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Sicker By the Minute: H1Z1 KoTK Update

H1Z1 KoTK Update
By | August 31st, 2017 | Categories: Survival Shooter

The zombie virus apocalypse setting has been around for some time now, and so are zombie shooters. On the other hand, battle arena shooters, where it’s kill or be killed (Battle Royale or Hunger Games), are relatively new. So, how about a battle arena shooter with zombies? You know, like your typical post zombie-apocalyptic scenario where people aren’t just slaying the mindless diseased, but are also killing one another because civilization has ended. It’s every person for themselves!  Well, if you’re looking for a battle arena with that atmosphere, then you should play the game. All right, let’s talk about the H1Z1 KoTK Update.

Cool Game Modes

You and your fellow survivors aren’t the only ones moving around the map because of zombies, which is double the work. Make sure to be careful. The game features various play modes, which include the following:

  1. Battle Royale Solo Mode (default): puts players in a zombie-infested map where they’ll have to fend for themselves until they’re the only one left.
  2. 2-Player and 5-Player Mode: two or more heads are better than one. Aside from the dead and your fellow armed survivors trying to take you down, the map wants to kill you too because there’s toxic gas in certain areas sometimes.
  3. Skirmish Mode: a more structured gameplay where certain rules and restrictions are imposed, adding challenge to the game.
  4. Competitive Play: competitions and in-game events where only the best H1Z1 KoTK players can participate. The winners will receive cash and item rewards, as well as fame and glory within the community.

H1Z1’s Current Diagnosis

A word of caution: the game has been stuck in Early Access for two years. Still, the game has solid, exciting, and intuitive gameplay. H1Z1 also receives constant updates. Eventually and hopefully, with these updates, the game will have its official release to the masses. By the way, there was an important update in August. Players should take note of these changes.

Enhancements and New Gun

The purpose of the update was to make shooting more accurate, responsive and lifelike for players. There have been improvements in various shooting-related mechanics, which include the following:

  • Weapon ballistics
  • Hit markers
  • Recoil
  • Animations
  • Aesthetics

Each gun model has been fine-tuned for a specific purpose. With the change, all guns have their advantages and disadvantages. A good example is the AR-15 and the AK-47 assault rifles.

  • AR-15: suitable for accurately hitting enemies from a distance.
  • AK-47: is more for mid-range frontal attacks.

Guess what? There’s a new gun in H1Z1 KoTK:

  • Hellfire 4-6: a mid-range submachine gun, perfect for close-quarters in-your-face firefights.

Camera and movement have enhanced. Cameras are more dynamic since they now change according to the player’s surroundings. For example, it becomes wider when in wide and open areas, and tighter and more focused in small spaces. Movement, on the other hand, has been streamlined, making player characters more responsive. In fact, movement animations appear more fluid and realistic.

Have a blast with the improvements and the new gun! Thanks for checking out this H1Z1 KoTK Update.

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