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Video games are an infinite source of wondrous and amazing items. There are improbable weapons, such as the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts or many of RWBY Grimm Eclipse’s weapons (e.g., shotgun gauntlets or the high caliber sniper-scythe). Also, there are useful but currently non-existent items, including teleportation pods or time-traveling machines. Games push our imaginations to the limit, resulting in many things we wish were real.

While playing Path of Exile (PoE), have you ever thought about owning a piece of your avatar’s gear in real life? Perhaps it’s something to increase performance. Maybe it’s the necklace that makes you more intelligent. Even though it doesn’t have the same effects as the in-game amulet, you can have a genuine jade PoE Karui Ward and look good in-person.

The Karui Ward is a unique amulet recommended for those duelists and rangers who specialize in long-range weapons. In-game, it provides a boost in dexterity, strength, accuracy, projectile speed, damage, and movement speed. The game depicts it as a rectangular cut-green jade stone hung from a silver chain. In real life, the necklace is different.

The Real-Life Karui Ward

It has a black-jade pendant with turquoise spots and sterling wire. There’s a secondary shark tooth that looks like a tooth from a water elemental similar to what you encountered in PoE. The tooth is set in sterling silver with a black-jade cabochon, with an inscription of “’Shoot First. Ask No Questions.’- Karui Wisdom” from the item’s description. These two pendants are linked together with blue and green fibers.

The ward is a hand-crafted piece and a little fragile. The maker suggests using the item as a display, although you can wear it occasionally as part of a cosplay. The reasoning for using these materials and adding the secondary shark tooth pendant is that the Karui is according to the real-life Maori tribe.

So why do you have to have this awesome item? Well, there’s the cosplaying opportunities; cosplay as a duelist or ranger, complete with accessories. Not a cosplayer? It’s a great gift for any PoE fans or gaming geeks. At least, it can boost your popularity as “that person with the Karui Ward” in gaming communities. The product doesn’t look exactly as depicted in the game, but the materials are mostly the same.

Want More Similar Things?

Check out other PoE items on Etsy, which include 3d printed models of some items, shirts, and more. Want something more specific? Etsy allows their sellers to accept custom orders. Look for those who work leather for armor pieces, and those who work with stones and jewels for those accessories. The seller of the PoE Karui Ward also works with leather and even has some generic armor pieces for sale in their shop. Plus, they have other works with jewelry if you want a different accessory.

If you desire products for other games, Etsy has a selection of goods for popular titles. Various 3d printed models of Overwatch guns, figures, and more are available. When it comes to PUBG, they have shirts, key chains, and cool models. The website has posters, stickers, skins, and murals for different games. Skins for console controllers, wall decals, lamps, and other game-related stuff (e.g., cosplay props, clothes, jewelry, phone cases, and party sets) are on Etsy, too.

Head on to Etsy and grab a Karui Ward before they sell out. Experience the best of user-generated merchandise for yourself. Make sure to be mindful; do your research and stay safe in your online shopping endeavors. Of course, sites have safeguards for, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You never know when and where black hat hackers will strike.

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