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Free to Play Steam Games

Free to Play Steam Games You Should Try

A common misconception some gamers have is that free games are bad, or they end up as pay-to-win. Obviously, that’s not completely true for every MMO. Here are some […]

byPlayerAuctions|23 Oct 2017|Others

CSGO Crosshair

Tips for Customizing Your CSGO Crosshair

CSGO is about catching your enemies in your crosshairs. With the game’s default crosshair, it’s hard to do that, and sometimes, you’re even the one found in it! Thankfully, […]

byPlayerAuctions|18 Oct 2017|CSGO, Others

An Interview with Dododex Creator – THE ARK Taming Calculator APP

PlayerAuctions is thrilled for having the opportunity to interview Dan, the innovator of the DODODEX – The ARK Taming Calculator APP . In fact, Dan’s app has gotten 1.3 million downloads and is one of the most popular tools in the world of ARK.You might […]

Overwatch Beginners Guide

Overwatch Beginners Guide 2: Defense Heroes

For this part, we go deep into the world of the often misunderstood Defense Heroes! Support DPS are heroes that specialize in controlling space, crowd control, and other forms […]

byPlayerAuctions|12 Oct 2017|E-Sports

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

A Preview of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon, the seventh generation of the twenty-year-old game that’s centered on catching, fighting, training, breeding, and loving fictional and super-powered critters, came out in 2016. In […]

byPlayerAuctions|06 Oct 2017|Others

Dota 2 New Characters

Double Whammy: Dota 2 New Characters

In MOBAs, changing the meta is a good way of keeping the game fresh and enjoyable. Developers tweak items and hero skills (even their looks)! However, tweaking can only […]

byPlayerAuctions|03 Oct 2017|E-Sports

PlayerAuctions News September 2017

New Games Added September 2017

Hey, gaming community! You’ve made it through the month. High-five! We hope that everyone is doing well. We’ve enhanced our blog site, and we would like to share it […]

byPlayerAuctions|29 Sep 2017|News

A Beginner’s Guide to Overwatch

Making it Happen: A Beginner’s Guide to Overwatch

Every new game or new IP gets hyped before the release, but many of them end up down the drain a few months after launch. It’s something we’ve all […]

byPlayerAuctions|27 Sep 2017|E-Sports

Top WoW Mounts

Top WoW Mounts and the 10 Most Expensive

Whether you’re into getting as much achievement points as you possibly can, or if you simply want a new ride for your adventures throughout Azeroth (and beyond), collecting mounts […]

Pokemon Go Trading

Some Reasons to Have Pokemon Go Trading

Pokemon Go’s fifteen minutes of fame has come and gone, and not even the addition of the Gen II Pokemon was able to bring it back. So, what can […]

byPlayerAuctions|22 Sep 2017|Others

Female Gamers

A Rant on the Treatment of Female Gamers

22Even though this article is from last year, it’s still relevant today. No matter how much a year can change things, Female Gamers are something that hasn’t changed much. […]

NBA 2K18 Release

Elevate the Game: NBA 2K18 Release

2017 is almost coming to a close, and the NBA 2K18 Release is coming. So, what’s new in the latest installment of the long-running video game franchise of the […]

byPlayerAuctions|19 Sep 2017|E-Sports

ArcheAge 4.0

ArcheAge 4.0 Update with Fresh Content

For Archeage, Update 3.5 (Erebor Eternal) made lots of major changes in the game. Now, another major update, specifically ArcheAge 4.0, is set to hit North America and Europe […]

byPlayerAuctions|19 Sep 2017|Others

Gaming Psychology

Gaming Psychology 2: RPG vs. FPS

Video games have a diverse range of topics, styles, and genres. No wonder why people start preferring a particular style or genre to simplify how to choose a game […]

byPlayerAuctions|18 Sep 2017|Others

Console vs PC

The Console vs PC Debate

For such a long time, gamers have debated about which platform is better. It spawned the phrase “PC Master Race” when the PC side got overly enthusiastic while defending […]

byPlayerAuctions|14 Sep 2017|Others