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Genshin Impact Jean Character Bio

Genshin Impact Jean
By | April 25th, 2021 | Categories: Genshin Impact

Name: Jean Gunnhildr

Vision: Anemo

Birthday: 14 March

Constellation: Leo Minor

Title(s): Acting Grand Master

Jean is the Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius in Genshin Impact. Due to her intense sense of responsibility, she handles all of the Knights’ affairs seriously. It can lead to overworking, as evidenced by her personal character quest. However, the people of Mondstadt truly appreciate all that she’s done.

Her Elemental Skill fires a burst of Anemo to send enemies flying. Players can hold the button to ‘charge’ it, letting players either pick up more enemies, aim where to throw them, or both. Her Elemental Burst forms a circle of Anemo that damages enemies that enter or exit it while healing allies within it. Its initial activation also heals allies.

Unlike the 4-star healer characters (Barbara, Diona, Xingqiu to an extent) Jean’s healing scales off ATK instead of HP (DEF in Noelle’s case). That lets her be an effective healer and damage dealer with the right artifacts and weapons. Plus, nothing resists falling damage, so any enemy she can throw will be easily thwarted by her E Skill.

Genshin Impact Jean Story

Jean is the daughter of Frederica Gunnhildr and former-adventurer-turned-Cardinal Seamus Pegg. The former is part of a venerable lineage of knights (with roots in Old Mondstadt, no less!). As the oldest daughter, Jean was trained to pass it down. That resulted in Jean living under her mother’s strict tutelage. She spent her days studying discipline, etiquette, conduct, ballads, and history. After that comes swordsmanship training and physical fitness, leaving no time to be a child.

Some time ago (maybe around the time she was born), a joke from Mond’s various taverns went:

A Gunnhildr learns to say ‘For Mondstadt, as always’ before learning ‘mommy’.

The phrase was the family’s motto, which Jean only understood after seeing children her age playing outside her window. From then on, she understood it as “You have to give your all to do the right thing. Always.”

Years passed, and her parents eventually split from each other. Jean went with her mother, while her younger sister, Barbara, went with their father. Both sisters grew in the footsteps of their respective parents. Jean became a respected Knight, while Barabara became a beloved Deaconess of the Church of Favonius.

As much as she wants to reconnect with her sister, there’s a lingering awkwardness between them. Neither could overcome it and so the relationship remains stagnant. However, either sister respects and admires the other. There’s no doubt that they love each other despite not being able to express it.

On the day Jean received the title of ‘Dandelion Knight’, she went to Windrise and paid respect to the giant, flowering tree there. It was where the first Dandelion Knight, Vennessa, ended her journey and left behind a sapling. Jean aired her insecurities and doubts to the tree and found her resolve. She was reminded of her family’s motto, ‘For Mondstadt, as always’.

Nowadays, if she feels the same doubt and fear of not living up to her title, she goes back to the tree at Windrise. There, she lets the wind blow all her stress and fatigue away, leaving her refreshed and determined to continue her job.

In a sense, that tree marks the end of one Dandelion Knight’s journey as well as the beginning of another.

As her sense of responsibility dictates, Jean is rarely one to turn down a request for help. No matter how trivial it may seem, she will do her utmost to help. Her determination to help everybody leads her to lament that there aren’t enough hours to help each and every person who asks for it. Diluc notes that this is the very thing that holds her back, yet Jean cannot bear to take a rest when there are people in need of help.

This kind of dedication gave her the reputation of a reliable knight and Acting Grand Master. Sometimes the citizens even forget that she’s only the Acting Grand Master, that she has a superior to answer to. Despite Varka, the actual Grand Master, leaving things undone for her to do (and adding to her workload), Jean doesn’t resent him. Part of it is her early chivalrous studies and the rest is what Varka himself taught her.

When the Grand Master left Mond to embark on an expedition, Jean promised to herself something. That is to greet the returning expedition with a kinder, more prosperous, and more peaceful Mondstadt.

Jean’s image may be the responsible, dutiful knight, but deep down she is a woman at heart. She yearns for the kind of love she reads in stories. It’s not to make up for her lost childhood nor because of her parent’s break-up. It’s just her wish, buried deep in layers of duty and responsibility.

Jean’s Vision

Genshin Impact remains vague on the actual circumstances when Jean received her Vision. She had just been promoted to Master of Knights, giving her a huge burden to do what’s right for Mond. The Fatui were milling about, exerting diplomatic pressure. Then, from within, traitors and allies of the former Inspector were still in the Order. Judging from the timeline, it is the same Inspector that covered up the accident of Crepus’ death, leading to Diluc’s resignation.

Yet, Jean was determined to succeed, and succeed she did. With one hand, she fended off the Fatui, and with the other, she led the knights in successful skirmishes against the Abyss Order. She was also able to weed out the Inspector’s allies, though this likely came about later. These events established the Order’s authority, repairing the broken trust the former Inspector had perpetuated.

The moment she received her Vision, it seemed the world was silenced before she felt the breeze through her hand. Her family’s motto echoed in her head, “For Mondstadt, as always,” and there her Vision is.

Despite the Anemo Archon being the God of Freedom, and Jean’s duties actually restrict her freedom, she still received an Anemo Vision. Maybe it was her determination to protect Mondstadt’s freedom that called to the Archon. It is, after all, the City of Freedom, and whoever protects is the servant of the Anemo Archon. The Vision is just to help Jean do that.

Endnote on Genshin Impact’s Jean

And that’s everything about the ever-responsible Dandelion Knight of Mondstadt in Genshin Impact, Jean! She’s a definite workaholic (especially with Klee around) but the people respect and admire her for it. The Acting Grand Master is a paragon of the best kind, and she deserves a good long rest. Hopefully, she can fit that on her schedule before she gets sick again.

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