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Albedo Backstory & Vision

Albedo Genshin Impact Character Bio
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Name: Albedo

Vision: Geo

Birthday: 13 September

Constellation: Princeps Cretaceus

Titles: Kreideprinz, The Chalk Prince, Chief Alchemist, Captain of the Investigation Team

In Genshin Impact, Albedo can stay as support with his E skill, or become a primary damage dealer. His Elemental Skill summons a Geo construct that has a few effects. First, in an area around it, each attack from allies that hit an enemy has a chance to generate a Transient Blossom. The blossom deals AoE Geo damage that scales off of Albedo’s defense. Blossoms may appear every 2 seconds. Due to dealing Geo damage, Crystallize reaction crystals drop abundantly, letting characters be shielded.

Its second effect happens when a character stands on the flower itself. After a few seconds, it will lift the character like an elevator. You can use this to avoid some enemy attacks or to set up a plunge attack. Outside of battles, you can use this to easily climb up cliffs or ledges. It can also be used as a jump-off point for gliding, similar to Venti’s charged E skill. Hold the button to aim where to place the construct.

His Elemental Burst makes a surge of Geo crystals in front of him, dealing AoE Geo damage. If used within the vicinity of his construct, using the skill generates 7 Fatal Blossoms causing even more AoE Geo damage inside the field. It can’t trigger Transient Blossoms, though.

With that, building his defense will let him support his team with his construct. Otherwise, a more offensive build lets him become a DPS. At any rate, he’s a good addition to any team, with great defensive and offensive capabilities. This is one of the many reasons people want a Genshin Impact Albedo account.

Albedo Genshin Impact Character Story

Albedo spent much of his younger life with his master, Rhinedottir. He has no memory of parents, siblings, or family. In his deepest memories, he had always been accompanying his master in domains. He was something of a mix of an apprentice and assistant, with his master teaching him about alchemy while participating in her adventures and experiments.

One day, they came across the Heart of Naberius. A short time later Rhinedottir disappeared, leaving only a note, a letter, and some manuscripts of the Opus Magnum. The note contained a set of instructions:

  • Go to Mondstadt
  • Find Alice and give her the letter
  • Complete your final assignment

His final assignment was to ‘go and find the truth and meaning of this world’, something he still ponders even now.

At any rate, he did as he was told like a good student. Upon handing the letter to Alice, she noted that he would need a laboratory, and she couldn’t provide one. Her solution is for him to join the Knights of Favonius, which Albedo had no problem with. His duties didn’t take too much of his energy, after all. Plus, he got his own laboratory with an array of tools and equipment to his specifications. He was content, at least until Alice introduced him to Klee, her daughter. After that, he spends all of his remaining energy cleaning up after his foster sister.

His arrival at Mondstadt changed how the citizens looked at alchemy. It was a relic, almost lost to time. What little they knew was barely enough to cover odds and ends, and how to make the grand creations in stories have been forgotten. With Albedo as the Chief Alchemist, alchemy was forever changed in Mond. He practices Khemia, an ancient art practiced in the long-ruined kingdom of Khaenri’ah. His extensive knowledge and experiences with his master created wonders and miracles unknown to the city.

While he is not an entirely cold person, he considers friendship as ‘maintaining the appropriate distance’. In essence, he is earnest and sincere in all his dealings, but nobody quite gets close enough to break the walls he set for himself. The ones who could call themselves the closest to him are his apprentice/assistants Timaeus and Sucrose. Well, maybe Klee too, but he treats her as a little sister which is a special privilege.

This means that if he travels for materials or more research opportunities, nobody quite knows where he is or how to contact him. His avoidance of social interaction is just a result of not having enough energy to maintain a friendship based on excessive enthusiasm.

How Albedo Got His Vision in Genshin Impact

Albedo received his Vision in the middle of something. It was unclear whether he was doing an experiment or some other kind of research. He only took a glance at it before going back to his tasks. Though it is a momentous occasion for most, he felt almost nothing at all. For him, the Vision is only something that will let him conduct his research more conveniently.

For him, nothing brings him more joy than shedding light on the unknown. He will eventually solve all of the world’s mysteries, including the Vision.

As one of the oldest beings in Teyvat, the Geo Archon has lived a long life and he has been noted to remember everything. Though unofficial, this makes him akin to a God of History. He’s knowledgeable about various areas of life, from commerce, the economy, mining, and more. If it’s about gaining knowledge, surely an alchemist would definitely receive a Geo Vision. The Dendro Archon might seem a better fit, as the God of Wisdom, but wisdom is applied knowledge. That’s not to accumulate knowledge, which is what Albedo loves doing.

He doesn’t dislike his Vision, albeit he doesn’t like it either. It was something useful and handy, but he wouldn’t mind not having it. This follows the trend of Geo wielders not actually wanting their Vision. Ningguang picked one up to sell, Noelle expected an Anemo Vision, and Albedo was indifferent. Interestingly, (spoilers for the end of Act III of A New Star Approaches) Zhongli gives up his Gnosis due to a contract (End spoilers).

Additional Notes

It’s a popular fan theory that Rhinedottir is or is related to the alchemist Gold. Gold was the alchemist who corrupted Durin and caused the calamity that destroyed Khaenri’ah. This seemed to stem from a line in Albedo’s personal quest, where he muses if Durin was also one of her creations.

The character stories involving Albedo in Genshin Impact also imply that he was created by Rhinedottir as well. Having no memories of a family and his constellation points to this being likely.

Lastly, Albedo, by extension Rhinedottir, has an undeniable connection to Khaenri’ah. Aside from knowing Khemia, Albedo has that four-pointed star on his neck, a symbol that’s related to the kingdom. It is after all, in Kaeya’s visible eye as well, and he’s a confirmed character from that ruined land.

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