east of the Silk Trader. You’ll find the crates there.
  • Search the boxes in the goblin house near Lumbridge. You will find the boxes in the goblin house, across the river from spawn, where new players often train.
  • Search the boxes in the house near the south entrance to Varrock. Enter Varrock from the southern side and enter the first house on the left.
  • Search the boxes just outside the Armour shop in East Ardougne. Look for the boxes outside of the Plate mail shop, next to some of the stalls.
  • Search the boxes of Falador’s general store. Pretty straightforward. There is only one general store in Falador.
  • Search the bucket in the Port Sarim jail. To do this, you must first speak to Shantay at the Shantay Pass. Say that you are an outlaw. Once in jail, refuse to pay the fine two times and you’ll then go to Port Sarim and will be able to search the bucket.
  • Search the bush at the dig site centre. Start at the exam center, then go towards the Digsite. You will find the bush on the east side.
  • Search for a crate in a building in Hemenster. To find the building, go north from the Fishing Contest, then slightly West of where Grandpa Jack sits.
  • Search the chest in Barbarian Village. Look for the building with a target symbol. The chest will be in there.
  • Search the chest in the Duke of Lumbridge’s bedroom. To find the chest, go to the Lumbridge castle. You will find the Duke’s bedroom on the first floor.
  • Someone watching the fights in the Duel Arena is your next destination. Go to the upper floors of the Duel Arena and speak to Jeed.
  • Speak to the Lady of the Lake. You will find the Lady of the Lake by the lake in Taverly.
  • Surrounded by white walls and gems. Talk to the gem store owner in Falador.
  • Strength potions with red spiders’ eggs? He is quite a herbalist. Go to the south-west side of Varrock and speak to the Apothecary.
  • Salty peter. Go to the Hosidius House and speak to Konoo. He is digging saltpetre.
  • Talk to a party-goer in Falador. Go to the first floor of the party room in Falador and speak to Lucy.
  • Talk to Cassie in Falador. You will find Cassie just south-east of the north Falador gate.
  • Thanks, Grandma! Speak to Tynan. You’ll find Tynan at the northeast side of the Piscarilius house in Great Kourend.
  • The hand ain’t listening. Go north of the Port Sarim fishing shop and speak to ‘The Face’ just next to the manhole.

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What do I need to do to complete maps on a Clue Scroll?

  • Maps require you to visit a location and use a spade on the ‘X’
  • The location for each map has been provided below

For a map clue, you will be given a crudely drawn map. You must work out the location of the map and then either dig or search a crate on the ‘x’.

Below we have provided the solution for all maps found in easy clue scrolls.

Solutions Found in Easy Clue Scrolls

  • Trees in the top left, rocks in the top right. X above the small river with the island inside. Find a tree standing alone that is west of the Champion’s Guild. Dig just two steps to the east of the tree.
  • X in the middle with a squiggly line on each side. Find the dig spot in the center of a mine just north of Al-Kharid.
  • Large octagon with X underneath it. Tree to the left of X. The octagon is the Wizard’s tower. You can find the dig spot behind the Wizard’s Tower. The ‘tree’ is actually a small fern.
  • River with the bridge on the left side. Square with trees surrounding it on the right side. You will find a dig spot at the north door of Galahad’s House. His house is west of McGrubors Wood.
  • Small enclosure with rocks inside. X is in the enclosure. Four trees surround the enclosure. Go east of Falador’s north gate. The dig spot is on the agility shortcut icon.
  • Enclosure with rocks inside. The path leading out of the enclosure. X is above the enclosure. This is the south-east Varrock mine. You will find the dig spot one step west of the small fern.
  • Crossroads with the statue on the map. This is the crossroads north of Falador. Find the dig spot at the start of the road going east.


That completes our OSRS Clue Scroll Guide on how to complete in an easy manner. We hope that the information in this guide has been helpful.

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