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ArcheAge 4.0

ArcheAge 4.0 Update with Fresh Content

For Archeage, Update 3.5 (Erebor Eternal) made lots of major changes in the game. Now, another major update, specifically ArcheAge 4.0, is set to hit North America and Europe […]

byPlayerAuctions|19 Sep 2017|Others

Gaming Psychology

Gaming Psychology 2: RPG vs. FPS

Video games have a diverse range of topics, styles, and genres. No wonder why people start preferring a particular style or genre to simplify how to choose a game […]

byPlayerAuctions|18 Sep 2017|Others

Console vs PC

The Console vs PC Debate

For such a long time, gamers have debated about which platform is better. It spawned the phrase “PC Master Race” when the PC side got overly enthusiastic while defending […]

byPlayerAuctions|14 Sep 2017|Others

Ark Survival Evolved Crossplay

Sony Says “No” to Ark Survival Evolved Crossplay with Xbox and PS4

Despite the recent good news on Microsoft and Sony agreeing to go the crossplay route on certain titles like GTAV online and a future CoD game, there are still […]

H1Z1 KoTK Update

Sicker By the Minute: H1Z1 KoTK Update

The zombie virus apocalypse setting has been around for some time now, and so are zombie shooters. On the other hand, battle arena shooters, where it’s kill or be […]

Elder Scrolls Legends Decks

Deck-Building Guide for Beginners: Elder Scrolls Legends Decks

If you’re familiar with The Elder Scrolls: Legends, it doesn’t matter how well-versed you’re in the lore and history of Tamriel. Instead, how are things going to play in […]

byPlayerAuctions|30 Aug 2017|Others

The Secret World TV Series

From MMORPG to The Secret World TV Series

Movie or series adaptations of video games haven’t been up to par. Even gamers agree, especially fans of the root franchise of a particular movie or series adaptation, to […]

byPlayerAuctions|28 Aug 2017|Others

Wild West Online Release Date

Cowboy Style Gameplay and Wild West Online Release Date

Wild West Online, an MMO developed by 612 Games can bring Wild West fantasies to your PC. Whether it’s bounty hunters, prospectors, deputy officers, outlaws, gamblers, or civilians, players […]

byPlayerAuctions|28 Aug 2017|Others

Mobile Legends Heroes

A Guide to Step Up Your Mobile Legends Heroes

Mobile Legends brings the MOBA scene to mobile platforms. Gameplay is similar to the kings of MOBA: DotA 2 and League of Legends, with some control changes. The core […]

byPlayerAuctions|25 Aug 2017|Others

Fortnite PC Review

A Fortnite PC Review: Base Building, Elements, and Content

When Fortnite first announced in 2011, some people have been riding on the hype train. Promising spectacular L4D-style zombie waves, Minecraft like base building, a DayZ survival feel, and […]

byPlayerAuctions|24 Aug 2017|Fortnite

LawBreakers Blitzball

Play Modes, LawBreakers Blitzball, and Open Beta

The gaming community already has Warframe, Destiny, and Overwatch; do we need Lawbreakers, another sci-fi first-person shooter (FPS)? Well, that depends on whether it brings something other than technologically […]

byPlayerAuctions|22 Aug 2017|Others

Overwatch Deathmatch Mode - PA Blog

Fresh Chateau Guillard Map and Overwatch Deathmatch Mode

Yes, even Jeff Kaplan admitted that he once never thought that the Overwatch Deathmatch Mode would make it to the game. At the time, the developers were focusing on […]

byPlayerAuctions|21 Aug 2017|E-Sports

COD WW2 Zombies - PA Blog

Game Modes and COD WW2 Zombies Nazi Style

From its beginning as a big and loud World War II shooter, Call of Duty (COD) has gone modern since then. Eventually, the franchise advanced a few decades into […]

byPlayerAuctions|17 Aug 2017|Others

WoW Gold Token Price

Venezuela’s Currency Looks Bad Compared to WoW Gold Token Price

Who would have thought that the day would come where World of Warcraft (WoW) would overtake a part of the world economy? Well, at least, by the standards of […]

Madden NFL 18 Story Mode

New Madden NFL 18 Story Mode (Longshot) and the Frostbite Engine

If you’re a fan or person who appreciates American football fan, then you must be excited for the NFL season and Madden NFL 18 News. In fact, the game […]

byPlayerAuctions|15 Aug 2017|E-Sports