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A Must-Have Clash Royale War Assistant App

Clash Royale War
By | August 2nd, 2018 | Categories: Interviews

In combat, knowing your enemy both inside and out can give you a distinct tactical advantage. That’s why scouting is one of the foremost components of a successful campaign—you have to know what you’re up against. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can do in Clash Royale. With a veritable fog of war, you can be left in the dark regarding the ins and outs of your opponent’s clan. Thus, you end up trying to guess their possible strategies, which can also leave you second-guessing your own.

Clash Royale War 2

This is precisely what Abhijeet had in mind when he developed the clever Clash Royale War Assistant. Enabling players to be privy of opposing clans’ war participation and win rate, it is a must-have for any CR fan. The promising android developer gave us his two cents about his background, his inspiration for creating the app, as well as the development in general. Here’s what he has to say.

(1) Could you tell us about yourself (your name/nickname, hometown, age, occupation, favorite games that you play and what platform(s) you play on)?

I am Abhijeet from Mumbai, India aged 21. Since school, I loved programming and as I progressed, I chose android development to go deeper into. Currently, I’m still in university but have enough skills to make basic android apps. About games, I don’t play a lot these days but got Clash Royale, Clash of Clans on mobile and Hearthstone on PC to play occasionally.

(2) Do you work independently or in a team? If in a team, how big is it?

I work independently, although this is as an interest/hobby. After education, I might launch a startup because there’s too much to do independently I believe. But you never know what happens next, so for now, I’m just working on making myself better.

(3) What inspired you to create an app for this game? How does it feel to create something original for this game?

I am always looking for new app ideas and I knew there’s an API available for Clash Royale. Wars were only recently released in the game and this looked like the best idea to test what I learned so far. The game did not provide a lot of direct information until the recent update to this app is surely useful. The app also takes a sum of the performance of the last 10 wars. I always wanted something like this to decide who was active in my clan, so I thought why not just make it myself!

(4) What programming language or tool did you use to create this app? Do you have any favorite PLs or tools?

I used Android Studio tool with Java/XML languages. This tool so far is my favorite, it has a lot of automation and suggests as you type making things quite easier. Java is also my favorite language because it’s comparatively easier than other object-oriented languages like C++ and is also widely used.

(5) When it comes to designing the user experience/UX/interface of the app, what motivated you or what influences did you have?

The API I mentioned also has some assets it directly captured from the game, so I used some of those to make the app feel like the actual game. Although during development I removed some of those and made it look simpler because some of the people who tested didn’t like it.

(6) From the developer’s and gamer’s perspective, how do you think the app affects the overall experience of the game?

Yes, it’s very helpful for clan leaders and co-leaders to find out the actives and inactives of the clan. For others, the app provides a reminder feature so you don’t forget to attack. And you can also set the tag of a different clan you want to join and find out how good it is in wars. Overall, it does provide something more than the game does.

(7) Are there any errors when it comes to the app’s performance and provided information?

So far, I have not spotted any errors.

(8) What were your biggest challenges for this project? How did you overcome them?

During development, I did find some things I’ve never used before, so I had to learn them, but it was fun rather than a challenge.

(9) Are you expecting the game’s updates to change your app’s dynamics and performance? Is it something that you’ve already prepared for?

I don’t think the game will update to an extent of affecting my app. My app would always remain useful. But if it does, I’m always ready to release another update to my app and make it better.

(10) Are there any exciting new developments for your app? Do you plan to create more apps like these for other games in the future?

I’m not working on this app right now, but if you think it misses something, do leave a review on Play Store and I’ll add that in the app (if possible). I surely have plans to create more and more apps, and for that, I need to play more games so I know what is needed and I can make an app for that. Always looking for ideas!

(11) Could you share a few quick tips to new players of the game?

The game is all about strategy. Right from the beginning, learn the dynamics of the app. When doing battles, don’t blindly drop something. Plan what your opponent has and always keep a card in hand to counter their win condition. For wars, practice with your clan mates and take their suggestions for deck changes, make the best deck then go for war!

(12) Any advice you’d like to share to aspiring game app or web developers?

This is very important: Do it only if you love it! For the developers, make sure your app does something more than what the game provides. If you got competitor apps, you need to make something better than them, so plan in advance and if you have a clear plan, it will succeed!

Our Thoughts

Clash Royale War Assistant is an awesome tool in your path to becoming the best armchair general in Clash Royale! Check it out and show some love.

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