Genshin Impact: Shimenawa’s Reminiscence Guide and Lore

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence
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The artifact set Shimenawa’s Reminiscence is prized by players, both for its powerful bonuses, as well as its fascinating lore. The set gives us a bit of background into Asase Hibiki, an influential figure in Inazuma. Once a Shrine Maiden of Seirai, she went to Narukami to learn under the Kitsune Saiguu. The set gives us glimpses into her life, as well as her ‘end’.

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence Characters: Who Uses it?

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence takes the form of items related to the shrine at Yougou. It consists of the following:

  • A handcrafted flower-shaped omamori
  • The feather of a demon-slaying arrow
  • A clock decorated with paper and a bell
  • A fortune-telling slip cylinder
  • A ceremonial fox mask

The set’s 2-piece bonus increases the character’s ATK by 18% like the Gladiator set. The 4-piece bonus is not as simple as a flat ATK increase. When the character has at least 15 Energy and uses their Elemental Skill, Normal and Charged Attacks receive 50% more damage for 10 seconds. The effect drains 15 Energy from the character, so it’s a requirement for the effect to proc.

It doesn’t stack nor can you proc the effect again within those 10 seconds in order to prolong it. The effect is best for DPS characters who use Normal and Charged Attacks regularly. Though not a condition, characters who charge up their Bursts easily are a good candidate for this set. Some examples include characters like Ganyu, Keqing, Hu Tao, Ningguang, and Yanfei.

Since the 2-set effect is a general ATK boost, some players tend to stack this with Gladiator’s 2-set bonus for a total of 36% ATK boost. It all depends on the build you want. Just be sure to build Crit as well since that is the best stat to look for in order to increase damage.

Lore of Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

Asase Hibiki: The Shrine Maiden’s Origins

Asase Hibiki was a self-proclaimed ‘country bumpkin’, at least when she was younger. She was a Shrine Maiden of the Asase Shrine at Seirai and went to the temple at Mt. Yougou to learn under the Kitsune Saiguu.

Although she didn’t understand Lady Saiguu’s words, she grew to respect the older woman. It was during this time when she met and fell in love with ‘Konbumaru’, who was Takamine the Mistsplitter. The attraction was mutual, and he taught her how to wield a bow. They also made a binding promise together, but we aren’t told what it involved.

She passed her days peacefully. Takamine became a Hatamoto of the Raiden Shogun, and even though he was in love with Hibiki, he still married a high-ranking samurai’s daughter. However, his marriage did nothing to calm his wanderlust.

The Cataclysm

Inazuma may be separated from the rest of Teyvat by an ocean, but it still wasn’t enough to avoid the consequences of the Cataclysm. As a loyal Hatamoto, Takamine accompanied Baal and the Oni Chiyo on an expedition into the abyss. Before embarking on the journey, Takamine gave his bow, the Thundering Pulse, to Hibiki as part of a bet and promise.

Like other expeditions to the abyss, it didn’t end well. Chiyo fought a ‘beast of sin’ and despite winning, she was corrupted and ended up attacking Baal. This disgraced her clan. Takamine was also overwhelmed, as the Mistsplitter broke during the intense and never-ending battles. Had his bow been in his possession, there might’ve been a happier ending. Alas, his gamble didn’t pay off.

Back on the mainland, the Kitsune Saiguu disappeared while trying to fight off the corruption in the land. Whether she was eventually corrupted or disappeared after running out of magic, her manner of death was unclear. This left Hibiki alone andshe inherited the Sakura Shrine’s Head Priestess position from the Kitsune Saiguu.

Years later, a corrupted being finally emerged into that promised meeting place. Hibiki, aged and grieving because of what had happened, shot an arrow from the bow received so long ago. It pierced the creature, killing it in an act of mercy. Though one promise was kept, the other one could never be fulfilled.

Hibiki’s Retirement

Hibiki retired to the Asase Shrine in Seirai. Together with a pirate captain and his merry band, they protected the shrine. She told stories to him who reminded her of lost love, as well as her wish to see the rest of the world one day.

Yet, Seirai and the pirates rebelled against the Shogunate, and Hibiki chose to assist them. She unsealed the barrier to the island, unleashing Balethunder and a violent storm which blew away the Shogunate’s ships. Unfortunately, it blew away Ako Domeki’s (the pirate captain) ships to the Golden Apple Archipelago, too. Asase Hibiki disappeared in the explosion, and nothing was seen of her since.

This left Seirai Island in the state it was in until the Traveler managed to seal the wards again.

Speculations About Her Fate

Due to the ambiguity of her eventual fate and Neko’s unwavering belief, it’s easy to believe that she’s still alive somewhere. Some other descriptions fit this.

One point of comparison is the Crimson Witch, who ended up as Signora of the Fatui Harbingers. The artifact’s lore was vague in depicting an end, and we did end up meeting her eventually. However, there is Kitsune Saiguu’s disappearance as well. Though a fragment of her appears in a quest as ‘Kazari’, she was but a fragment and seemed to think of herself as separate from the Kitsune Saiguu.

‘Disappearance’ doesn’t have to mean ‘death’, although it is heavily implied. Will Neko’s hopes be dashed or fulfilled? It can go either way, at least until we get more information.

Asase Hibiki’s story intersects with the Mikoshi clan and the Kitsune Saiguu. She was the wielder of the Hamayumi and the successor to the Thundering Pulse. That second bow’s original owner, Takamine, was her lover and the owner of the Mistsplitter. In turn, those people’s stories intersect with others, creating an intricate webthat is the history of Inazuma.

Rather fitting for the Nation of Eternity, since these stories and legends immortalize their actions letting them leave a mark on eternity.

Let’s continue enjoying the lore and adventure in Genshin Impact!

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